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The Elements of Design - Color


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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The Elements of Design - Color

  1. 1. The Elementsof DesignColor
  2. 2. Lesson Overview In this lesson, you will  Explore the use of color as it applies to Web design
  3. 3. Guiding Question How does color impact the choices you make for the clothes you wear each day?
  4. 4. Color The Internet isn’t black and white Colors can be analogous or complementary Complementary colors are colors opposite each other on the color wheel
  5. 5. Color Why is the choice of color so important?  Color affects the first impression of your site  Color sets a level of professionalism for the site  Good choices increase the chance that your site will be taken seriously
  6. 6. Color - RGB RGB = Red:Green:Blue Numbers represent how much of each color was used to make the new color  Range from white 255:255:255 to black 0:0:0 Web development enables the designer to use these number to produce the exact color desired
  7. 7. Color - HEX HEX = Hexadecimal code Series of six letters and numbers  0 – 9 and A – F  HEX code for white is 000000 and the HEX code for black is FFFFFF. Most Web development software will accept either RGB or HEX.
  8. 8. Color Choice Resources Color Families  Color Codes   Use Color Codes to find the Color Family    
  9. 9. Color Examples Examples of Bad Font Color Choices  MakePage/samples/bad/badcolors.html Examples of Good and Bad Uses of Color on a Web page  example.htm
  10. 10. W3C The World Wide Web Consortium also provides guidelines on the use of color within a Web site. To view two examples of incorrect uses of color in a Web site, view the HiSoftware Tutorial at the following address  1.htm
  11. 11. Color Assignments Discussion Forum  Go to the Discussion forum and create a thread to answer the following question:  How is color used in Web design?
  12. 12. Color Assignments Activity  Locate a Web site on the Internet  You can use any type of Web site  It will be used for design assessment  As concepts are covered, examine your site to note how concepts are used:  Correctly  Incorrectly  Examine the use of color on the site