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Candidate's Booklet

  1. 1. AIESEC in MacedoniaNational Support Team AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust
  2. 2. Dear AIESEC member,Congratulations for the decision to apply as member in the National SupportTeam of AIESEC in Macedonia! This is an important stepping stone intobuilding strategies and achieving performance throughout the term 2012-2013.Please, take into consideration that the application is an important part of theselection process to NST and it is the way to express your ideas, thoughts andpresent yourself.The main role of the AIESEC in Macedonia National Support Team is that ofsupporting the MC in implementing strategies for the current term, as well assustaining the growth of AIESEC in Macedonia.The opened positions are: External Relations External Relations Manager Public Relations PR Manager Outgoing Exchange OGX Coordinator Marketing Market Research Team Member*The positions are available only for AIESEC in Macedonia members.Before starting to fill in the Application form that reflects you as a person, youraspirations, your AIESEC Experience and your compatibility with the positionthat you are applying, there are some important steps that you need to follow.These steps are detalied in this booklet.General Benefits for the NST members:Directly working with the MC of AIESEC in MacedoniaDesigning national strategies and directions for the countryOverview of AIESEC in Macedonia and national environmentParticipation in national conferencesPossiblity of facilitating in national conferences (if they are qualified astrainers) AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust
  3. 3. Selection Process Please read this document in detail and follow the instructions given. Complete the application form by answering the general questions and the specific questions for the position that you are applying for. Submit your application package till Friday, 31st of August 2012, 23:59 to and the mail of the MCVP or NST chair of the functional area that you’re applying for: External Relations: Gorjan Dukovski: Public Relations: Gorjan Dukovski: Outgoing Exchange: Mustafa Özpınar: Marketing NST: Juan Carlos Chavira :*For Marketing NST, the deadline of submitting the application will be 21st of August 2012. All candidates will have selection period between 1st and 3rd of September consisting in an Individual interview with the MC VP TM&LCD and the MCVP or NST chair in charge of the functional area you are applying for. Additional selection procedures can be added, depending on the functional area you are applying for.*The interviews for Marketing NST will be conducted during 22nd and 25th of August 2012. Late applications, even by a few minutes, will not be taken into consideration, so we ask you to take the selection process as seriously as possible. Should you have any questions regarding the process, contact Alexandra Coanda – MC Vice-President Talent Management and LC Development 2012-2013. The application form needs to be no longer than 6 pages, font size minimum 10, font type Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. You are free to design the application however you want. We encourage you to use your creativity in order to transmit the message that you want. The application form needs to be filled in in English, and all questions are mandatory. Good luck with the application form! AIESEC Macedonia Team 2012-2013 AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust