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Northwest Water Planning Alliance: A Fresh Approach to Water Planning


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Northwest Water Planning Alliance: A Fresh Approach to Water Planning

  1. 1. Northwest Water Planning Alliance:A Fresh Approach to Water Planning Presented For: Center For Neighborhood Technology February 4, 2011 Peter G. Wallers, P.E., CFM Chairman, NWPA TAC
  2. 2. Outline• What is the NWPA?• Background on the Formation• Goals and Benefits
  3. 3. • NWPA Represents o Groundwater and Inland Surface Water Communities o 79 Communities o 5 Counties o 1.4 Million People
  4. 4. Northwest Water Planning Alliance • Formed By IGA and Established in September of 2010 • Managed By 14 Elected Public Officials Representing the COGs and Counties • Voluntary Organization Dedicated to the Advancement of Intelligent Water Policies and Planning
  5. 5. The Ah Hah Moment! Estimated Dewatering of Ancell Unit Extended Pumping at 2002 Rates Partial Dewatering Complete DewateringDewatering of the Ancell Unit
  6. 6. Local Leadership • Metro West Council of Government o June 2008 Water Conservation Task Force Conservation & Education Exchange of Community Information Adoption of LMO-2 Annual Water Use Audit Form
  7. 7. Sub-Regional Planning• Joint COGs / Municipal Water Supply Planning Alliance Members• Joint COGs Planning Principles o Planning Areas have Similar Resources and Geographic Boundaries o Planning Group is Advisory and Comprised Primarily of Water Suppliers o Planning Shall Include Education o Utilize Existing Planning Initiatives
  8. 8. Northwest Water Planning Alliance Members• Barrington Area Council of Government• Lake County Municipal League• McHenry County Council of Government• Metro West Council of Government• Northwest Municipal Conference• DeKalb County• Kane County• Kendall County• Lake County• McHenry County
  9. 9. Goals• Education• Develop Policies and Plans That Support or Complement the Water 2050 Plan• Establish Consistent Standards and Reporting Programs For Our Sub-Region• Develop a Compendium of Water Resource Data Specific To Our Sub-Region To Advance Sub-Regional Water Planning
  10. 10. Benefits of Sub Regional Water Planning • Bottom-Up, Collaborative Approach • Municipalities and Water Suppliers Make It Work • Advances Water Policy on a Sub-Regional Scale • Creates a Replicable Model That Incorporates Strong Municipal Input
  11. 11. Questions? Peter G. Wallers, P.E., CFM President Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (630) 466-6700