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  • Presentation Script-- Lizzie   “Hello Everyone! Welcome to our presentation. Everyone has prepared wonderful campaigns for you to listen to tonight. So let’s get started. First I want to introduce my fellow group members and myself. (we all intro ourselves)“
  • Situation analysis   “ (FIRST POINT) We found out that 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations projected for 2014 require significant mathematics or science education to compete for a job. (SECOND POINT) Our country’s industrialized economy depends on products and innovation that rely heavily on knowledge in math, science, and engineering. (THIRD POINT) While researching we also found that American students need to improve STEM test scores and enter the space industry to lessen fears that the US has lost its edge in the space industry to other competing nations. (FOURTH POINT) NASA and private industry needs young, qualified employees who enter the workforce from America’s colleges and universities to keep up with the challenges of space exploration in today’s world. (FIFTH POINT) They also need to achieve the high-priority performances goals laid out in President Obama’s federal budget” NEXT SLIDE
  • SWOT analysis   “A SWOT analysis is designed to identify the environment in which an organization is operating. The purpose of a SWOT aids in the development of communication strategies featuring internal and external factors. First there are strengths, one strength we feel you should focus on is how technologically dependent young adults are these days. Next there are weaknesses, one weakness we found was even though young adults are very technologically dependent there is a low response to your twitter account from this age group. Then there are opportunities; we felt one big opportunity was the instability of jobs in the STEM areas. Meaning, there seems to be little agreement on the job market for STEM graduates. Lastly there are threats; again we see most of these threats can be seen as opportunities, but one threat is the instability of jobs in the STEM areas. We think if the Coalition teamed up with the private space industry, it could help inspire young people to join private companies rather than a company like Google.” NEXT SLIDE
  • Science Month: Now moving onto Science Month, one of the objectives we came up with in supporting STEM education NEXT SLIDE
  • (click) Science Month itself will be launched in April 2012 (click) and the idea of it is to have the entire month of April dedicated to science. It will be targeted towards middle and high schoolers and this will be a great time for these students to indulge in STEM subjects and get the most that they can out of these areas. Science month will be a nation-wide event, so middle and high schools across the country are welcome to get involved. (click) To get students involved and excited for Science Month, we think it would be a good idea to host a logo contest on Facebook. The competition would be announced in February 2011 and the deadline would be Oct. 31, 2011. Participants would be able to turn in a logo that would be picked as the Science Month’s official logo. This would be a fun way to get the students involved and geared up for the science-filled month. The winning prize would be $500. NEXT SLIDE
  • (click) A Website for science month would be launched in the summer of 2010. The Website would be easily accessible and would include descriptions of STEM and its importance, participating partners and a list of the month’s activities and events. Science Month’s Website would be an easy and constant “go-to” for all of the month’s participants. (click) So, we all know who our number one fans are: our parents. We also know how much they love getting involved in our activities, so what better than to let them get involved in Science Month. There will be a page on the Website for parents including information about the month, what they can do with their kids and how to join the parent’s group. It’s an easy way for them to stay updated and know where to go for discounts. More on that in a second. (click) Bumper stickers and brochures would also be sent out to parents, again getting more of their involvement in Science Month. We have examples of those coming up. (click) Then of course what would Science Month be without some discounts and cheaper ways to make science fun? We’d suggest working with planetariums and science museums in surrounding areas to get group discounts, for field trips for example, to make Science month that much more special and accessible. NEXT SLIDE
  • Here is an example of a brochure that would be sent out to parents. It obviously folds 3-ways so the part on the far right would be the front of the brochure, the middle portion would be the back and the left side would be the inner folding flap. As you can see, we included a little blurb about The Coalition and what their goal is for Science Month NEXT SLIDE
  • On the inside of the brochure, we included what participants can look forward to, how to get involved and a basic jist of what they can expect. It’s a fun, brightly colored brochure that’s designed to pull in parents, as well as students, in order to want them to get involved with Science month. NEXT SLIDE
  • Goal Two The second goal of the client that we addressed is, “To influence students to pursue space-related careers.” Next Slide
  • Findings In our secondary research, we found the results of a survey given to three hundred former participants of the National Ocean Science Bowl that found links between academic competition and the participants’ career choices and lifelong admiration of science. Next Slide
  • Findings As you can see from the results of the survey, high percentages of the National Ocean Science Bowl participants agreed or strongly agreed that academic competition, or science related hobbies, influenced their interest in science, or influenced their major or career path. Next Slide
  • Findings Survey participants who didn’t pursue a major or career in STEM said the competition still left lasting impressions of science in general. Next Slide
  • Focus Group As part of our primary research, Supernova Inc. conducted a focus group at Leawood Middle School in Leawood, Kansas with eight middle school students who are current Science Olympiad participants. Next Slide
  • The Students… Think science is “awesome” Four of the eight students are already considering STEM-related careers And they all think highly of Science Olympiad Next Slide
  • Science Olympiad Science Olympiad is an annual K-12 standards-based science competition, comprised of about 5,700 school-based teams in 47 states of up to 15 students per team competing in more than 240 regional and state tournaments, culminating in the Science Olympiad National Tournament. The National Tournament is held at a different location each year. This year the National Tournament will be held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and it will host 120 teams competing in 46 events. There are 26 sponsors this year. Next Slide
  • Science Olympiad Our recommendation is to sponsor a single, space-themed event at Nationals 2011, which will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We recommend awarding a $1,000 dollar scholarship to the first place individual or team. Then in 2012, after establishing a presence at Science Olympiad, we recommend becoming a sponsor of the entire event, which will be held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. At Nationals 2012, we recommend sending a key member of the Coalition to speak and appeal to industry leaders, parents and students for continued growth of STEM education even after Science Month, which will have concluded at the end of April 2012. Next Slide
  • Slide 36 Now on to our next major tactic: Junior Ambassadors. (click)
  • Slide 37 Our research showed youth engagement to be a major push in the education realm (click) Engaging youth means not only getting youth excited but truly making them part of this mission, this movement to foster a new generation of innovators. (click) The Coalition has an edge on most organizations. You recognize the importance of youth by creating a Gen Y Board, but true engagment goes a bit further toward activation committees. (click) An activation committee is similar to what we’ve done in this class. The Coalition was looking to hear what young people such as ourselves, and high schoolers and middle schoolers, thought about space exploration. Not only are we telling you but we delivered concrete action items. You truly utilized youth as a resource. We encourage you to give real responsibilities to young people. (Click) This can be a difficult thing to do certainly. Often, as shown in our research, organizations are hesitant or don’t feel comfortable allowing young people develop content and have meaningful responsibilities. That’s why we recommend staff mentorships. While similar to a supervisor, a mentor will work side-by-side with the youth ensuring each step along the way fits with the Coalition’s goals and values. This method improves work performance overall. (click) (click) (click)
  • Slide 38 The Junior Ambassador program would be comprised of 12-15 middle school and high school students serving rotating two-year terms. (click) The first group of Ambassadors we advise to be hand selected by partner organizations. Later, if desired, the candidate pool could be enlarged through an open application process. (click) These Ambassadors should be given meaningful responsibilities as you would a full intern (click) This should be an elite program. Make the Ambassadors work for this position. Don’t make it easy. If underperforming, be sure to have in place a method of evaluating terms for termination. (click) Some action items to think of, ambassadors could be in charge of enhancing Facebook through messaging and building online relationships, creating monthly online videos, or even to the degree of collaborating with Science Olympiad in development of that partnership. Either way, provide direction but give over control. (click)
  • Slide 39 Speaking of Facebook. Let’s take a look into the current use of social media. (click) (click)
  • Slide 40 Right now, the Coalition has been doing great on content. Updates on new blogs are frequent. Usually two or three posts nearly everyday. But there is low traffic. There’s lots to see, people just need to know it’s there. (click) Much focus is put on developing the fan site but very few interactions off the fan page profile (click) Finally, a small detail but very important. Dead links. Just one dead link can turn a user away. Unfortunately, we found numerous inactive links. Easy fix, but an important one. (click)
  • Slide 41 According to our survey of just over one hundred high school and middle school students, you can see an overwhelming number use Facebook, closely followed by YouTube. An interesting figure, only 14 respondents have a twitter account. So what’s this mean? (click) (click)
  • Slide 42 Focus on Facebook. You can keep the Twitter account but focus your communications to young people to Facebook. (click) Branch out. Visit other profiles, fan pages and groups. (click) “ Listen, Learn, Respect” great advice from a top social media expert. Visit other pages, read comments. Learn about what interests them, what users talk about. (click) Act accordingly by responding and commenting on pages, but do it respectfully. Don’t pitch or sell. (click) Make real personal relationships. Your brand is an entity and users need to see the values and goals of your brand come through this entity. Let’s see some examples (click).
  • Slide 43 This is Coalition’s Fan Page. (click) With 476 fans as of April 10. (click)
  • Slide 44 If we look at other similar sites, (click) Constellation Fan Page, 1500 (click) NASA 15,000 (click) Space Shuttle 10,000 (click) We can look at Groups as well (click) Support NASA and Constellation group, 16,000 (click) Save NASA’s Constellation, nearly 22,000 members. This isn’t meant to discourage, but to illustrate there are many users on Facebook, at least 22,000 who would be intereted in the Coalition, its efforts and its Fan Page (click)
  • Slide 45 Back to the Fan Page (click) (click) As I mentioned earlier, multiple posts daily. Excellent (click) Let’s check one out (click)
  • Slide 46 This is what I get when I click the link. As I mentioned earlier, here’s an example of a dead link. Easy to fix, but discouraging to users (click)
  • Slide 47 I went ahead and found the blog it was to link to. Interesting article. Basically, explaining that despite Constellation’s cancellation. NASA has more assignments and is simply distributing employees to new projects. Now let’s tell people about it. But let’s go to them. (click)
  • Slide 48 I chose the large Save NASA group. (click) Notice that I nix the title. Currently posts consist of the headline and lede. Social Media does more than newswires. People visiting want to hear and posts comments and opinions. So I put a little summary, “they may have shut down the program but there are still many opportunities here. We think of this as a clean slate, a chance to explore the infinite possibilities that space and science have to offer. Check out this link to read about the new jobs and tasks for engineers and scientists” (click)
  • Slide 49 Note that I went ahead and included the full link. Bit URLs are nice but tehn you’re reliant on a third party. If you have space, just put the full URL. (click) Remember I said to Listen. Learn. Respect. So let’s read a post. Luke seems rather upset. He’s a college student hoping to work in a space related agency but worried with Obama in office (click) Let’s connect with him. We hit Comment (click)
  • Slide 50 And I write to him like a human being. “We at the Space Coalition were upset as well, but look at all the freedom we will have for deep space exploration if we hand over low-earth orbit to the private sector… There are tons of jobs still available. Check out this quiz, learn about careers and even chat with a professional” and then the link to the career portal. I listened to him and responded personally, sympathizing and offering advice. (click)
  • Slide 51 Now to Brad for the Budget and closing.
  • The budget for Supernova Inc.’s campaign is $110,000. More details on the budget break down, as well as other objectives and tactics can be found in our plansbook. (click)
  • Supernova

    1. 1. SUPERNOVA INC. <ul><li>Melissa Albano </li></ul><ul><li>Clint Armistead </li></ul><ul><li>Brad Banks </li></ul><ul><li>Lizzie Bellinger </li></ul><ul><li>Isabel Manalo </li></ul><ul><li>Anna Nelson </li></ul><ul><li>Whitney Worthington </li></ul>
    2. 2. Supernova Inc.
    3. 3. Situation Analysis Supernova Inc.
    4. 4. Situation Analysis <ul><li>Science and math knowledge required for future careers </li></ul><ul><li>Economy depends on products and innovation that rely on STEM </li></ul><ul><li>Lessen fears concerning the America’s position in space industry </li></ul><ul><li>Young, qualified employees are needed from US colleges and universities </li></ul><ul><li>Achieve high-priority performance goals </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    5. 5. SWOT Analysis Supernova Inc.
    6. 6. Supernova Inc. S trengths technologically dependent youngsters O pportunities instability of jobs in STEM areas W eaknesses low response to twitter from young age-group T hreats instability of jobs in STEM areas
    7. 7. Goals Supernova Inc.
    8. 8. Goal One <ul><li>To create nationwide support for STEM education and programs </li></ul><ul><li>Goal Two </li></ul><ul><li>To influence students to pursue space-related careers </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    9. 9. Goal 1 <ul><li>Become an advocate for STEM education </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    10. 10. Supernova Inc.
    11. 11. Key Members Supernova Inc.
    12. 12. Science Month Supernova Inc.
    13. 13. Science Month <ul><li>To be launched in April 2012 </li></ul><ul><li>A full month dedicated to science for middle and high schoolers </li></ul><ul><li>Logo contest </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    14. 14. Science Month <ul><li>Website to be launched </li></ul><ul><li>Get parents involved </li></ul><ul><li>Bumper stickers/brochures </li></ul><ul><li>Planetarium and museum discounts </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    15. 15. Science Month Brochure Supernova Inc.
    16. 16. Supernova Inc.
    17. 17. Science Month Bumper Sticker Example Supernova Inc.
    18. 18. Goal Two <ul><li>To influence students to pursue space-related careers </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    19. 19. Findings <ul><li>National Ocean Science Bowl (NOSB) </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Survey given to 300 former participants </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Found links between academic competition and participants’ career choices and lifelong admiration of science </li></ul></ul>Supernova Inc.
    20. 20. Findings <ul><li>87 percent agreed that participating in a competition encouraged an overall interest in science </li></ul><ul><li>41 percent agreed that NOSB participation influenced their career choice </li></ul><ul><li>48 percent agreedthat ocean or science related hobbies influenced their career paths or major </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    21. 21. Findings <ul><li>Competition left lasting impressions </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    22. 22. Focus Group <ul><li>Eight Leawood Middle School students who are current Science Olympiad Students </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    23. 23. The Students… <ul><li>Think science is “awesome” </li></ul><ul><li>Are considering STEM-related careers (4 out of 8) </li></ul><ul><li>Think highly of Science Olympiad </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    24. 24. Supernova Inc.
    25. 25. <ul><li>Sponsor event at Nationals in May 2011 </li></ul><ul><li>Sponsor entire Nationals event in May 2012 </li></ul><ul><li>Space Coalition member to speak at May 2012 Nationals </li></ul>Science Olympiad Supernova Inc.
    26. 26. Aerospace Career Portal & Mentors Supernova Inc.
    27. 27. “ Have you considered a career?” Supernova Inc. Supernova Inc survey of middle and high schoolers
    28. 28. NASA Jobs Website Supernova Inc.
    29. 29. Current Coalition Homepage Supernova Inc.
    30. 30. Supernova Inc.
    31. 31. New Space Coalition Homepage Supernova Inc.
    32. 32. Supernova Inc.
    33. 33. Supernova Inc.
    34. 34. Career Mentor Poster Supernova Inc.
    35. 35. Junior Ambassadors Supernova Inc.
    36. 36. Engage Youth <ul><li>Not only excited, but feel a part of this mission </li></ul><ul><li>Transform board, panels or focus groups into activation committees </li></ul><ul><li>Utilize youth as resource </li></ul><ul><li>Provide mentorship, not supervision </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    37. 37. Junior Ambassadors <ul><li>12-15 middle school and high school students </li></ul><ul><li>Rotating two-year terms </li></ul><ul><li>Treat as employees or full interns with meaningful responsibilities </li></ul><ul><li>Make them work for this position </li></ul><ul><li>Enhance Facebook, create videos, collaborate with Science Olympiad </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    38. 38. Social Media Supernova Inc.
    39. 39. Current Social Media <ul><li>Low traffic, tons of content </li></ul><ul><li>Many updates, few interactions </li></ul><ul><li>Dead links </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    40. 40. Social Media Survey* Supernova Inc. *Survey taken by middle and high school students 103 100 29 25 14 5 Number of students who use this form of social media
    41. 41. Big Changes <ul><li>Focus efforts on Facebook </li></ul><ul><li>Branch out </li></ul><ul><li>“ Listen, learn, respect” </li></ul><ul><li>Provide commentary </li></ul><ul><li>Make personal relationships </li></ul>Supernova Inc.
    42. 42. Supernova Inc.
    43. 43. Supernova Inc.
    44. 44. Supernova Inc.
    45. 45. Supernova Inc.
    46. 46. Supernova Inc.
    47. 47. Supernova Inc.
    48. 48. Supernova Inc.
    49. 49. Supernova Inc. We at the Coalition liked the Constellation Program too. But there are still plenty of jobs available check out this quiz, learn about careers and even chat with a professional.
    50. 50. Budget Supernova Inc.
    51. 51. Supernova Inc. $110,761.75
    52. 52. Thank you! Supernova Inc.