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Good bad ecological


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Bacteria PPT

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Good bad ecological

  1. 1. MICROORGANISMS The Good, the Bad,and the Ecological
  2. 2. BACTERIA….THE GOODMaintain equilibrium in the living world as: Producers Decomposers Nitrogen Fixers
  3. 3. BACTERIA….THE GOODMany Human Uses: Food production Cleaning up oil spills Human digestion •Protection from infection •Vitamin production
  4. 4. BACTERIA….THE BADDisrupt equilibrium by: Causing disease (pathogenic) Many resources (time and money) needed to control/eliminate them.
  5. 5. BACTERIA….THE BADThey use cells for food.They release toxins that damage cells.
  6. 6. BACTERIA….THE BADMany examples of diseaseLyme Strep Throat disease : Tooth DecayTetanus AnthraxTuberculosis GonorrheaDiphtheria SyphillisBacterial Pneumonia Meningitis
  7. 7. BACTERIA….THE BADCan be controlled by heat sterilization, disinfectants, vaccines, antibiotics, proper storage, cooking and handling of food.
  8. 8. BACTERIA….THE ECOLOGICALDecomposersNitrogen FixersFood chainsSymbiotic relationshipsOther living things could not live without them.
  9. 9. Try This ! MTV – Make Learning Visual Draw picture to illustrate at least one way humans find Bacteria usefulDraw a picture to Explain the two reasonsillustrate how bacteria that Bacteria may behelp maintain ecological pathogenic. Draw aequilibrium in the picture to illustrate oneenvironment disease caused by bacteria.
  10. 10. Common Bacterial Diseases
  11. 11. Psoriasis
  12. 12. Conjunctivitis
  13. 13. Ulcers
  14. 14. Staph infections