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Simply Better Systems Tips for Action


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This is a guide from a short series I've done on the advantage of developing more productive systems in your online business. Get power tips for taking action!

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Simply Better Systems Tips for Action

  1. 1. simply better systems tips for action with Tanya Smith, Online Business Strategist
  2. 2. ideas for using this report use this as a quick start guide choose one tip and plan an action within the next 24 hrs dig deeper using Google or another search tool accept some of the tips as a timely reminder share with a friend or colleague
  3. 3. 3 bucket rule Systematize your business. First designate your business activities using the 3 bucket rule. Get more guides now here at: Automate Assign Act
  4. 4. when to take action now…even if it’s small or insignificant create a habit of taking action the more practice you get, the more intentional you can be about taking actions for the best & highest impact
  5. 5. why we don’t act fear overwhelm analysis paralysis boredom lack of passion for outcome don’t know what to do
  6. 6. big, nasty time suckers email lengthy phone calls internet browsing social media …just add “without a purpose” on the end to make these time suckers really offensive.
  7. 7. increase your energy operate on the important tasks when you’re at your highest level of energy. have none? try: exercising drinking water getting sleep doing something really fun
  8. 8. identify priorities what’s important to you? make a list of the things you value about your business and your lifestyle now what things are on your plate that will help you honor these values? these are priorities for you…you get to choose
  9. 9. create time boxes JD Meier is my hero. he has a great tip on being more agile by using time boxes: “A time box is simply a limited set of time to accomplish a result. Think of it as how much work can you get done in a given block of time.”
  10. 10. celebrate action reward yourself when you do something. you’ll begin to train you mind to enjoy action, not run away from it. my favorite celebrations? a mani/pedi chocolate bundt cake relaxing on the porch
  11. 11. now that you’ve read this what will you do next? share one action item with me on my Google+ page. just 1 is all you need. keep it simple, remember?
  12. 12. about Tanya Smith business coach, soccer mom, online geek, gadget girl - digital sharing & productivity resources that help independent service providers leverage the internet to get more done. learn more about me at