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  1. 1. General Questions1. Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC Romania? What will be your contribution to the MCteam and what do you expect to learn from the experience?I have decided to stand for AIESEC Romania once more because it is an experience I strongly believewill develop me and because I continue to believe it is the next natural step that I should take in myAIESEC experience. MCC one has showed me where AIESEC Romania is right now and where it isheading and I truly want to be a part of the team that will drive the country in the next term.In terms of contribution, I can bring experience to the area of Alumni Development, as I am a formerAlumni Relations Manager and also to the area of Talent Development, which can help develop theHeading for the Future program. On the personal side, I can bring committment and responsibility fortasks and deliverables, innovative ideas and fresh approaches. I consider myself a team player andthus I am sure that I can bring a strong contribution to the MC team in terms of any problem that weneed to attend to. Furthermore, I have the ability to think externally-oriented and that is a veryvaluable asset to an MC member and to an MC VP Alumni Development, particularly.In terms of experience, I firstly expect to gain a lot from the alumni community, in terms ofknowledge and experience. I remember how the former MC VP Alumni Relations would always saythat this position is a great gain personally, because you can get in touch with people that haveexperience both inside and outside of AIESEC .Moreover, from the MC team I expect to gain the ability to overcome bigger challenges, as we arenow at a higher level, to develop myself in terms of efficiency and way of working in a differentenvironment, I expect to learn something from each member of the team, area related or at apersonal level and I expect this position of MC Vice-President to be a strong leverage for the nextsteps in my AIESEC development.2. Create a proposal for AIESEC Romania 2012-2013 strategy that should cover the next points (a,band c):a. Make a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads) of AIESEC in Romania. The pointsabove have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too. Strengths Weaknesses Creation of a working team of LCPs; Problems regarding retention in EB teams Preparation invested in the LCPs team; across the country; Two new LCs that gained membership; Low GN collaborations; Aligned recruitment campaigns in the country; Low number of GIPs on Incoming and MC EVS accreditation and some LCs EVS Outgoing; accreditation; Only few LCs apply for Grants; MOSes on new programs implemented before IC; Instability in the coaching system from MC to Engagement and Life-Long Connection stages Ebs (no stable EB coach); definition and development; No investment plan for AIESEC in Romania Qualitative national projects (Grow, MoneySense); and cash-flow instability; Qualitative reception process on ICX; Decrease in members’ preparation (no New partnerships launched in RYLF; functional area conferences), no aligned Presence of the MCP in Steering Team; Education Cycle; Development of the reintegration process – MCVP TM elected later and without previous members start to take more than one program; EB experience (lack of guidance or directions Strong visibility in the external environment – Dinu for LCVPs for a while);
  2. 2. Patriciu awards, the promotion of RYLF and media Unhealthy internal processes (differences partnerships like Trilulilu; between planned and achieved objectives) – Growth in GCDP; according to Clustering Model, most LC are Development in the Alumni involvement; under the minimum criteria; Many applicants for MCC and possible applicants Instability regarding the new structure at for MCs abroad; both MC and EB level; Growth in TMP & TLP; Late Recruitment plan for autumn and lack of Alumni connection through LinkedIN; proper preparation for the LCs; Alumni NST; Incertainty about AI information (regarding AIESEC Scholarship; the platform and its standards); Member of AIESEC in Romania present in Alumni Country is not yet so aware of the strategic Global Support Team; role of the position; National BOA Alumni; Weak collaboration with ICX Corporate at national level; Opportunities Threats EuroCo 2012 for partnerships and positioning; Financial crisis; Candidates for MCC in future MCs abroad; No current LC to organize RYLF 2012; Exchange accreditation; Educational system changes foreseen for Many Grants providers; next year that might affect our pipeline and Lack of jobs for students and early alumni – our highschool p-boxes; possiblity of promoting GIPs and also creating X+L; Initiatives from AI that don’t resemble the Partnerships with Universities at local level; ones we’ve been unfolding this year; Pool diversification – increase in GIPs; Different EB structures in LCs that may bring Alumni Development VP in most EBs – increasing problems in accountability system, problems the collaboration with alumni. in alignment of campaigns; Content partnership for LOT with TMI; Low results on Bacalaureat this year; Create an internal platform, similar to e-jobs for Weak educational system – students going to H4TF; study abroad; Other programmes for students: Erasmus, Work & Travel. In some LCs, alumni change location and contact with them becomes harder; Weak working system – alumni choose to go work abroad; CROS Career Orientation Program.b. The 3 main priorities for your area(s) based on the general SWOT analysis. What strategieswould you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those prioritiesat the end of your term?Reconnect alumni Before thinking about anything else, we need to reconnect with our alumni, at both national andlocal level: - Alumni events such as AIESEC 22 + ELA, Alumni Founders’ Gala (GCP from AIESEC Iasi); - Create structured BOA Alumni in all the LCs; - Create the Alumni Development plan with the alumni community at national and local level; - Communicate about our alumni to members (role model concept) and to the external; environment (press, partners – H4TF or collaboration, NGOs, etc.); - Monthly newsletter for alumni (local and national level); - Usage of social media for alumni communication (Facebook, LinkedIN, etc.); - Alumni Segmentation (early career, mid career, late career);
  3. 3. Re-engage alumniIn order to have our alumni engaged with AIESEC, we need to create products which are relevant forthem and which bring them benefits as well. To this purpose, we should focus on: - Building a qualitative Heading for the Future program for members finishing their experience or for early alumni through LOT and preparation packages developed for LC level as well; - Developing a national initiative for Alumni Association and deliver education on it; - Involving alumni in project prototyping in order to increase involvement with AIESEC and create a qualitative and sustainable project; - Creating events for alumni according to their needs (connection with the external environment, team buildings for alumni, reconnection events); - Create initatives to promote our alumni externally at local and national level (GCP – AIESEC Craiova, Adevarul de Seara partnership); - Development of LOT; - Collaboration with alumni NGOs.LeverageWe also need to think how we can benefit from the Alumni community, trough win-win offers, in themost qualitative way: - Involvement in members’ preparation, through the Mentorship platform, conferences or building connections at local level; - Lead generator for Corporate Development and Sales; - Financial investment in AIESEC Scholarship and programmes for our members; - Coaching and mentoring for EB level;c. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose inpoint (b).Reconnect – We can focus on media partnerships to promote our alumni and their stories in theexternal environment and emphasize on the role model concept. That is how we can bring an addedvalue to the experience that our alumni have when interacting with AIESEC.Re-engage – We can create partnerships with Training and HR companies for developing the Headingfor the Future Program, with our partners for creating H4TF opportunities (internships). We can alsobenefit from the decrease of work places that can bring us TLP + GIP experiences for our alumni.Leverage – A great opportunity is the Social Entrepreneurship trend that alumni may be interestedin.3. What is the role of MC? What should be the role of MC? What actions can you take as an MCteam to fill the gap?The role of the MC, in general, is that of giving the directions in which the country must head for acertain year, estabilish together with the LCs manners to get there and offer support for these LCs, interms of guidance and preparation, to ensure a proper functionning. To this point, AIESEC Romaniahas developed a lot this year through an MC team that collaborated with the LCs and especially withthe LCPs and established a good foundation for the next terms. What I believe should be improved,however, is at the level of involving the LCPs in more and more decisions and problems of the AIESECnetwork, to make them aware of the national reality in due time so that they can take action.Another thing would be the MC involvement at LC level. This year, due to all the changes in structure
  4. 4. and experience, a lot of local committees had trouble adapting and thus their performancedecreased. What I would do, as MC member is propose the old LC coaching system, wether LCcoaches are MC members or not, because this way, the coach of an LC can get close to their realityand suggest ways of improvement.Another, very important role of the MC team is to represent AIESEC in Romania at InternationalLevel. Here as well, the current MC team of AIESEC Romania has managed to create a strong imageof our country, through the presence of the President in the Steering Team, through thedevelopment of the new AIESEC experience, and many more activities. The only thing I wouldimprove here, would be to facilitate the connection between our LCs and Romanians in MCs abroad,in order to develop our International Programmes especially, but also in creating strong contacts inthe AIESEC International network.4. What strategies does AIESEC Romania need to follow to increase performance for the ELDprograms? Please specify at least 3 strategies for Domestic Programs (TMP&TLP) and 3 strategiesfor the International Programs (GIP&GCDP). Domestic Programs [TMP & TLP] International Programs [GIP & GCDP] Develop Engagement Activities Capitalize on summer peakIn order to increase our engagement pool, we We should create national initatives and supporthave to come up with initatives such as Big LCs in local initatives as well, which arePictures or Social Nights to involve students customized according to the summerbefore recruitments and thus ensure a proper opportunities and create special GCDPpipeline of members for AIESEC. recruitments for this peak, according to the profiles on the platform. Conversion from GCDP/GIP to TMP/TLP Pool diversificationIn order to increase the number of people who For GIP growth, we need to focus on new poolstake on more than one program, we need to available on the platform and assess the localdevelop a proper Career Plan, competencies and national market to see which of these poolsevaluation before and after the internship, well- are approachable. Furthermore, we need tostructured reintegration process. create special promotion campaigns for these opportunities, to students who are proper for such and internship. Encourage initiative International PartnershipsIn order to grow, especially in terms of TLP, we We need to establish more partnerships, at localneed to encourage our members to take and national network as well. To this purpose,initiative in creating projects. To this purpose, we we can benefit from EuroCo 2012 which will beneed to invest in fast prototyping and held in Romania, and from building a strongerpreparation through the Conference Cycle or relationship with Romanians in MCs abroad, towebinars, and Rewards & Recognition at national start building MC to MC partnerships.level for the most actively involved members(similar to Team Leader Award).5. What are the competitive advantages that AIESEC Romania has in the international network?What can we do to maintain and/or increase them?AIESEC Romania is a strongly positioned country in AIESEC International and this fact is due to severalfactors such as:The changes towards AIESEC 2015. The fact that AIESEC in Romania has changed its structure andmanner of doing things to reach the 2015 vision is possibly the strongest competitive advantage that
  5. 5. we would have in the network, especially if we improve this structure and make it work perfectlyduring the next MC and EB terms. Furthermore, the fact that we’ve begun to develop theEngagement and Life-Long Connection stages before AIESEC International is also a very powerfulstart that we must capitalize on next year, in order to make them functional.The presence of the MCP in Steering Team. The fact that the current MCP is actively involved inAIESEC International is not only a strong point in terms of visibility, but also access to informationand to bigger opportunities for people from AIESEC in Romania. In order to increase this point, thenext MC should apply for Global Support Teams as well, in an even higher number than the presentterm, to increase this point even more.EuroCo 2012. The fact that we are organizing an international conference in Romania this year alsogives us a very strong point in the international network, due to the fact that we ease theparticipation of all the LCPs at this conference, but we can also establish stronger partnerships andattract more internationals to our country, not to mention that we would be positioned as a strongcountry, that can invest and bring its contribution to AIESEC International.Strong provider for MCs abroad. Last year, AIESEC Romania was one of the strongest providers ofpeople for MCs in other countries. To increase at this level, we must make sure to promote MCpositions to our Ebs at the end of the term, collaborate with the Romanians that are now in MCabroads to ensure a healthy pipeline for AIESEC International. Furthermore, we should encouragethem to take on opportunities even higher than MC abroad.Packaging of the AIESEC experience. AIESEC Romania is one of the countries that has managed tocreate an attractive product from the AIESEC experience and our members usually take more thanjust one program. We have strongly developed the Team Member and Team Leader programsamong our members, but we need to work even more for the International Programs, especially inGCDPs for our members, as a normal stage in their AIESEC experience.