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Professional speaking is one of the most lucrative methods to build your business and add an additional income stream fast. If you are not taking advantage of the benefits of this career, you are missing out. Speaking is a great way to sell products and services and is especially important if you are attempting to launch a career as an author or consultant. Here are some practical tips and useful resources to catapult your journey to success in public speaking.

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  • Specializing in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs. Act as a concierge to connect entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.We offer a FREE phone consultation to all first time clients.
  • The best way to prove you are an authority is to get in front of a room. You’re immediately seen as ago-to person in your industry.Your name or your company’s name will gain exposure. Typically your logo, colors, and other branding are displayed in the flyers, programs and other advertisements for the event. You will gain more visibility for your brand amongst your target customers.This one’s a no-brainer! Of course, you will get more clients. Every time I have presented to a group I have been successful in walking away with new clients and several warm prospects/leads.Whether you sell products or services this rings true. Always be prepared to communicate your
  • Plenty of average Janes and Joes making 6- and 7-figure speaking incomes. Easier to connect with than celebritiesNo high school diploma. Speakers bureau in Chicago with nothing but former prostitutes. Presented to key decision makers on Capitol Hill.There are approximately 7,000 speaking opportunities. That is over 2.5 million potential speaking gigs per yearWhile having good presentation skills can help your audience really tune in to your message, it is not necessary. Even the most wet-behind-the-ears speaker can earn a decent living. I have an aunt who has a speech impediment. She has always had trouble pronouncing certain words even though she is a native English speaker. At first, she thought this would be a hindrance but now she realizes that it is what makes her unique from her competition. Use your quirks and idiosyncrasies to build your brand. Again, the important element in any speaker’s presentation is that there is a real message to be heard. Know your subject matter and deliver it with passion. If you can do this, then nothing else even matters.The biggest roadblock is YOU!
  • Learn everything you can about your subject and write down what you can discuss expertlyBrowse industry journals articles, newspapers, magazines, news stories for current eventsUnderstand who you are presenting to, arrive early, get a feel, tailor material to their needs, request info from event planner, submit outline to see if you are on the same pageDon’t put all eggs into one basket. One speaking account does not a career make.Observe other speakers prices who present similar topics.Join a speaking group, get in front of a mirrorSpeak. Start webinars or become the announcer for your church, etc.
  • On a sheet of paper, divide it into three columns.
  • Press kit should include: Photo, titles/descriptions of workshops or expert topics you present, testimonials, past clients, media mentions, video samples, etc.Blog, write articles, use social media to build relationships, write a bookContact organizations, send out press releases, tell your church and nonprofit organizations you volunteer forHost it yourself
  • Get a coach, read, attend webinars, seminars, observe other speakers, participate in an Improv, join your local Toastmasters ClubStories are a way to connect to your audience, show them you’re humanEven if you do not accept a fee for a gig, make sure that you are getting something out of the event. This could be a free lunch, reimbursed travel expenses and the opportunity to set up a vendor table to sell your products and services. Make sure that your target market is in the room.Request multiple bookings, a series, to come back again for a different group, a follow-up for trainings, webinar series.Remember my aunt with the speech impediment? Your quirks are what make you unique. Use them.
  • $120 every 6 months plus $20 new member fee to receive your membership kit (Competent Communicator, Competent Leader manuals). Visit for free!
  • The first video is a promo for another club but I think the sentiments expressed will give you a great idea about why people join Toastmasters.The second video is from a documentary for “Speak the Movie” which explores the fear of public speaking and how Toastmasters helps.
  • Booking a speaker is often the most difficult part of organizing an event. This lessens the headache for event planners.Full profile includes name, photo, bio, company name, contact information, links to your website and social media, expert topics, video sample and suggested honorariums.You negotiate your fees directly with the event planner. Pay us nothing else!Regularly costs $275 per year.
  • Become a Speaker - How to Make Money as a Professional Speaker

    1. 1. How to Make Money as a Professional Speaker
    2. 2. About Building Bridges Chicago LLC • Small business consulting and executive coaching firm • We work with • • Small business owners in the growth phase Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea • Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to go to build a profitable, sustainable business • Services include Business Planning Legal Services Alternative Financing Business Travel Consulting Internet Marketing & SEO Strategic Action Plans Networking Events Other Resources & Referrals
    3. 3. About Niquenya D. Fulbright • President & CEO • Over 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and trainer • Bachelors in Technical Management with a concentration in Small Business & Entrepreneurship • Have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, nonprofit groups and career transitioners reach their goals • Passionate about seeing people make their wildest dreams come true • Have presented to and provided corporate training for nonprofit organizations, major corporations, and government agencies
    4. 4. "It is vital to be able to communicate with others. It adds at least 50% to your value.” ~Warren Buffett, the world's richest man, in a 2009 BBC Interview
    5. 5. Why Speak? • To establish yourself as a subject matter expert • To expand your brand presence • To get more clients • To increase your sales • To test new ideas or concepts • To add an additional income stream
    6. 6. ”Your careers will be determined largely by how well you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas… in that order." ~MIT Professor Patrick Henry Winston
    7. 7. 5 Myths About Public Speaking 1. You have to be famous. 2. You have to have great credentials. 3. There is too much competition. 4. I have to be a REALLY good speaker. 5. It is too difficult to get started.
    8. 8. Preparation • Develop your material • Know your audience • Target and diversify your client base • Determine your worth • Practice! Practice! Practice! • Start doing it
    9. 9. Get Started NOW! On a sheet of paper… • Write 3 topics you know a lot about or are really good at doing • Write 3 topics you want to learn more about • Circle 1 thing you find the most interesting from what you have written • Brainstorm titles • Go do it!
    10. 10. Getting Your First Gig • Get a website • Develop a press kit • Get active on social media • Write! • Tell everyone you know • Respond to “Call for Speakers” • Join a Speakers Bureau
    11. 11. Tips to Get Started • Make personal and professional development a priority! • Develop personal stories • Observe other speakers • Always be marketing • Don’t speak for FREE! • Leverage your bookings •Be yourself!
    12. 12. How can Building Bridges Chicago help YOU to become a speaker?
    13. 13. Join Our Toastmasters Club! • Learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere. • International non-profit organization with 280,000 plus members worldwide • No teacher, self-paced, peer-evaluated • Increase your self-confidence • Become a better speaker • Become a better leader • Communicate more effectively • Very affordable membership fee
    14. 14. Why join Toastmasters? Video 1: Society Speakers Toastmasters Video 2: Toastmasters Speech #9
    15. 15. Join Our Speakers Bureau! • Connects speakers to meeting and event planners seeking to book talent • Broadens your brand presence • Rotation in our Featured Speaker section on every page of our website and in our newsletter • Aggressively marketed to those who need your expertise • Includes 1 year paid membership to our club • Only $500 Life-Time Membership Until February 15, 2014!
    16. 16. Thank you for watching! • Please subscribe to the Dream Zine! • Request your FREE consultation with Building Bridges Chicago LLC