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Brand You

  1. 1. S Casey Null: The Brand A Personal Branding Assignment for MCM 707
  2. 2. Casey Null S Columbus Native S Student at Franklin Unversity – Masters of Science in Marketing and Communications S B2B Account Coordinator at SBC Advertising S Hockey Nut S Ad Junkie
  3. 3. My Brand Today Hardworking S “Get it done.” S Work doesn’t stop when I leave the office S Blood, Sweat and Tears S Will outwork my competitors Hard Work by L. Arilar
  4. 4. My Brand Today Curious S Always looking for a better way to do things S Think outside the box S Challenge the status quo S Don’t restrict thought Isaac Newton
  5. 5. My Brand Today Current S Stay informed through current events S Keep up on the news to stay relevant S Read about the latest industry trends in marketing and communications News
  6. 6. My Brand Today Adaptive S Adapt quickly to overcome challenges S Constantly learning – even outside the classroom and office S Take cues from my surroundings, change behavior accordingly to preserve image Baby Yemen Chameleon by Thomas Will
  7. 7. My Future Brand Mentally Strong S Clear-minded S Mental toughness, even through adversity S Sometimes down, but never out S Critical thinking under pressure Michael Jordan
  8. 8. S I want to be the best at whatever I do S Strong will to win S Do what it takes to stand out amongst the competition S Business as a sport My Future Brand Competitive Usain Bolt Is A Legend, Wins Gold At London Olympics
  9. 9. S Hungry for success S Motivated by the reward that follows hard work and determination S Want to earn as much money as possible My Future Brand Driven Buyers of a Luxury House in Laguna Niguel Get a Merc Free
  10. 10. S Want to make the transformation from adaptive to innovative S Stay ahead of the curve S Change the market before the market changes without me My Future Brand Innovative Innovation
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