Internet Radio and Podcasting are Going Mobile Worldwide


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How to stream your Internet Radio Show or Podcast to the World 24 hours a day seven days a week for the non techies.

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Internet Radio and Podcasting are Going Mobile Worldwide

  1. 1. Internet Radio andPodcasting Are Going Mobile Worldwide Coach Steve Toth- Founder/CEO Real Coaching Radio-TV Network
  2. 2. Internet Radio and Podcasting Are GoingMobile Worldwide• Internet radio is one of the few radio formats that currently is climbing• Listeners want to be able to take their favorite content with them everywhere, even when they are not in the car• Even in this tough economy, Internet radio is growing ad revenues year over year• New mobile-friendly interfaces and Apps are the way these Internet Radio broadcasts and podcasts will be available on web-enabled mobile devices• They allow users to search, collect and access their favorite content anywhere, anytime, even when they are on the go• There is no software installation needed (for many of these services)- if you can browse the web on your mobile device
  3. 3. How to Stream Your Internet Radio Show• Broadcast Worldwide 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week• Send us your .mp3 files weekly and we take care of all of the technology for your streaming (this service is for the non techies)• We use SHOUTcast mp3 streams you can listen to them by using common free players like Winamp, the Real Audio Player, VLC, Freeamp, iTunes, or the Windows Media Player• When your listeners click on this link, their standard player for .pls files will open and play the stream. This will usually either be Winamp, iTunes or the Real Audio Player. Feel free to test the link by clicking on this picture by going to our web-site at!
  4. 4. How to Stream Your Internet Radio Show• Or you can embed the SHOUTcast player on your web-site as seen at this link:• For your Internet Radio Show to qualify to be streamed as part of our network your show must fit into e: Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Environment, Career and Spirituality
  5. 5. Real Coaching Radio-TV Network Streams onSmart Phones• Listen to Your favorite Internet Radio, Internet-TV and Cable-TV shows from Real Coaching Radio-TV Network on your iPhone, Android, Nokia, Personal Computer, Internet Radio, Smart TV and other devices to be announced soon. Shows are updated weekly.• Download SHOUTcast for iPhone• Download Winamp for Android• How to Listen in Winamp you can listen to Real Coaching Radio-TV shows using your default media player like Winamp, iTunes or Windows Media Player? Heres how: Select Settings under the Help menu, or just point your web browser to