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My discussion on Web 2.0

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Web 2point0use

  1. 1. Welcome to Election Day Welcome to WEB 2.0
  2. 2. Let ’s t ake some t i m t o l ook at e exact l y w hat WEB 2.0 i s!
  3. 3. Again, Let’s take some time to look at exactly what WEB 2.0 is?
  5. 5. More Web WEB 2.0 2.0 100 100 200 200 300 300 400 400 500 LINKS
  6. 6. What i s RSS? Real Simple Syndication
  7. 7. Facebook’s ‘N s Feed’ i s ew essent i al l y a r ebr anded R SS r eader . I nst ead of pul l i ng bl og post s and new s ar t i cl es, t he r eader aggr egat es updat es f r om your f r i ends’ pr of i l es. C i ck her e f or an exam e l pl
  8. 8. What is a Widget?
  9. 9. A widget is an embedded device that provides some level of value to the publisher. This is somewhat akin to what Facebook has done with their ‘F8 Platform’, and more notably ‘Applications’. Once a user adds a given' Application’, it appears on their profile page, where other users can see it and interact with it (or even add it themselves).
  10. 10. What is a WIKI? Will WIKIpedia one day officially replace Encyclopedia as more reliable source in YOUR eyes?
  11. 11. Wikis - By definition, a wiki is a collaborative space that can be edited by anyone with access to the site. This notion of participation and cooperation creates a more productive, usable information portal for all affiliated members. Facebook has rebranded this concept as ‘Groups’. Within a given group, you are able to start a conversation (with a message), add photos, and provide simple commentary. Furthermore, administrators and officers have added control and functionality.
  12. 12. What are Blogs? You better know before they become passé!
  13. 13. Blogs - When a user writes a ‘Note’ on Facebook, they are expressing their thoughts or opinions in a given manner. A collection of these notes, in reverse chronological order, can be classified as a ‘weblog’ or blog. The offline concept of a diary has been around for centuries. It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to consider a jump into the online world.
  14. 14. U -G ser ener at ed C ent ont (U C G) The cornerstone of the Web 2.0
  15. 15. U -G ser ener at ed C ent (U C - O ont G) nce agai n, t he t er m m seem r at her sel f -expl anat or y, ay but i t does need som cl ar i f i cat i on. U C i s e G cont ent cr eat ed by t he user - i t i s not pr oduct i on qual i t y. Exam es i ncl ude phot os, pl vi deos, and audi o cl i ps. N onl y does Facebook upl oad an ot ast oni shi ng am ount of phot os each day, but t hey al so pr ovi de a si m e, yet pow f ul pl er vi deo exper i ence. Si m y put , user s ar e pl const ant l y i nt er act i ng w t h user -gener at ed i cont ent . They j ust don’t know i t .
  16. 16. What is an API? Welcome to ACRONYM city! Population one zillion!
  17. 17. an A i cat i on Pr ogr am i ng I nt er f ppl m ace. I n ot her w ds, i t i s a w or ay t o l et ot her s i nt egr at e w t h your i ser vi ce by t appi ng i nt o your dat a. Thi s i s w hat Facebook has done w t h t hei r new ‘F8 Pl at f or m. i ’ They’r e al l ow ng ot her s t he i abi l i t y t o t ap i nt o Facebook’s dat abase and cr eat e appl i cat i ons w ch can t hen be added t o t he hi syst em and adopt ed by user s.
  18. 18. What is Micro-Blogging?
  19. 19. M cr o-bl oggi ng - Thi s new phenom i enon i s essent i al l y a m ni -f or m of i bl oggi ng. R ecent l y m ade popul ar by com pani es such as Tw t t er and Tum r , i bl m cr o-bl oggi ng i s a w t o pr ovi de a i ay shor t m essage (usual l y l ess t han 200 char act er s) about your l i f e, m ood, or cur r ent st at e vi a t he w e-m l , eb, ai t ext , or I M To m . eet dem and i n t hi s ar ea, Facebook l aunched ‘St at us Updat es’, w ch i s si m y anot her w hi pl ay of l abel i ng m cr o-bl oggi ng. i
  20. 20. Where can I find Wiki’s?
  21. 21. Wikipedia. Wikispaces I t ’s f r ee f or Educat or s w t h no i Adver t i sem s! ent
  22. 22. How can this help me as an educator?
  23. 23. There is so much you can do with today’s Web 2.0 that it would take more then a 1.5 hour workshop to have adequate time to discuss.
  24. 24. LI NKS Web 2.0 tools for Educators Google Documents for Educators