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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  Contact: Mark Horan                ...
“Our real advantage is the vibrant start-up culture we’ve nurtured here inMassachusetts,” said Carl Stjernfeldt, General P...
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kWhOURS	  	  	  	  	                 National	  Wireless	  	  	             RealityFrontier	  	  	  	  	  LG	  	  	  	  	 ...
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Mobile Scoping 05-13-11


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile Scoping 05-13-11

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mark Horan (617) 669 8340 MASSTLC STUDY SHOWS GREATER BOSTON’S EMERGENCE AS MOBILE POWERHOUSE Sector Now Employs 30,000 Workers at 400 CompaniesCAMBRIDGE, MA, May 13, 2011 – The mobile industry has quickly become one ofMassachusetts’ most formidable economic sectors, with almost 400 companies nowemploying some 30,000 workers, according to a study released today at the MassTLCSpring Meeting.The scoping of the industry, which was conducted by MassTLC’s Mobile Cluster,confirms that Massachusetts has created a mobile hotbed by combining its traditionalstrength in network communications with a surge of activity among youngentrepreneurs specializing in applications development.“This is the first time we’ve quantified what has become readily apparent to the mobileindustry – the Boston area is a world-leading wireless innovation hub,” said WaltDoyle, CEO of Where and a co-chair of MassTLC’s Mobile Cluster. “The energy in theBoston area is second to none.”Underscoring the entrepreneurial character of the environment, the study found thatmore than 80 percent of the mobile companies had fewer than 50 employees.Investment in Massachusetts local startups rose to 82 million dollars in 2010, a 40percent increase over 2009, according to data supplied to MassTLC by Rutberg & Co.,a leading wireless research and investment firm. Even more promising, Rutberg’sdata for the last twelve months suggests local mobile investments are on track todouble this year.
  2. 2. “Our real advantage is the vibrant start-up culture we’ve nurtured here inMassachusetts,” said Carl Stjernfeldt, General Partner at Castile Ventures and aMobile Cluster co-chair. “Young people in particular are naturally drawn to thistechnology and Boston has the advantage of a deep pool of youthful entrepreneurs.”The study also estimates that the sector is generating just under $540 million in sales.The mobile scoping report comes on the heels of a March MassTLC survey of itsmember CEO’s that predicted overall tech employment in Massachusetts would grow13 percent this year. In April, UMass’ “Mass Benchmark” study revealed that the statewas outpacing the nation in job creation and that the tech sector was key to thegrowth.“Based on the evidence we see, the tech sector is driving overall growth and mobile isdriving tech growth,” said Steve Krom, vice president and general manager of AT&Tfor New England and a Mobile Cluster co-chair. “The MassTLC Mobile Cluster will doeverything it can to support this mobile momentum.”MassTLC partnered with BostInnovation to create the list of 400 companies, and useddata culled from various public sites to estimate employee counts and sales levels.Rutberg & Co. supplied the start-up investment data.“Scoping the depth and breadth of our emerging sectors is critical to attractinginvestors, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled workers to Massachusetts,” said TomHoprcroft, president and CEO of MassTLC. “This research makes it clear that GreaterBoston is among the best places in the world to start and grow a mobile business.”The following is the list of companies identified in the study.1st  Works         AisleBuyer           Atlantic  Tele-­‐network      211me           Akamai           Audissey  Guides      3  B  Communications     Allfocus           Authentic  Mobile      Abhav           Ambient  Devices       Autocell  Laboratories      Accessplus  Communications     Ambient  Rings         Avaya          Acme  Packet       American  Tower         AvidMobile          AdelaVoice           Anam  Mobile       Axerra  Networks      Adme           Ankota           Ayantek          Adva  Mobile       Antenna  Software       Aylus  Networks      Aerva           Apperian           Azuki  Systems      Aes-­‐intellinet           Apple           Basho  Technologies      Airpath  Wireless       Appswell           Beatbox  Pad        Airprint  Networks       Ascendent  Systems       bni  video      Airvana           Ascio  Wireless       Beechwoods  Software,  Inc.    Airwide  Solutions       AT&T           Bellhawk  Systems  Corp      
  3. 3. Bentley  Systems       Connectivity           Getzazu          Bettawalka           CounterPath  Corporation       Go2  Media        Biorasis           Counterpulsation           Goby  Technologies      Biscom           Cross  Country  Automotive  Services     Gomez          Biskero           Cyphermint           Google  Cambridge      Bite  Mobile       Dataviz           Graywolf  Sensing  Solutions      Bitheads           DataXu           Green  Mountain  Software  Bitstream           David  Clark  Co       Groundhog  Technologies      Bitwave  Semiconductor       Dear  Panda       H&H  Software  LLC      Bluesocket           Delcom  Systems       Hea!lthrageous          Boundless  Security  Systems       Dexrex  Gear         Hello  Vino        Bradford  Networks       Dialogic           Heywire          BrainShark       Dielectric  Communications     Hiwired          Brassmonkey           Digirobotics           Homeland  Security  Wireless      Brewgene           Digit  Wireless       Hook  Mobile      Broadcom  Corp         Digital  Voice  Systems       Hooken  Mobile      Broadview  Networks       Digitas           HP  Procurve      Cadec  Global       Direct  Network  Services       HTC          Cadio           Docutemp  Wireless       HuddleHub          Caduceus  Wireless       Drync           Hummingbytes          Camiant           Echo  Therapeutics       I  Am  Hungry      Canberra  Industries       Electrochem  Solutions       iBasis          Captivate  Network       Ember           IBM          CardStar           Empower  Mobility       ID8-­‐Mobile          Celeno  Communications     Enlight  Solutions       Illume  Software,  Inc.    Cellular  Specialties       Enterprise  Mobile       Incelligence          Celtra           Envio  Networks       Infared5          Cerylion           Eplus  Technology       InfoGin          Chameleon  Network       Equilateral  Technologies       Instantnightlife          Checkbox  Survey  Solutions       Erallo  Technologies       Intel  Network  Systems      Chexout  Systems       Evertrue           Interact  Public  Safety  Systems    Chexplit           Exavera  Technologies       Internoded          ChoiceStream           FeedHenry           Ipowerapps          Cielo  Mobile       Figcard           Isabella  Products      Cisco           FitLinxx           Iscandit          Clearwire           FitnessKeeper           Izup          Codebroker           Fitnow           Jumptap          Coloci           Fluentmobile           KangoGift          Comhouse  Wireless       Foneshow           KaOoga!  Mobile      Comm-­‐tract  Corp         Footpath           Keisense          Comnav  Engineering       Froghop           Kiva  Systems      Comverse  Technology       Gam  Electronics       K-­‐nfb  Reading  Technology    Connected  Bits         Geolenz           KVH  Industries      
  4. 4. kWhOURS           National  Wireless       RealityFrontier          LG           Nellymoser           Red  Bend  Software      Liquid  Wireless       Nestor  Traffic  Systems       RedPint          LiveWire  Mobile       NetRC  Systems       Renaissance  Electronics    Localytics           NetScout  Systems       Research  In  Motion      LocaModa           Netversant  New  England       Ressen  Design      Locately           Newbury  Networks       Revolabs          LogMeIn           Nexage           Rocket  Farm  Studios      Lojack           Nextcode           SAB  Solutions      Long  Distance  Post  LLC     NextComputing           Samsung          Malleable  Devices  Inc.     NextTrain           Sand  9        Mcaddie           Nokia           SaveWave          Me  You  Health       Notepage           SavingStar          meblur           Nuance           Sayagle          Medtronic           Oak  Wireless       SCVNGR          Meltwater           OnePIN           Seafire  Mobile      MEMSIC           OneSimCard           Sendza          Meru  Networks       Onset  Technology       Shoptext          Microsoft           Oxy  Systems       Shopximity          Millennial  Net         Parallel  Cities       Sideband  Systems      Mjetz           Paycash  Mobile       SiGe  Semiconductor      Moaec           Peak  Networks       Single  Digits      Mobicious           Peekaboo  Mobile       Skycore          Mobile  Excursions       Pegasystems           Skyscape          Mobile  Software       Phandroid           Skyworks  Solutions      Mobilerobots           Pintley           Smart  Robots      MobileSphere           Pinyadda           SnapMyLife          Mobiola           Pipeline  Wireless       Sonus  Networks      Mobiquity       Pivotal  Satellite  Tech     Soundbite  Communications    Mobleo           Pliq           Sparkfish  Creative      Mobot           Pongr           Spectra  Access      Mocospace           Porticus  Technology       SpeedDemon          Modiv  Media         Profit  Tools         Spinwave  Systems      ModoLabs           Proliphix           Sponty          MoFuse           Proxim  Wireless       Spot  On  Networks    Monitise  Americas       Proxpro           Spring  Partners      Monotype  Imaging       Pyxis  Mobile       Sprint          MoreMagic  Solutions       QuantiaMD           Sproxil          Motorola  Mobility       Queralt           Survey  On  The  Spot    Moveable  Code         Quiet  Logistics       Survol          Mstyle           Radiospire  Networks       Swift  Mobile      mtiks           Raizlabs           Sycamore  Networks      Myvu  Corp         Rave  Mobile  Safety       SymTrend          
  5. 5. Synet           T-­‐Mobile           Veracode           Syniverse           Tom  Tom         Verdasys           SyntegraTech           TotalMobile           Verizon  Wireless       Talent  Beat         Trade  Wings         VGo  Communications     Tapatalk           Treedia  Labs         Vlingo           TapWalk           Trimble  Navigation       Voltree  Power         Tatara  Systems       TripChill           Voodoovox           Tekelec           TripCraft           Waav           Telcordia  Technologies       Trophos  Energy       WASP  Audio  Technologies     Telemessage           Ubiqi  Health       WHERE           Telepartner  International       Umber  Systems       Wherephone           Telescada           Unadilla  Antenna       WiTricity           Telstra           Unbound  Commerce       Wowize           Textaurant           Unbound  Commerce  Solutions       Texterity           Untravel  Media         XIUS           The  Sweeper       Unwired  Appeal       xMobilesolutions           Thickfuzz           Up  to  Date       XtremeAlerts           ThinkFlood           uReach  Technologies       zTrace  Technologies       Thinking  Phone  Networks     Vanu             Thinking  Screen  Media       Vazion           Tiverias  Apps         Vela  Systems      About The Mass Technology Leadership Council, Inc.The Mass Technology Leadership Council, Inc. is the only business association that addresses thecritical leadership issues of innovative technology and technology-enabled companies. Drawing on therich legacies of Massachusetts Network Communications Council, the Massachusetts Software Council,and the New England Business and Technology Association, Inc., the organization is dedicated tofostering entrepreneurship and promoting the success of companies that develop and deploytechnology across industry sectors. The Mass Technology Leadership Council conducts educationalprograms, hosts industry events, facilitates networking, sponsors research, advocates in favor oftechnology policies that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and competition, and recognizesindustry-leading companies and people. For more information, visit or