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The Best FREE Marketing Strategy


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One of the most productive ways to market your business for free.

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The Best FREE Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. One of a Kind FREE Marketing Strategy by: Cheryl J. Moses
  2. 2. Many internet marketers are aware of free marketing and freeadvertising, and why the results arent that great to say the least.One method that gets overlooked often is joint ventures. It is easilythe most neglected free marketing method available to onlineentrepreneurs.This is because many people are not ecstatic over the idea ofpartnering up in business. They may not want the attachment orcommitment.They may just be leery and have trust issues so they opt out of anytype of joint venture. Some joint ventures involve putting moneytogether, but this isnt the case for internet marketing promotion. Itsall about a great offer and sharing your email subscriber list.Joint ventures are beneficial because it provides referrals from othersellers, which means they trust you. People with a responsive list andcustomer base will not recommend offers from those that are nottrustworthy.Its a winning situation because not only are you growing yourcontact circle to include your venture partners consumers, you arealso gaining more trust from your venture partners list and contactsbecause he/she has recommended you. Once you gain trust, youwill have a responsive and dependable consumer base for a longtime.If you are considering doing a joint venture, do it the smart way. Thinkabout how you can triple your subscriber list from a list that is alreadyestablished. Clearly, this is why joint ventures are an advantage.Use this marketing method as an ability to gain new customers andclients. Make sure what you are offering is valuable to a specificcustomer base.The more appealing your offer is, the better chance you have in asuccessful venture. Ultimately, the better quality of your offers, themore people who will visit your site.If your venture is a success, look forward to more partnerships in thefuture. You can continue to expand your subscriber list.With each successful joint venture partnership, the quality of yourfuture partners will increase which is attractive to many top ©2013 Comma World Enterprises
  3. 3. marketers.As you can see, joint venture marketing can most certainly benefityou. The greatest advantage is that you dont have to spend a dimeto do this.Just being able to deliver valuable offers, will bring you muchsuccess in your business and internet marketing efforts.Three Tips on Finding JV PartnersFinding people to do a joint venture partnership with may seemharder than it really is. They are actually easy to come across.You can surely believe that many people would be willing to join andpartner up with you if the deal is right.The first thing you need to decide on is what you are looking for in apartner before doing your search.One of the best things you can do is be the type of person that youwould like to have for a partner. This will entail many different traitsof who you are, but two of them are more important than others.The first trait comes as no surprise, and that would be trust. You haveto be able to trust people and they need to know that you can betrusted as well.Nobody works with those that cannot be trusted. It just doesnthappen.The second trait is business importance. Your potential joint venturepartners will want to know that you are serious about doing business.If you have a blog, and only post once every couple of weeks, thenthats a sign that you are not serious.When people see that you are consistent, it makes them feel likeworking with you will be worth their time. No one wants to partnerwith someone who is lazy, and does not put effort into his business.Also, you definitely want to make sure you have an incentive to offer.There should be no flaws in your reputation in this matter.Quality products or services along with great customer service, isplenty. You always want to offer something of value that will have ©2013 Comma World Enterprises
  4. 4. customers coming back for more.When looking into doing a joint venture, look for credibility in yourpotential partners as well. It works both ways.Building relationships with people in your niche are essential whenlooking for joint venture partners. You can certainly find people inforums and on social media sites, but its always a good idea to getto know people before approaching them with an offer.Not every opportunity will be a great opportunity so be careful andonly work with people who want to work with you. If someone agreesto partner with you but goes off to do their own thing, doesnt seeminterested, or doesnt put in any effort, then it would be best to moveon.On the other hand, dont get too relaxed. Its not every day a greatopportunity comes along so its imperative that you stay alert and onyour toes to not miss an opportunity that would fit you perfectly.Its a good idea to make a list of all the qualities you are looking for ina potential partner. This will make it easier and you can narrow yoursearch. Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, and forums are some greatplaces to connect with people, ask questions, and feel them out.Ask as many questions as you want to all the answers you need tomake your decision. Ask about their customer base and subscriberlist, the amount of hours they work, their target audience, etc. Makesure you are clear about your offer and how it will benefit them.Joint ventures are a great way to use someone elses list to marketyour products to in a fair exchange.For additional information on internet marketing, networkmarketing, and blogging, please visit our site at ©2013 Comma World Enterprises