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Endorsement letters alexandra_ coanda

  1. 1. To whom it may concern:Mr. Eduard TillPresidentAIESEC Craiova, RomaniaI have had the opportunity to work with Alexandra Coandă in the Executive Board of AIESEC Craiova,of which she is Vice President Talent Management and in this quality I recommend her for the positionof MCVP Talent Development.During her entire term as Vice President Talent Management, Alexandra has demonstrated qualitiesand skills that are hard to find, this making her a important pillar of AIESEC Craiova and of theExecutive Board. Her biggest quality is the dedication which drives her to do everything, even if thisimplies working late in the night to meet deadlines or assuming extra tasks in order to achieve thefinal result. Not only once she sacrificed her personal time to fill in application forms or evaluationsheets for general purposes of the Executive Board. I could say that this spirit of dedication was theone that drove Alexandra to take all the opportunities that she could get in AIESEC, opportunities fromwhich I will mention, for example, Chair of the RoTMU team during her EB term.In my working with Alexandra, in the Executive Board, I saw in her a responsible person, a passionateteam player, a person who is not afraid of change, who is willing to take risks to achieve results, aperson who is grounded in the present but, even more importantly, knows where AIESEC must go, anuse all her abilities and qualities to make that push to get there. AIESEC Craiova changed a lot lastyear, and it was because of her that we challenged those changes,we questioned every step beforewe took it, and that meant confidence both for me and for my team that we were headed in the rightdirection. Alexandra was, for me personally a great support in my work as President. The most intenseperiods in which we worked together were with no doubt the Recruitments and the TrainingSeminars. As Agenda Manager for Newies, she dedicated her time before the conference tounderstand a new and hardly deliverable concept in order to explain it to the facilitators, and duringthe conference she ensured that everything went flawless. As Agenda Manager for Oldies, shebrought openness to the national and international network, bringing external people, from the MC,from our alumni, from other LCs and national teams, or from our local partners, to deliver thepreparation for our members, which meant a highly qualitative education program for them. Thistotally recomends her as a person with expertise on the educational cycle of the organization.On the interpersonal side, Alexandra is the kind of person who can challenge a lot, but who can accepta lot. In numerous times, my ideas were challenged by her, making them better and easier toimplement. Also, when proven wrong, she accepts and understands, proving flexible thinking andresillience, qualities that are higly important. Alexandra has proven this year that objectives andvisions can come true, that nothing is too hard to get, that the only thing that stands between you andyour plans is your dedication and the passion that you invest.All things considered, working with Alexandra Coandă in the last two years and especially in theExecutive Board of AIESEC Craiova allows me to strongly recommend her as an MC member of AIESECin Romania and as MCVP Talent Development, particularly.Should you need more information, contact me at till.eduard@gmail.com or 0764776115.
  2. 2. To whom it may concern,My name is Adela Păun and I am currently part of AIESEC Craiova’s Executive Board as Vice PresidentOutGoing eXchange. As such, I have worked with Alexandra Coandă for the past year and I would liketo warmly recommend her for the position of MCVP Talent Development.I have known Lexie for 2 years now and I have worked with her first as Local Trainers TeamCoordinator, when she was part of my trainers’ team, as well as in the EB. Therefore, I can say I haveseen her grow and develop through the experiences she took in AIESEC and I can testify for hercommitment and resilience in all the positions she has held.One of the main qualities that I admired in her was her dedication to always do her best no matter thetask. She always treats the tasks and problems she has to deal with extensively, paying attention to alldetails. As such, in the EB team she was the person who always took care of the aspects that theothers neglected and was always willing to take on important responsibilities, even when they werenot her own, for the well being of the team.Moreover, she contributed to our team by being very passionate and professional in what she did, butalso keeping close to the members on her department and her team mates in the EB team. Sheencouraged collaboration and was always there if I needed help, as well as keeping an open ear forany feedback. She was always open to improvement and suggestions for others, being able toassimilate inputs fast and generate common points of view that would lead to innovative solutions.Also, she always knew when to ask for help and when and how to involve the other members of theEB in her initiatives. The same characteristic she used in working with her Talent Management team,putting members in high responsibility positions and thus allowing them to learn and develop.Another remarkable quality is her openness to meeting new people and sharing with them, openingup and creating connections, also being able to capitalize on these when it is needed, by asking foradvice or involving externals in LC activities. This has helped improve the image of AIESEC Craiova inthe network during our term, but also has contributed to our members’ openness to know and learnmore, constantly challenging their views through the national and international network.These qualities that I have observed in Lexie by having her as a team mate allow me to highlyrecommend her for the next challenge she is willing to take, as I am convinced she is very capable ofmanaging and inspiring AIESEC Romania during the next year.For further enquiries, please contact me at: adela.paun@aiesec.net or at +40 770 235 875.
  3. 3. To whom it may concern:Miss. Mihaela PatranăVice-President Elect Talent Development 2012-2013AIESEC Craiova, RomaniaI have had the privilege of working with Alexandra Coandă, Vice President Talent Management inAIESEC Craiova ,during the 2011-2012 term, and I highly recommend her for the position of MC VPTalent Development.During the entire term, Alexandra has proven not only high professional qualities but also a strongorientation towards people, boundless energy and and enthusiasm. She managed to create a highlymotivated, results-oriented, Talent Management team and offered me the perfect foundation fordeveloping even more this area in the next term. Among the qualities that mostly recommend her, Icould speak about passion, energy, but most of all professionalism and responsibility.Taking intoconsideration all the changes that AIESEC Romania in going through and all the big goals that weestablished as a national entity, I assure you that Alexandra is the role-model AIESECer, able to inspireand generate new initiatives and to achive big results on this area.As a member of the Talent Management department, I was always motivated and encouraged to gofurther for bigger opportunities but also to stay strongly connected to organizational reality; thisexperience has helped me a lot in creating a realistic image over the area that I’m going to coordinatein the next term. Her main quality, that generated good results this year, is the ability of keeping inmind both “small details” and “bigger picture” over the area and the organization.Professionally speaking, she proved me that she’s not afraid of changes, she’s challenging herself withany decision and her risk-oriented strategy is able to generate organizational growth for the nextterm. Starting with creating partnerships and ending with management strategies for coordinating theTM area this year, Alexandra proved me once more that she’s an example for „how things should bedone in AIESEC”.Taking everything into consideration, my working experiences with Alexandra Coandă in the last twoyears, I strongly recommend her as an MCVP Talent Development of AIESEC Romania and it will be abig pleasure for me to work with her at this level.For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: mihaela.patrana@gmail.com or at0761 689 594.