SEO - Are You Feeding Your Spiders?


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What do you need to know about Search Engines? (BTW- The abbreviation of Search Engine is SE.)

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SEO - Are You Feeding Your Spiders?

  1. 1. SEO - Are You Feeding Your Spiders?What do you need to know about SearchEngines? (BTW- The abbreviation of Search Engine isSE.)  Indexing  Ranking  AlgorithmsOut of these three, the algorithms are changed most oftenand seem to be the point of much contention andspeculation among webmasters and SEO folks.You will learn a bit about each of these areas but themost important SEO action step is:Get Links To Point To Your Websitesand Blogs From Theirs!If you have a short term memory, copy and pastethese words, make them big and bold and tape themto your computer so this action is in the forefront of
  2. 2. all your SEO work.Now and in the future you will begin to learn how todiversify. In order to really make it online you are going tohave to do a combination of organic traffic and paid traffic.  DO NOT use link farms, exchange link sites or buy software that guarantees that you will get links to your site.  DO NOT use Search Engine submission forms ( there are exceptions).You can take any blog or any website from scratchand with a combination of Free and Paid links to yoursites and blogs you can be indexed on Google within2 to 4 days.We will spending some time in the near future on gettingthe links you will need.Spider Behavior- Search engine spiders or Bots assome people call them. Bots is short for
  3. 3. Robots.These spiders or bots crawl the Internet looking for foodto bring back to the people who put in a search request inthe search box of the search engines.But how do they find the sites that they want to bringback? They find them through links from one page toanother all over the Internet.Imagine a spider crawling along a giant web, alwaysmoving from one string of that web to another, allconnected. If he meets a dead end, that is to say, a sitethat has no link onward, it will turn around and head off ofthat page looking for the next link to follow.How often do the spiders crawl?Once you are indexed it will depend on how often you areputting up good fresh content and how many sites arelinking to yours.Before you are indexed you will need to get sites to link toyou that are putting on good fresh content on their sites.So what happens is the spider sees a page and crawls thepage. If that page has links going out of it to other sites,
  4. 4. the spider will follow that link to the page on the next siteand this goes on and on. The spider than will come backto the same pages that it crawled as long as their freshcontent being put on that page.A very important thing to remember is that the spidercrawls pages not sites. So the key to getting the spiderto crawl your pages on your site or blog is by getting linksto all the pages on your blog or site that you want to haveindexed.If you have 30 pages on your website but links onlycoming in to your home page it is highly likely that iswhere the bot or spider will stop. The food is just not therefor the spider to eat!This part is already done for you in a lot of ways if you arereally using your blog on Active Rain. Active Rain createsdeep links, lots of spider food. But you must learn to linkinternally within your own blog on Active Rain. This iswhere you are linking from one post to other posts withinyour blog.If you have a new website or a new outside blog andwant to get indexed quickly here are a few things thatyou can do right away to get you indexed:  Active Rain- Blog with highly searched keywords  - this is a great for blogs.
  5. 5.  Article Directories like EzineArticles.comYou can use article submitting software. This softwareautomates the process of submitting your articles tohundreds of directories with just a click.  Yahoo Directory at You can pay $299 per year to Yahoo to be placed in their directory. The benefits are worth the cost.They will review your site within 1 week.They will guarantee that your site will get indexed in all thesearch engines. Your site rankings will get a boost andyour site will be in the Yahoo search index.  Directory Submitter- There are thousands of free website directories and you can find software that will do that fast for you. The more directories you submit to, the more one way links you will get that will be pointing to your site, which will cause you to rank higher. Remember, this can not be said enough, it is all about the links you get!