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How to share manufacturer product data in 2017


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Join some of the largest construction products manufacturers and learn:

- What is structured manufacturer’s data and why you is it so important;

- How to make your product data wanted and shared, by personalising it to your clients’ needs, through the usage of PDTs;

- How to collect valuable market intelligence on your products’ usage?

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How to share manufacturer product data in 2017

  1. 1. @coBuilderUK Data requirements and the role of the manufacturer Nick Tune, CEO coBuilder UK
  2. 2. @coBuilderUK About me CEO of coBuilder UK Former BRE Group Director - Digital & Data UKBIM Alliance Exec Former Board member of buildingSMART International & UK
  3. 3. @coBuilderUK 18 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS - We know the European construction industry very well The product info hub of the Norwegian market (5000+ customers); Over 2.5 million products in our systems; Experts in handling EU regulations such as CPR, REACH, ROHS; Members of CEN/TC 442 and ISO/TC 49 committees Member of buildingSMART International Plugins for
  4. 4. @coBuilderUK Data is the raw material of the 21st century D A T A
  5. 5. @coBuilderUK So what information do you need?
  6. 6. @coBuilderUK So what information do we get?
  7. 7. @coBuilderUK Product Information today
  8. 8. @coBuilderUK What data do your customers want/need?? They want COBie They want BIM Objects They want PDFs They want just specific data sets that are relevant to them They want my data in different formats that I cannot provide right now My clients don't come to me for information about my products
  9. 9. @coBuilderUK So are required/suggested COBie properties enough/too much? Type
  10. 10. @coBuilderUK Component
  11. 11. @coBuilderUK But what about performance properties, are these needed?
  12. 12. @coBuilderUK MOJ have asked for COBie plus +
  13. 13. @coBuilderUK The Plan Language Question - PLQ I want to run my building with a 10% reduction in energy consumption What data do I need to do this? From which sources (boiler, lighting, pumps etc) So what data do I need from my boiler to manage it and reduce its use or improve it efficiency?
  14. 14. @coBuilderUK 2 Ways of determining the data you want 1 – PLQs – What data do I need to answer a specific question. The problem, you would need hundred if not thousands of questions per project and often you don’t know all the questions you need. 2 – Make an educated guess of the data you think you will need e.g. I think the client will want this data – The FM will need these COBie properties and the contractor/client and FM will need these product performance properties – U Value, Fire Rating etc. Do we need a combination of both?
  15. 15. @coBuilderUK So how should the data about products be presented? • The Product Data Template
  16. 16. @coBuilderUK Manufacturers, SET YOUR DATA FREE!
  17. 17. @coBuilderUK Product data – where does it come from ? Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CEN standards Low Voltage Directive (LVD) CENELEC standards ISO standards Environmental Product Declaration Other REACH, Machinery Directive, ++ Market needs BREEAM, Color codes, Warranty policies etc.
  18. 18. @coBuilderUK What should be in the PDT and what format? CEN 442 WG4 Product Data Should be based on hEN and IFC
  19. 19. @coBuilderUK Product Data Templates (PDT) Moving from PDFs to data The way to make you data available in machine readable formats In a PDT a manufacturer could structure: Asset Information Requirements (FM, COBie ++) Environmental Product Data (EPD) Data on Chemicals (SDS information) Specifications (performance, geometry etc.) What data is needed at different project stages (RIBA, LOD etc.)
  20. 20. @coBuilderUK The Development of the PDT - LEXiCON
  21. 21. @coBuilderUK PLQs and PDTs We have the PLQs, we have determined the products we want data for and and we have selected the data that we believe we need for each product. We now have our project PDTs.
  22. 22. @coBuilderUK PDS
  23. 23. @coBuilderUK Interoperability
  24. 24. @coBuilderUK Tata Example
  25. 25. @coBuilderUK Tata Example
  26. 26. @coBuilderUK Interoperability
  27. 27. @coBuilderUK Mapping between hEN and IFC
  28. 28. @coBuilderUK What if the manufacturer can’t give you the data?
  29. 29. @coBuilderUK Can I just use a BIM Object? Ask the questions •Will it definitely be the product that is installed? •Does it have the data that has been asked for and in the format required? •What level of detail is needed? •Is the object too geometrically rich?
  30. 30. @coBuilderUK The Knauf Insulation Case Study Download at: “We have been looking for a future-proof solution, which goes beyond the 3D objects capabilities and will help us meet the demands of our organisation and our partners, without the need for significant software implementation and investment. We have found this solution with coBuilder." - Stephen Smith, Marketing Manager Knauf Insulation UK.
  31. 31. @coBuilderUK Are you the source of your information? Users update the data they need based on my latest brochures, websites I have product data and documents in several databases and systems managed by a third party, I communicate all updates to them. My data gets separately updated in all the systems I use All my product data gets automatically updated in all systems that use it
  33. 33. @coBuilderUK You can interlink all your data management systems
  34. 34. @coBuilderUK Ensure Availability
  35. 35. @coBuilderUK Is your data fit for purpose? My product data is created according to national and international standards for construction products. My product is not under the scope of any standards My product data is created under a European Technical Assessment All my data related to standards is available to my clients I often get request for product properties that I don't have at hand at the moment
  36. 36. @coBuilderUK How do you translate & localise your data to the different markets you target? I employ a team of translators My local representatives handle data translations I don't translate/localise my data I use a software for automatic translations
  37. 37. @coBuilderUK coBuilder International Develops product type templates based on studies in legislation and national standards in various countries Internationalised product data based on buildingSMART Data Dictionary Provides quality translation services for product data in over 15 languages Our work is supported by the following International and European associations: European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) International Union of Painting Contractors (UNIEP) International Union of the Associations of Heating Ventilating and Air- Conditioning Contractors and International Union of Roofing and Plumbing (GCI-UICP)
  38. 38. @coBuilderUK What new distribution chanells have you introduced to your business in the last year? I now offer my product data online (website/e-commerce system) I offer my product data through merchants and wholesalers I offer customised data offers to contractors and subcontractors I now offer my products as BIM objects My products are accessible through software products my customers use (Revit, ARCHICAD etc.)
  39. 39. @coBuilderUK Distribution Extending your product-service offer to the systems your clients use E-commerce Advertising Added Value After-sales
  40. 40. @coBuilderUK Market and measure
  41. 41. @coBuilderUK Why do you think you are a preffered partner? I have a steady customer base and I am not expected to change the way I deliver my product-service offer to them My customers constantly change the way they do business themselves. I try to keep up with those changes in my product/offer. I am up-to-date with the latest trend within the construction sector. Now it is all about the data. I intend to provide my customers with the data they need
  42. 42. @coBuilderUK Marketing Intelligence
  43. 43. @coBuilderUK BIM Manufacturers
  44. 44. @coBuilderUK goBIM - The software that binds it all together BIM-ify your products with Your products stand out from your those of your competition Share and manage your data You make your product data so much easier to find Your product portfolio is fully Interoperable/ compatible with REVIT, ARCHICAD, IFC, COBie, Navisworks Gain market intelligence on who is using your products
  45. 45. @coBuilderUK Register – It is free!
  46. 46. @coBuilderUK How to create a Product Data Sheet? In order to create your own Product Data Sheet for a specific product, go to the Products tab in goBIM, then click the Add product button.
  47. 47. @coBuilderUK First select the product type and Classification system This loads the Product Information Toggle – here you can enter information about your product. Start with the mandatory fields.
  48. 48. @coBuilderUK Create a well-documented product by Attaching files goBIM also allows you to attach your 3D objects to your ‘Product Data Sheet’
  49. 49. @coBuilderUKNow you can start digitizing your product’s Properties - neatly allocated in six main sections This is where you can also create a Product Data Sheet for the product, using coBuilder's predefined Product Data Templates filters.
  50. 50. @coBuilderUK Define your products’ properties based on The standards they are tested against and enter the correct values. If your product can be tested according to multiple test methods or is defined by different stages (environmental properties), please choose one option from the drop down menu.
  51. 51. @coBuilderUK Creating PDS in goBIM
  52. 52. @coBuilderUKOnce you have filled in all necessary data, you can save the information by clicking the Save and Close button: Once your data is saved: Under Products Tab you can see all the products you have created in our system. Under Documents Tab you have an overview over all your documents available in the system.
  53. 53. @coBuilderUK A Detailed Product View is then accessible for you to Update and Expire your product’ digital passport The product view contains the same information as the Products Tab plus the Harmonized standard the product is related to and a definition describing the product type.
  54. 54. @coBuilderUK To ensure interoperability, your PDT is Mapped to different classification systems. Click on the Classifications-tab to view our mapping.
  55. 55. @coBuilderUK Your Digital Product Data Sheet can be now viewed and shared by the supply chain. Share your data through: Web link COBie Excel Revit PDF Plugins developed for -ARCHICAD -Navisworks
  56. 56. @coBuilderUK Data in goBIM
  57. 57. @coBuilderUK
  58. 58. @coBuilderUK PDS
  59. 59. @coBuilderUK Clients and Contractors - Data collection validation and export
  60. 60. @coBuilderUK Distribution of data - ProductXchange
  61. 61. @coBuilderUK
  62. 62. @coBuilderUK
  63. 63. @coBuilderUK Distribution of data – Revit plugin
  64. 64. @coBuilderUK Distribution of data - Revit Plugin
  65. 65. @coBuilderUK Distribution of data - Revit Plugin
  66. 66. @coBuilderUK Attribute the data directly to IFC Data can be exported to any system supporting IFC !