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USI Employee Benefit Solutions


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USI Employee Benefit Solutions

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USI Employee Benefit Solutions

  1. 1. Employee Benefit SolutionsUSI Insurance Services555 Pleasentville RoadSuite 160 SouthBriarcliff Manor, NY Focused on helping you stay one step aheadCopyright ©2010 USI Insurance Services. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. At USI, exceptional peopledeliver unrivaled employeebenefits solutionsWe field the best at every level of our organization. Fromindustry-leading specialists to client service professionals, wellwork alongside you every step of the way. We are hands-on,entrepreneurial, highly skilled and committed to helping youmanage costs and structure successful programs. Our peoplehave deep roots in the region with access to national and globalresources. Over decades, we have built trusted relationships withbusinesses and nonprofits throughout the region.We invite you to engage with us for specialized expertise,responsive relationships and a breadth of resources you wontfind anywhere else.
  3. 3. Creating Value forYour CompanySOLUTIONS FOCUSED ON YOUR ORGANIZATION AND INDUSTRYWe work with you as a partner and problem-solverto understand your needs, concerns and the uniqueconditions your organization faces.USI offers:Specialist knowledge and resourcesOur full repertoire of benefits and employee education tools will enable youto anticipate potential risks, contain costs and keep pace with legal changesand market conditions.Continuity and depth of relationshipsUSI’s consultative approach and consistent communication yield greatoutcomes. Our experienced consultants stay involved in client relationships,backed by a deep team of knowledgeable professionals and support staff.Access to exclusive products and competitive pricingWe’ve established relationships with many of our industry’s most highlyregarded insurance and investment providers. The result is access toproprietary products and competitive pricing with top insurers.Executive-level capabilitiesWe will structure executive benefits programs that provide the best fit withyour objectives. Our longevity, breadth of capabilities and strong relationshipswithin our business community make all the difference.
  4. 4. Employee Benefits ServiceshELpING CONTAIN bENEFIT COSTS TODAY AND IN ThE YEARS TO COmEWe offer strategic solutions to complex problems, addressingyour company’s needs for the long-term, including plan design,reporting, administration, compliance, voluntary benefit optionsand communication services.OUR STRATEGIC pARTNERShIpS, REpORTING AND pLANNINGYOUR SOLUTIONS Using timely information can help you competeIn today’s climate of rising healthcare costs, you for talented employees. Our benchmarking toolsneed a broker/consultant who has the knowledge help put your benefits and costs into perspective.and resources to support your company’s critical We provide regular reporting, renewal projections,employee benefits decisions. USI’s market leverage trend modeling and long-term planning.allows us to negotiate pricing, design superiorproducts and deliver preferred services to you and ADmINISTRATIvE SERvICESyour employees. You’ll also have access to select life,long-term care and disability insurance products USI’s strategic partners provide cost-effectivewith features, benefits and lower costs that you solutions to administrative duties that are time-likely wouldnt be able to find elsewhere. consuming and resource-heavy. Reducing your administrative and regulatory responsibilities can help improve productivity and boost employeeFINANCIAL AND CONTRACT ANALYSIS participation in your programs. We brokerOur analysts protect your commitment to your administration services that are flexible andemployees through detailed scrutiny of products scalable. These services include a variety ofand premiums. We examine underwriting practices tax-favored benefit programs, consumer-drivenfor fairness and appropriateness of rates and educate healthcare initiatives and administrative solutionsyou about the advantages and risks connected to to aid you in meeting regulatory requirements.each method of benefit financing. Periodic marketsurveys will ensure your plans remain competitive; CUSTOmIZED SERvICESongoing evaluations of insurance companies’financial ratings will give you the confidence that Our benefits compliance professionals arefiscally strong providers back your coverage. dedicated to keeping you apprised of compliance issues that impact your industry and business. Our team’s timely communications will help you stay abreast of fast-changing legal, legislative and market developments. Specialized tax form and report preparation will help you meet your legal requirements.
  5. 5. Transforming Data Into Compliance ResourcesDecision-Making Tools Improve Your ProductivityOur professionals scrutinize the data to ensure plans are innovative and Our specialists reduce burdensome administrativefairly priced. USI’s analytical work is unmatched in the industry; we astutely and regulatory responsibilities. These services arehone in on essential numbers, ratings and trends. At the end of a creative flexible and built to grow with you.and disciplined process, we make sound recommendations that resolvecurrent challenges and enable you to plan optimally for the future.FINANCIAL hOmEwORk REpORTING AND pLANNING, TOOLS ADDED CApACITY AND TACTICSUnderwriting Review – We analyze renewals and negotiate Technical Team – Informative newsletters and bulletins help you stay in stepfair and appropriate rate adjustments. Regular Reporting – Simple reports summarize with legal, legislative and market developments. your plan’s performance and trends.Market Review – USI’s periodic market surveys keep your Summary Plan Description – Your employees’ booklets will remain currentplans competitive. Renewal Projections – Interim estimates keep with important plan changes—reducing liabilities and frustrations. you informed and prepared.Funding Arrangements – Each method of benefit Annual Return/Report (Form 5500 and applicable Schedules) – We providefinancing is clearly spelled out–so you can make the Benchmarking – You’ll know how your benefits and signature-ready form preparation for timely and accurate compliance.right choices for your organization. costs compare to regional, national and industry norms. Client Community – Our exclusive web-based reference system providesVendor Financial Evaluation – We monitor your Trend Modeling – We project your future costs updates on laws and regulations, along with timely compliance companies’ financial ratings to ensure based on inflation and increasing utilization.their ongoing viability. Long-term Planning – To help you control costs, we design strategic three-to-five-year plans.CONTRACT & NETwORkANALYSIS CApAbILITIES Data Analysis – We perform “Deep Dive” reviewsDetailed Contract Review – In-depth policy reviews of plan utilization and trends to ensure efficiencyeliminate surprises. We recommend the best products and stability.and make sure you understand them.Network Disruption – Our studies ensure that medicaland dental networks will be able to reliably provide theaccess you expect.
  6. 6. Employee Education ServicesTOOLS ThAT pROmOTE kNOwLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDINGUSI serves as the communication pipeline for your benefit plans.Through media tailored to your needs, we support the relationshipbetween you, your insurance companies, and your employees.Our targeted communication tools and services will enable youremployees to understand, utilize and value your benefit programs.ACCOUNT mANAGEmENTService Calendar – Scheduled services and seminars make iteasy to stay on track.Implementation & Project Timelines – Timelines arecustomized to meet your goals.Legislative Compliance & Alerts – Timely newsletters reporton changes that impact your benefit plans.Peer Seminars – In-depth topics keep you currenton critical benefit and financial topics.Accountability – Day-to-day management and closecoordination with the HR teams.EmpLOYEE EDUCATION SERvICESEmployee Meetings – We work to create responsiblehealthcare consumers—and communicate your plan’s value.Benefit Summaries – Employees receive a concise overviewin a “reader-friendly” format.My USI – This web-based employee benefit portal is customizedfor your company’s brand. The site enables your employees to accessand learn about their full benefit package and is available 24/7.Quarterly Payroll Stuffers/Newsletters and Articles – Ongoingeducation services include payroll stuffers and newsletter articlesthat can be incorporated into your companys newsletter or as astand-alone publication.
  7. 7. Wellness ProgramsCUSTOmIZED pOpULATION hEALTh mANAGEmENT STRATEGIESThrough our proprietary Healthy Motivations program,USI provides all the necessary tools to effectivelychange behaviors and reduce medical cost trends.The Traditional strategies of cost-shifting and plan design changes to reduce overallcosts are no longer having an impact. Best performing companies are improving theirhealth care economics by developing long term strategies to reduce health cost trendsby keeping their population healthier. Through Healthy Motivations, employees willbe encouraged through incentives to make positive lifestyle decisions and actionswhich enhance the health and bottom line of businesses through improved medicaltrend, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.IdentifyOnce Healthy Motivations is implemented, employers determine the timeline and theprogression of the program. The first step is to identify the high- to low-risk populationin order to design specific programs to address modifiable behaviors. The HIPAAcompliant data can be used to identify gaps in care, leading cost drivers, work siteimprovements and medical and prescription cost avoidance.IncentIncentives are determined based on employees’ voluntarily participation in meetingbiometric standards that may include glucose levels, blood pressure, body mass index(BMI), cholesterol and tobacco usage. The program also may take into accountthe completion of a health risk assessment and a behavioral change questionnaire.Qualifications for the incentives are tracked and can come in the form of lower plancontributions, lower deductibles or other financial incentives.ImproveEach year, individuals can qualify for the incentives as targeted programs aredeveloped to address employees’ unique health needs and help them reach andmaintain various wellness goals. Healthy Motivations provides telephonic and in-person access to health coaching specifically designed around modifiable behaviorsand lifestyles in order to improve the overall health and productivity of youremployees.
  8. 8. Retirement Plan ServicesINDUSTRY LEADERShIp, ObjECTIvE ADvICE—AND OpTImAL SOLUTIONSFor more than 35 years, organizations have relied on USI to help their employeessuccessfully plan and invest for retirement. Our team of highly skilled professionalsprovides specialized expertise in plan design, administration, employeecommunications and investments. DEDICATED, RESpONSIvE pLAN ADmINISTRATIONINDEpENDENT AND ObjECTIvE CONSULTING RIGOROUS INvESTmENT SELECTION AND mONITORING pROCESS Our plan administration services deliver a complete solution with transparent pricing. You can expect full assistance in operating your plan.As an independent consultant, we provide objective We provide experienced consultation on plan design, compliance, industry updates and answers to your technical questions. Your dedicatedadvice on how to structure your retirement plan to best Our in-house investment analysts maintain ongoing service team will know you and your plan, firsthand. When you call with a question, a familiar voice will answer the phone and help you getmeet your needs and goals. Our consultative process monitoring of more than 6,000 no-load, no-transaction- right to the heart of the matter.helps you select from a broad universe of investment fee mutual funds. Using objective criteria, we screenalternatives, plan designs and administrative solutions. these funds to a short list of approximately 180 USIs Participant and Plan Sponsor websites provides comprehensive self service account access making it easy for you and your employeesOur full disclosure of all fees and commissions recommended selections, grouped by asset class. We also to obtain information, contact one of our representatives or read the latest industry news. Participants and plan sponsors can researchinvolved means you make informed decisions. construct a range of model portfolios, targeted to meet investments, review transaction history and make changes to their account. On demand reporting allows you to get instant access to investors’ diverse needs, goals and tolerance for risk. information regarding your plan and participants.INDEpENDENT ThIRD pARTY Our mutual fund screening procedure makes theCO-FIDUCIARY SERvICES INvESTmENT ADvISORY pLAN ADmINISTRATION EmpLOYEE INvESTmENT selection process easier for both plan sponsors and AND FIDUCIARY SERvICES SERvICES EDUCATION SERvICESAs a co-fiduciary, USI advises plan sponsors and participants. If maximum choice is desired, we cantrustees on how to meet Employment Retirement provide your organization with the full menu of funds, Investment program governance and Plan design and compliance consulting Employee investment education and adviceIncome Security Act (ERISA) “prudent management” plus a brokerage window permitting investment savvy outsourcingstandards. Our co-fiduciary process includes drafting an participants to buy and sell individual securities. IRS pre-approved plan documents and Comprehensive enrollmentInvestment Policy Statement, codifying the standards Investment committee education summary plan descriptions and education campaignsby which the plan will be managed, conducting ongoing EFFECTIvE EmpLOYEE COmmUNICATIONS Independent co-fiduciary Administrative outsourcing Targeted communication campaignsreviews of investment performance, evaluating fees, AND INvESTmENT ADvICEand assisting with the design and delivery of employee Fiduciary services and advice Daily valuation record keeping and Group investment education meetings USI works to raise your employees’ awareness ofcommunications. administration retirement saving imperatives—and heighten their Investment Policy Statement and program design One-on-one participant investment adviceRegulations such as the Pension Protection Act of appreciation of the options their plan makes available. Online plan sponsor information access2006 and innovations such as Target Date Retirement We provide hard copy and web-based materials designed Objective investment analytics Online self-service account access and reportingFunds can have widespread impact on your plan and to boost enrollment. Through group presentations, weparticipants. USI will help you make educated, rational educate participants on the importance of saving and the Manager search, selection and monitoring Trust, custody and benefit payment services Participant service call centerdecisions in response to these new requirements and fundamentals of retirement investing, emphasizing theinvestment approaches. principles of diversification as a guide to making prudent Quarterly risk and performance reporting Compliance and nondiscrimination testing Online investment research investment selections. One-on-one advice sessions are and planning tools "Watch-list" and fund replacement protocol Signature-ready IRS Form 5500 reporting also available for more personalized assistance. Model portfolio construction ERISA Section 404(c) compliance IRS Form 1099-R tax reporting mAxImUm FLExIbILITY IN pLAN ADmINISTRATION SAS-70 audited record keeping systems USI will help you select a service provider. We can also deliver a full-service bundled solution, utilizing our in-house administration capabilities, employee communications and providing recommendations and ongoing due diligence on investment options.
  9. 9. Executive BenefitspROvIDING bALANCEUSI can help your company address limitations within your executives’health and welfare benefit plans, such as limited insurance provisionsfor higher-compensated employees.wE hELp YOU STAY COmpETITIvETo enable your organization to reward and retain top management, USI offers consulting on every aspect ofexecutive benefit plans. We structure integrated wealth and risk management solutions, advising you on thefull range of supplemental and deferred compensation plans, benefit restoration strategies and other executiveperk programs.TARGETED ExECUTIvE bENEFITS STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL COmpANIESOur professionals closely monitor the changing legislative and benefits environment and its impact on yourprograms. Our consulting draws on peer benchmarking—the programs and services your competitors typicallyoffer their executive talent—and our knowledge of your business strategy. We work to understand yourcompany’s unique culture and style of doing business in helping you to determine the right balance of rewardsas a driver of success.ExECUTIvE DEFERRED COmpENSATIONUSI professionals can help you determine how a deferred compensation program or Supplemental ExecutiveRetirement Plan (SERP) will work within the framework of your company’s financials and business objectives. Weconsult with corporations on plan design, implementation and long-term management. We also create cash flowforecasting and modeling for executives, advising them individually on how much income to defer based on futureobjectives or anticipated long-term contributions from an employer fund.Our areas of expertise include:Executive Long-Term Disability Insurance Supplemental Life InsuranceWe design plans that meet executives’ unique For highly compensated executives, traditionalrequirements. Coverage may include non- employer-sponsored life insurance plans oftentraditional or high-risk occupations, foreign pose a cap that doesn’t match salary multiples.executives, foreign domicile and business USI can create a complementary supplementaltravel to places of unrest. Our plans also insurance plan to fill the gap.provide higher limits and proprietary pricingand products.Executive Long-Term Care InsuranceExecutive long-term care insurance canhelp executives protect their assets andindependence. We provide consulting, planimplementation and administration services.
  10. 10. USI is committed to excellence in COMMERCIAL SERVICESeach individual service we provide. Business Insurance Property, Auto and LiabilityWe are the largest, privately held Workers Compensation Suretynational insurance broker with over 80 Directors & Officers Liability Employment Practices Liability Professional Liabilitylocally-focused offices across the U.S. Risk Management ConsultingOur clients benefit from our unified Risk Assessment Advocacyapproach to managing financial Claims Resolution Employee Benefitsopportunities and risk. Health & Welfare Benefits Retirement Plan Services Executive Benefit Services Voluntary Benefits Business Resources Corporate Transaction Services Business Continuation PlanningWe can help you create value and manage risk in thebenefits, investments and insurance disciplines thatmatter to your organization. To learn more, please askyour USI representative.