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Online Presentation T

  1. 1. Online Presentation Tools Ellen Adams, Barbara Powell- Schager, James Trask
  2. 2. What is • allows users to share their personal or professional presentations with people anywhere in the world. • has many similar components of social networking websites like Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube. • Slideshare can get your message out to anyone in the world or to only a small group of specific individuals.
  3. 3. How can benefit educators? • Teachers now have a resource that allows them to share lesson presentations with the world or search for curriculum aligned presentations to use in their own lessons.
  4. 4. How can benefit educators? • Now system coordinators can offer professional learning to teachers through slideshow presentations that are available to them when and where they need them without intruding on instructional time • Professional training is only a few clicks away!
  5. 5. Teacher/Staff Uses • When creating slide shows, teachers can assign "tags" that make them easily searchable. • Teachers can post lecture notes for students to review, either as preparation for a test or for a student who is absent. •  Provides a way for teachers to offer their students  opportunities for remediation and extension.
  6. 6. • Staff members can easily share presentations without having to email them, which can clog up inboxes. • Files don't have to be stored on a flash drive when traveling from place to place. • Excellent tool for distance learners because they don't have to download files or run them from a university server. Teacher/Staff Uses
  7. 7. How can benefit students? • Students can collaborate with each other on a project in a safe environment where only students and teacher have access. • provides opportunity for peer editing. • By making projects readily available teachers can provide students with ongoing formative assessment.   • E-portfolios that can be easily shared from teacher to teacher and school to school. •  Authentic learning tool that allows students to publish their work.
  8. 8. What types of presentations can be shared via • Text only -- lecture notes, outline • Text and images -- pictures, graphics, or clipart that reinforces text
  9. 9. What types of presentations can be shared via • Slidecast -- a combination of a regular presentation and narration o Creates a unique version of the presentation o Good way to practice differentiation by providing an alternate means of interpreting information o Allows the educator to provide insights into a slide to create an alternate viewpoint • Video presentations
  10. 10. What other features does have?   • Widgets o Allows users to create feeds to their presentations on their websites or blogs o Allows users to create playlist of presentations on their websites or blogs o Enhances awareness of what content is available  and puts the learner in charge of their own learning