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Want A Side With That?


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How to Generate More Profit & Give Your Clients More Of What They Want. This presentation was shared in promotion of a brand new 3.5 hr virtual bootcamp.

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Want A Side With That?

  1. 1. Want a Side With That? How to Generate More Profit & GiveYour Clients More Of What They Want
  2. 2. Questions?My team will take care of you…I promise.
  3. 3. You’re In The right place if…• Stressed out• Overworked• Not where you want to be
  4. 4. What We Will Cover:• One thing that can create more income, banish burnout, and give you back your time• Best way to offer services and price them to maximize your income• 3 must-haves for your website and a few common mistakes
  5. 5. Reclaim My Money Power Boot
  6. 6. Is This You?
  7. 7. Change IsPossible
  8. 8. Successful Solo Biz
  9. 9. I’ve Been There too • Stressed out • Overworked • TV => babysitter • Never enough $$ • Giving away information I’d paid thousands for…free • Resenting my clients
  10. 10. When I focused on Personal TransformationChanges Came Little by Little…
  11. 11. More, More, More• Freedom• More time• More money• More sleep• More energy
  12. 12. Not a Magic FormulaIt’s about taking action –using practical & proven steps that work.
  13. 13. Reclaim My Money Power Boot
  14. 14. No. 1 - Change Your Relationship With Money and CreateMore Income, Banish Burnout, Maximize Your Income
  15. 15. nO. 2 – How to Offer What they want
  16. 16. 4 Steps to PrActical Pricing1. Check competitors pricing2. Ask your market3. Study trends4. Test price points
  17. 17. Check Competitors Pricing• What similar products on the market?• What is their price?• Why is that their price?• Analyze benefits of THEIRS vs. YOURS
  18. 18. Ask Your Market• Use surveys• Email your list• Visit forums and read comments
  19. 19. Study Trends• “Stealth Research” – e.g. Amazon, YouTube• What categories and subcategories fit your product/service?• What are people buying?• How are they rating?
  20. 20. Test Price Points• Provide payment options• Create a “lite” version Upsell• Try a “done for you” option• Run a beta test• Ask, “do you want a side with that”?
  21. 21. “Hold Your Clients asPowerful Even When they Can’t Do So for themselves” – Kendall Summerhawk
  22. 22. No. 3 3 Website Questions1. How can you help me?2. What will it cost me?3. Can I trust you?
  23. 23. 3 Website Mistakes• Trying to be everything to everyone• Your “I Love Me” page• Knowing when to post fees vs. not posting
  24. 24. steps to change relationship with money, put a pricingStrategy in place, andClarify your value on your website
  25. 25. Tired of Making WeakOffers? Resenting What You Give Away?
  26. 26.
  27. 27. 3.5 hour Intensive• Get rid of baggage you may not realize you’ve been carrying from my family’s money legacy;• Give yourself permission to make more;• Design a working debt power payoff plan;• Create lifelong empowerment and the courage to stand up for yourself when you talk about my fees and my services
  28. 28. Read About Bonuses
  29. 29. Get in on the live boot camp now…
  30. 30. Questions?My team will take care of you…I promise.
  31. 31. Get in on the live boot camp now…