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Nationals Canada


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Creating a collaborative environment of adults to customize the environment for the child.

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Nationals Canada

  1. 1. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A C O L L A B O R A T I V E P R O C E S S I N S O C C E R D E V E L O P M E N T
  2. 2. – N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A “We do not set out to be the environment full of the best footballers, we work to build the best of all environments for the footballer”
  3. 3. S E V E N F A C E T S O F F O O T B A L L • Culture • Community • Persons • Players • Coaches • Organization • Execution
  4. 4. S E V E N P R O C E S S E S O F F O O T B A L L 1. Defining the Culture (Philosophy “Why”) 2. Inspiring the Community (Collaboration) 3. Involving People (Character) 4. Inviting Players (Technique - Work) 5. Educating Coaches (Tactic - Thought) 6. Sustaining Organization (Club Support) 7. Succeeding in Execution (Compete)
  5. 5. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A Why? • Establish and open lines of communication and exhibit readiness for cooperation with people and community • Consolidate resources and identify expertise. Increase efficiency in individuals and organizations, doing what they are good at. • Communicate a clear development model and pathway to the soccer parents and local soccer families. • Align all participating bodies, travelling in the same direction. Competition is good, as long as we ALL make it to the finish.
  6. 6. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A Why? • Create a truly “Football First” academy environment for the local soccer community • Build a path and assemble the vehicle necessary to get each and every player “there” • Define “there” for each and every player. Understand that the destination may vary for each child as time goes on and group players based upon commitment to their end goal • Create Local Club Support & Network to that players can enter the Academy Pathway and exit as their commitment, interest and/or ability in the game develops over time
  7. 7. T E C U M S E H S O C C E R C L U B : W E B E L I E V E We believe in a player centred approach where young athletes are guided through the learning and playing experience. TSC Coaches encourage and inspire creativity, allowing players to make their own mistakes and learn from them. We do not “joy-stick”, “instruct” or “command” our players, we support positive decision making, highlighting correlations between the daily soccer experience and the TSC annual technical & tactical training curriculum. We believe in an inclusive environment that allows players of all levels to participate and learn at their own pace, understanding that the same league/intensity is not right for all, but everyone should be given the same opportunity. Players develop at different rates in different environments. Appropriate levels of resistance in training & game must be applied to challenge some players and at the same time adjusted/removed in order for others to succeed. We believe that soccer players must train to play soccer and when they are done, train some more. Canada is playing catch up - so are we. “On-Ball” time & training is available year round in a 44 week development model (proper rest periods and training durations/limitations) with additional sessions offered by the club to supplement training/scheduling needs for all players. If a young player has a conflict due to another sport (that is ok, we support a balanced lifestyle) they have the opportunity to make that session up on another night, not just miss out on training/playing. We believe in providing the highest level of play for players who need/seek out opportunities at the next level, while understanding that cost/travel barriers must be overcome and alleviated at young ages for all families. All avenues will be explored and examined for the well- being of each and every player along the development process. We believe in a committed, collaborative & qualified technical staff. TSC identifies, unites and appoints coaches who believe in the development of all players within the club. Coaches understand that we are not here just to coach one particular team or set of players. We guide the learning of a team/player pool for 2-3 years, than pass them along to another coach who continues teaching consistent with club curriculum, methodology and qualified age appropriate coaching. TSC Coaches guide all players along the pathway toward ultimate soccer and personal potential, while continuing to hold ourselves to a standard of excellence, always learning, adapting and progressing.
  8. 8. W H A T D O Y O U B E L I E V E ? who do you do this for? why do you do it? how do you define success, paint the picture? what is your plan after you succeed, what then? what would be different if you were not involved in the process, how would the result be different without you?
  9. 9. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A 2016 Objectives: • Explore and establish strategic alliances for Directors Academy Identification Program • Identify technical, executive and administrative leaders • Create a joint-ownership pathway where all parties share in the process of player movement & development • Develop collaborative training plan for late summer, fall & winter. Share ideas, structure & best practices
  10. 10. W H A T I S D I R E C T O R S A C A D E M Y The Director’s Academy (DA) is a statewide program of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. Entry to the DA is only for clubs who meet the requirements set forth in the DA application. Directed at the U11, U12 and U13 age groups, the program focuses on club, team and player development through coaching education. With this focus in mind, DA clubs and coaches are held to a higher-than-average standard. All rostered coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers must meet minimum coaching license requirements, and head coaches must attend at least one MSYSA approved coaching education event each year. As the best environment for player development is during training sessions, coaches must submit seasonal training themes, blocks and schedules for review by MSYSA. Acceptance into the DA is highly selective. MSYSA looks at the club’s structure, player programming, player development, coaching development, and history of participation in MSYSA programs and events. Based on this information, clubs are given a score at the time of their application. If a club does not receive a passing score, MSYSA will provide guidance on changes needed to obtain a passing score. Most clubs will not be accepted the first time they apply. However, if they make the changes suggested by MSYSA, they may earn DA acceptance as quickly as a year or two. Once accepted into the DA clubs will take part in an annual review. The review includes an analysis of their Player Development Structure, Coach Development Program, their Training & Game Environment, Club Administration, the Facilities they utilize and the Soccer Respect campaign. Based on this review clubs will be categorized as a Gold, Silver or Bronze standard.
  11. 11. D I R E C T O R S A C A D E M Y S I M P L I F I E D Directors Academy (DA) is “higher standards” division of youth soccer development in Michigan (organized and operated by the state association). There are plenty of great players not in directors academy, but Directors Academy is full of great players. These players practice a high training to game ratio, commit to the sport, focus on their development and compete with the correct positive attitude. This commitment is nothing new to our organization. We have competed with DA teams before and will continue to do so now in this league on a weekly basis.
  12. 12. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A 2016/2017 Director Academy Operations (action plan) • June 13 (Nationals Canada Coaches’ Meeting) • June 15 (Parents Education Night) • June 18 & 19, 2016 (ID & Parent Education I & II) • June 28, 29 & 30 (Assessment & Allocation III, IV & V)
  13. 13. N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A 2 0 0 4 B O Y S I 2 0 0 4 G I R L S I 2 0 0 4 B O Y S I I 2 0 0 4 G I R L S I I 2 0 0 5 B O Y S D A 2 0 0 5 G I R L S D A 0 5 B E A S T 0 5 B W E S T 0 5 G E A S T 0 5 G W E S T 2 0 0 6 B O Y S D A 2 0 0 6 G I R L S D A 0 6 B E A S T 0 6 B W E S T 0 6 G E A S T 0 6 G W E S T
  14. 14. A N N U A L T R A I N I N G S C H E D U L E D A M Y S L C L U B S E P T / O C T T R A I N I N G 3 2 N / A M A T C H 1 1 1 N O V / D E C T R A I N I N G 2 ( T U R F ) 1 + O P T I O N 1 M A T C H 1 1 N / A J A N / F E B / M A R T R A I N I N G 2 ( T U R F ) 1 + O P T I O N 1 M A T C H 1 1 1 A P R / M A Y T R A I N I N G 3 2 2 M A T C H 1 1 1
  15. 15. C U R R E N T F E E S T R U C T U R E 2 0 1 6 T U I T I O N T S C U 1 1 / U 1 2 N A T I O N A L S C A N A D A 2 0 1 7 C O A C H 1 7 5 C A M P 1 2 5 F A C I L I T Y 5 0 T E C H S T A F F 5 0 A D M I N 5 0 S U M M E R 1 0 0 I N D O O R 1 1 7 5 * I N D O O R 2 1 7 5 * M Y S L 1 1 7 5 * M Y S L 2 1 7 5 1 2 5 0 0
  16. 16. T E C H N I C A L O V E R S I G H T Control vs. Guidance Opinion vs. Philosophy Teaching vs. Learning Thinking vs. Doing Competing vs. Performing
  17. 17. O B S T A C L E S Ego’s Education Cliques Connections Communication Coaching Certification
  18. 18. C O A C H I N G A P P O I N T M E N T • coaches to be selected in accordance with and above Director’s Academy and/or SAAC minimum standards • coaching-parent relation policy & term limits will be imposed • technical director shall lead coaching selection committee and process annually • coaches will be responsible from coordinating training and collaboration for the age group as a whole • failure to abide by club policies, philosophies, or technical curriculum shall result in removal from age group coaching staff
  19. 19. C O A C H I N G E D U C A T I O N • immediate coaching develop plan must be developed and implemented (funded) • coach interviews shall discuss continued education during coach selection process • coaching evaluations and recommendations will be made • Nationals Canada technical staff shall support coaches during additional education & certification
  20. 20. C L U B R O L E & I N T E G R A T I O N • Tecumseh Soccer Club technical staff will lead the formation of Nationals Canada and implement guiding principles of development • Technical Director: Ryan Mendonca • Academy Director: Daniel Mendonca • Grassroots Academy Boys (U8 - U10): JJ Dowhan • Grassroots Academy Girls (U8 - U10): Tony Giorlando • Nationals Canada shall operate as the “academy” pathway for TSC and function as an additional outlet for competitive training and play • Nationals Canada shall operate as an “academy” that TSC players can enrol themselves in, part time or full time with the “semester” model for coaches & players
  21. 21. P A R T N E R C L U B I N T E G R A T I O N • Nationals Canada (2016) is an academy program to be subscribed to by players, coaches and club. • Participation is a “buy in” to the philosophies of development, training and overall approach to the game. • Coach and Player education is to be of primary importance so that the environment can continue to improve at a rate desired by the participants • Nationals Canada exists to consolidate and align efforts in the game. We want to bring coaches, players and clubs of like ideology develop groupings of players, coaches and volunteers based on their commitment and goals in the game. • The ability to associate players with similar desires allows us to tailor programming with even more accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness for the athlete. • Customizing an environment for the athlete of every level allows us to clearly define the curriculum and find the balance required for each child in the process of player and personal development.