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Repetition and Unity


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Published in: Spiritual
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Repetition and Unity

  2. 2. LESSON OVERVIEW• In this lesson, you will:• Explore the principles of repetition and unity in Web design
  3. 3. GUIDING QUESTIONS• How does repetition contribute to memory?• In what way does unity impact your definition of “teamwork”?
  4. 4. REPETITION• Repetition is how the brain moves information from short-term memory to long-term memory• Used constantly in advertising, both print and digital, by repeating an idea or image
  5. 5. REPETITION WORKS• Why do you want to create repetition? …Because it works• Advertisers use it all the time for product recognition • A question for TV watchers, for how many commercials can you recite the words?• Think of all the icons that through our sensory memory we can immediately recognize
  6. 6. REPETITION• A simple way to use repetition is to connect a word or idea with a picture • Textbooks commonly do this with images, charts, graphs, and drawings• Creates a mental picture in the readers head Dog
  7. 7. REPETITION• Another way to use repetition is through the repeated use of color in a specific way • For example, if you put an important word in red, then always use red for this purpose and only for this purpose
  8. 8. REPETITION• Color and layouts should also be repeated • A designer wants the viewer to know that they are still on the same Web site no matter what page they have visited• By repeating the colors and layout on all the pages, the designer conveys this message to the viewer
  9. 9. UNITY• The final principle of unity is the way that the designer brings all the information together in the Web site• Think back to the Gestalt Theory • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. • This is the goal of the Web designer • The designer wants the final Web site to have a greater impact than the individual parts that have been included in the site
  10. 10. UNITY• Proximity and repetition play important roles in the creation of the unity of the Web site. • Proximity • Brings ideas together through their closeness to each other • Repetition • Provides continuity between pages of the site
  11. 11. LESSON REVIEWBe sure you can answer the following question• How can the use of repetition and unity contribute to effective communication in a Web site?
  12. 12. ASSIGNMENT• Use the selected Web site • Analyze it according to the principles of repetition • Analyze it according to the principles of unity• Write a justification for each