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Math and science


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Math and science

  1. 1. MATH AND SCIENCE DEFINITIONS• Math is defined as a group of related sciences, includingalgebra, geometry, and calculus, concerned with thestudy of number, quantity, shape, and space and theirinterrelationships by using a specialized notation.• Science is defined as a branch of knowledge or studydealing with a body of facts or truths systematicallyarranged and showing the operation of general laws: themathematical sciences.
  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF MATH AND SCIENCEMath and science provide many types of skills that people need:• Math and science offer critical thinking skills.-People have to be accustomed with the basic perceptions of scienceandmathematics, in order to think critically about the world and to makeinformeddecisions about personal and societal issues• Math and science offer may types of trade skills important to someworkforces.- As routine mechanical and clerical tasks become more advanced,many ofthese jobs construct skills developed through excellent science,mathematics, and technology instruction.
  3. 3. ROLE OF MATH AND SCIENCE IN 21ST CENTURYOur world, in terms of adaptation, is changing drastically.Students and people, in general, need to be accustomedwith the basic notions that math and science provide. Thesesubjects can help better our country in many ways, but onlyone is of great importance: Math and science helps our country form the foundationfor innovation:- science creates ideas that will help solve the problems that we, asa country,face- to help solve problems with science, we must first understandmathematics.
  4. 4. • Voki- use to answer homeworkquestions by communicatingwith classmates• QR- use to check accurateanswers• Posters- teaching a specificlesson- charts and graphsTECHNOLOGY TOOLS• Web Quests- teacher makes web questforstudents to participate inmathand science scavengerhunts• Twitter and Facebook- make a classroom page to askquestions, check onassignments,and class discussions
  5. 5. Charts and GraphsPosterDuring a math lesson in a1st grade class, studentscan each create a chart orgraph poster in order toshow how charts andgraphs are used and howthey work differently.TECHNOLOGY EXAMPLE
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, math and science benefit our lives on a daily basis.There are many types of technology tools that provide us withknowledge that will help prepare us for the future, as well as thepresent. Math and science play important roles in the 21st century inthat they can help better our country in many ways, such as building afoundation for innovation. Technology is constantly changing, so therewill be more ways to incorporate it into a classroom each year.
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