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  1. 1. Executive summaryThis application form for MC Vice-President Alumni Development is a statement of what I can do andthe ideas that I have for AIESEC in Romania in 2012-2013. It also represents myself, my motivationand my way of thinking.Concerning the Alumni Development area, there has been an increase in the last couple of years, butthere is room for more growth. That is why, my strategy is based on continuity and inovation interms of products offered to our alumni.Reconnect. Before we develop any strategy regarding the alumni community we have to make surethat alumni are part of AIESEC. For next year, they will be connected to our organization and to theactivities that we unfold, through a solid communication, well build events and structures. Today wecover only 30% of the alumni range that we have as a country and it is time to grow that coverage.Re-engage. Events and communication are the first step but deffinitely not the essence of an alumnistrategy. What we will do next year is re-engage the alumni community through activities thatbenefit them first and us after. This means Heading for the Future, Project Prototyping and RoleModel concept.Leverage. Only after we have managed to create a qualitative experience for our alumni can weleverage upon them in order to grow the organization. This will be done through Financial support,Coaching and Mentoring and through increasing Organizational Objectives with the help of ouralumni.Today, we are doing a pretty good job with our alumni. The challenge for the next term is to turnpretty good into excellent! Stay tuned!