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History of Mendel

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 2. Austria Italy Johann Mendel Germany Poland Austria Czech Republic was born in 1822 in Heinzendorf, Austria, to a peasant farming family.
  2. 3. During his early years, Do I LOOK like a farmer? He lay around in his bed “sick” for weeks, possibly to avoid farm chores. Johann did NOT like agriculture very much.
  3. 4. When Johann was 16 , his father had a debilitating farming accident and Johann was forced to provide for himself.
  4. 5. When Johann was 18 , he borrowed money from his younger sister’s dowry to pay for his education at the university for two years.
  5. 6. When he was 21 , one of Johann’s teachers took note of his exceptionally bright mind and persuaded him to join the Augustinian monks. St.Thomas Church, (now Brno, Czechoslovakia)
  6. 7. After he arrived at St. Thomas, Johann Mendel changed his name to Brother Gregory. The monastery was a center of learning for young men who wanted to study theology and natural science.
  7. 8. Brother Gregory also spent time teaching mathematics at a nearby school. After one year, in order to become a teacher, he took the teacher’s examinations at the University of Vienna . . . and failed. Report Card F-
  8. 9. During his early years at the monastery, Mendel began studying and breeding mice. The bishop was not pleased.
  9. 10. Brother Gregor settled on bees . . .
  10. 11. and peas.
  11. 12. While at the monastery, Gregor continued his studies at the University of Vienna for several years. He became a “reserve” teacher for an ailing professor, teaching science at a local college while studying physics at the University of Vienna. University of Vienna
  12. 13. After many years at the university, Gregor retook the teacher’s exam, and failed for the second time. Report Card F- - -
  13. 14. Mendel narrowed his focus to one particular garden pea, Pisum sativm. In spite of these failures, Mendel continued to conduct numerous experiments on plants . For 8 years, Mendel experimented with over 28,000 peas in the large gardens attached to the monastery.
  14. 15. Rather than study every characteristic of the garden pea, Mendel narrowed his observations to 7 traits .
  15. 16. Garden Pea Traits Observed
  16. 17. Seed shape Seed color Pod shape Flower color Flower location Plant size smooth wrinkled yellow green inflated constricted green yellow Pod color purple white axial terminal tall short
  17. 18. In 1866 when Mendel was 44 , his experimental results were published . . . and ignored long after he died.
  18. 19. In 1900, 3 scientists - Carl Correns, Hugo de Vries, and Erich von Tschermak - all independently rediscovered and verified Mendel's principles, marking the beginning of modern genetics. He is now considered the father of genetics.
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