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Who we are


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We introduce CNO University´s service portfolio, its challenges & benefits, besides our main leading team. Looking forward to serving you soon.

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Who we are

  1. 1. Who We Are
  2. 2. Services CNO University offers a complete & integrated educational service portfolio related to the concept of CNO – Chief Networking Officer , which we coined worldwide on Wikipedia • In-Company Training: • Speakings • Workshops • CNO Coaching • Interim CNO
  3. 3. Our program challenges our clients to face some relevant points: 1. Do you know CNO – Chief Networking Officer´s methodology 2. Do you act as CNO & have a BNM (Business Networks Management) team? 3. Do you really know who you are and where you want to get versus time? 4. Is your network well mapped out & segmented? 5. Do you know what is your ideal network? 6. Do you have a strategy to reach this ideal network? 7. Are you familiar with stakeholders management digital tools? 8. Have you defined a communicação with each stakeholder group? 9. Do you have well-established win-win relationships? 10. Do you have a clear action plan for both real & digital worlds? If you answered “no” to the majority of these questions, talk to us now Challenges Pré-Qualification
  4. 4. Benefits
  5. 5. • Multi-entrepreneur. Founder & CNO of CNO University • Also CNO of BCockpit, TEN Clube & CNO Cartoon • Defined CNO – Chief Networking Officer´s responsibilities on Wikipedia • Working experience at 3C Communications (Tele2 Europe) as Marketing & Sales Director Europe. Worked for Ceval Alimentos (Cargill Group) & Kanematsu do Brasil (Sojitsu) • Possess MBA/MBI from RSM Erasmus University, and Lato-Sensu about International Business from UFRJ/ECEX. • Academic background and professional experience in Foreign Trade and Technology Marketing • Certified Coach • International exposure in 25 countries • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish & Japanese (intermediate) Octavio Pitaluga LinkedIN profile
  6. 6. Contact Octavio Pitaluga Neto CNO University Chief Networking Officer Tel: +55 21 2235-8721 Cel: +55 21 9 8829-4933 Skype: octaviopitaluga