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Application Form


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Application Form

  1. 1. AIESEC in MacedoniaNational Support Team AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust
  2. 2. Personal InformationFull nameCurrent LCCurrent positionPrimary emailPhone number Insert your picture here.SkypePosition you areapplying forEnglish levelGeneral Questions 1. What is your previous experience, within AIESEC?Position Role Main achievements Key learning pointsConference Year Role 2. What is your motivation for applying for the NST of AIESEC in Macedonia 2012- 2013? 3. What is your motivation for applying for the position you chose? AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust
  3. 3. Specific QuestionsExternal Relations Manager 1. Which are, in your opinion, the key benefits that companies look for in AIESEC, and how could we capitalize on them? You can give ideas for events, projects or activities that would help increase those benefits. 2. Which are the key issues that AIESEC Macedonia currently has, in terms of corporate relations? What are the solutions you would provide? 3. Please choose one AIESEC project and one specific company from the Macedonian environment and develop the benefits that an investment would bring for that company.PR Manager 1. Please write a press release (one page, maximum), containing information about Youth to Business Forum. 2. How can the image of AIESEC in Macedonia be improved in the external environment, through the help of media? 3. Which are the key benefits that AIESEC, as an organization can offer to the media?OGX Manager AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust
  4. 4. 1. What do you see as key weaknesses in the current EP processes, and how can you support their development? 2. What strategies should the LCs take, in order to ensure their EPs get matched? 3. What initiatives would you develop in order to ensure a proper communication between the EPs that go abroad and AIESEC in Macedonia?Market Research Team Member 1. What is your definition of market research and how do you think it can help an organization grow? 2. What kind of skills do you think are necessary for working in a market research and how are those skills developed in yourself (please provide specific examples)? 3. Can you describe how you solved the biggest problem you had in school or at work? AIESEC in Macedonia 2012-2013 Passion | Dedication | Trust