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  1. 1. How can AIESEC Romania properly engage and develop every youngperson in the country?This is a question that we have asked ourselves since the beginning of the current MC term and forwhich AIESEC in Romania has been developing activities and initiatives to make that step closer toAIESEC 2015. However, engaging and developing our youth hasn’t yet reached its full potential, thusremaining a question to ask ourselves for the next term.AIESEC aims at being a global youth voice, and at country level, AIESEC Romania has grown this year,in terms of visibility and partnerships with strategic stakeholders that can position us among theyouth, but we are not yet perceived as a youth voice, and we are not recognized by every teen in thecountry as being a viable option. Especially at local level, we need to enforce the quality of theactivites we unfold by delivering more qualitative projects to our pupils and students and throughextending the concepts of Leadership and Global Learning Environment even more than we are doingit right now. What we need to do, as a next MC team, is to continue the directions set by the MCteam of 2011-2012 and push even harder to reach that visibility and credibility in the local andnational market and get recognized across sectors as the first-choice partner, not only for companies,but for students or NGOs as well.Secondly, how can we develop every young person in the world? We have talked a lot this year aboutengagement, about letting people know what AIESEC is and hearing from us, but we need to focuseven more on how we develop them. We need to give an added quality to our Engagement stage tomake sure that students do not only hear from us, but also form the proper image, the properopinion. We need to invest in development for our members, primarily, and make sure we give astable and healthy pipeline for AIESEC Romania in the next year, to make sure we get outside, in themarket, not only through our name, but through the stories and accomplishments of our people . Wealso need to invest in preparation for the students and pupils, preparation that will be relevant forthem later, in joining AIESEC or even if they won’t, we need to make sure we brought a relevantexperience for them and the image they will be promoting will be a positive one.Someone said this year that AIESEC Romania is, for the first time, what it promises to be and deliverson those things. What we need to do, next year, is bring these promises to a higher level and makesure we deliver properly, not only for our members, but for each and every student of AIESEC inRomania.