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  1. 1. Executive summaryThis application form for MC Vice-President Talent Development is a statement of what I can do andthe ideas that I have for AIESEC in Romania in 2012-2013. It also represents myself, my motivationand my way of thinking.You will find, reading this application form, that one of my main focuses is Members’ Education. Inthe last term, this part hasn’t been properly approached and I believe we have room and potentialfor improvement. Furthermore, it is most needed in the context of change, because we have toprepare our members to do things differently at practical, not only at theoretical level.This application form also reffers to Leadership Development Program. We pride ourselves thatAIESEC is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadershippotential. So this should be a permanent focus for every Vice-President of Talent Development,wether it is at LC or MC level. What we need to do, is find a refreshed approach for this concept anddeliver it at true quality.Moreover, the application focuses on Engagement and Recruitment process. We need to defineconcrete activities and initiatives to develop the engagement pool and ensure a healthy members’pipeline for our organization, especially for a structure that demands much more involvement from alarger number of members.You will find attached: 1. The Curriculum Vitae that comprises my past AIESEC experience and general facts (CV_Alexandra_Coanda) 2. A biography that will help you get to know me better(BIO_Alexandra_Coanda) 3. The answer to what is, in my belief, the biggest question that lies in front of AIESEC Romania(Blank_Paper_Challenge_Alexandra_Coanda) 4. My answers and vision about AIESEC in Romania (General_Questions_Alexandra_Coanda) 5. My answers and vision about the next Talent Development term (Specific_Questions_Alexandra_Coanda) 6. Three letters that endorse me for the position of MC Vice-President Talent Development (Endorsement_Letters_Alexandra_Coanda)