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Swagg Media Kit Final 1

  1. 1. + MEDIA KIT SWAGGMEDIASocial Networks ! Marketing Expertise ! Streaming Videos ! Technology, Music, News and More
  2. 2. WHO?+SwaggMedia is a technology driven media and marketing company, whichwas founded to create a new global communications infrastructure for thedelivery of the world’s information and communication services (i.e. voice,audio, video, data, streaming media) in an innovative yet universallyfunctional platform. SwaggMedia provides a wide range of internet servicesthat accommodates most online activities customized to suit the user. SwaggMedia.com operates as a web portal which provides contentincluding the latest news, entertainment, music, lifestyle and sportsinformation, as well as being a social networking site and offering voiceoperations, video sharing and streaming applications.! SwaggMediaMarketing is a forward thinking company which aligns technology,information, lifestyle and entertainment entities and delivers information toits end user in an easy and personalized manner.!! Created by music industry executive Craig Nobles and co-founded byprofessional athlete David West, SwaggMedia represents the evolution ofInternet distribution. SwaggMedia has built proprietary technology to launchits platform in the first part of 2010 that will be the one-stop destination fornews, commerce, social networking, original content and live streamingvideo. ! Users can purchase music, TV and movies, share their experienceswith their extended networks, watch live events and get up to the minuteinformation on all facets of pop culture. ! More than a website or portal,SwaggMedia will encompass a lifestyle, giving users across the globe accessto a limitless arena of information and communication.! “I like to think thatSwaggMedia takes the best elements of our competitors such as MSN,YouTube and Facebook and personalizes a destination by providingcontent, social networking, communication applications and video in aformat desired by the user.”!!SwaggMedia has evolved into multiple relateddivisions: SwaggMedia Technology, SwaggMedia Wireless, SwaggMediaAdvertising and Marketing, SwaggMedia Independent Music LabelDevelopment, SwaggMediaArtist Development and Merchandising,SwaggMedia Fashion and Apparel.! Divisions of SwaggMedia •!Swagg Wireless Network •!SwaggMedia TV & SwaggMedia.com Online Multimedia •!SwaggMedia Fashion & Apparel •!SwaggMedia Independent Label Development & Marketing •!SwaggMedia Out-Of-Home Digital Advertising •!SwaggMedia Music Industry Merchandising
  3. 3. WHAT?+ Craig Nobles, founder of SwaggMedia, began his twenty five year respected career as a music executive on the streets as a DJ. He worked his way thru the top clubs and events throughout Los Angeles and New York building relationships with artists, labels and promotional teams. Eventually Craig’s passion for music brought him to Sony Music where he learned every aspect of the music industry.! His personality being more of an innovator than a follower eventually took him on the entrepreneurial path.! He took the position of head of A&R for Grand Jury artists with major labels such as Interscope, Warner Brothers, and RCA to name a few. His responsibilities included A&R, Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Business Affairs, and Deal Negotiations on behalf of the artists which taught him the ins and outs of music marketing and artist development.! With the digital revolution in music and entertainment, Nobles saw the trend and decided to launch SwaggMedia as the digital solution for entertainment, music and communications. Already leading the arena in Live Streaming worthwhile events, Nobles has streamed MMA fights, Concerts, Charity tournaments, parties and more. SwaggMedia’s data base while still in its Beta testing phase is over 20 million. Under Nobles’ direction the company has already branched out into many different facets including fashion, wireless technology, advertising and marketing and label development.
  4. 4. WHY? +!! Be Different. !! Employ a differentiation strategy in its content and design structure that is original and distinct from the typical Pop Culture mandates (i.e. features, profiles, fashion, and reviews). Further, POP Culture’s Management Team proactively implements an ambidextrous strategy that simultaneously leverages emerging technologies (currently under-utilized by its competitors) in the promotion of the brand.!! Be Focused. !! Swagg Drives Demand !! When you work with Swagg you get demand-driving tactics that are as targeted as they are smart. Break down complex value propositions, define your overall business goal and identify the best ways to achieve it. We learn the process your customers use to make decisions. !! We construct a plan and develop messages that generate response and build the brand. Solutions include a mix of target segmentation; offer development, lead qualification and fulfillment. We integrate these tactics into a program that boosts the productivity of each one of your sales channels — both direct and indirect. We measure for success and respond as needed to keep driving toward the goal.!! Be Viral. !! SWAGGMEDIA has gained its considerable market share by employing “grassroots strategies with a millennium approach”; leveraging the power of Web 2.0 to facilitate its online digital marketing and distribution strategies.
  5. 5. + HOW?•! SwaggMedia.com and Online Multimedia: Utilizing the most innovative technologies combined with social marketing, this web portal connects its viewers with millions of other viewers and introduces them to original content, live streaming, music, news, and much much more.•! SwaggMedia Marketing: Utilizing member viewers, social networking, state of the art technologies to reach consumers with comprehensive viral marketing plan. Deliver messaging for product in viral environment.•! SwaggMedia TV: Original webisodes and content•! SwaggMedia Fashion & Apparel: Original line for men and women•! SwaggMedia: Digital Advertising: Let SwaggMedia create and advertising campaign for your product utilizing brand new technology and connecting to millions of viewers•! SwaggMedia Wireless Network: Providing connective services around the globe•! SwaggMedia Music, Label & Merchandising: Artist development and marketing
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  7. 7. WHERE?+SwaggMedia & Cover Model Amber Rose Launch PERSONA Magazine: Event to Kick Off New York Fashion Week LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- SwaggMedia & cover model Amber Rose launch PERSONA Magazine. Event to kick off New York Fashion Week. WHO: Hosted by SwaggMedia and Russell Simmons the evening will celebrate the launch of PERSONA Magazine with cover model Amber Rose. WHAT: PERSONA Magazine will speak to and reflect the thoughts and emotions of critical and creative thinkers of the current mixed generation. With the blues of urban angst and the hues of high fashion, the abstract greens and browns of the underground and eclectic purple sound of electronica, PERSONA Magazine is the prism that enables this generation to view a full spectrum of expression, from the collective conscience to individual awakenings. SwaggMedia has joined this venture to facilitate PERSONA Magazines vision not only through print, but also through multimedia distribution. As a new digital web portal with a world-influencing platform and innovative applications, SwaggMedia will join efforts with PERSONA Magazine to introduce the worlds newest fashion portal. SwaggMedia developed by Craig Nobles is the digital component used to deliver upfront and honest information pertaining to whats going on in pop culture globally--making SwaggMedia an international lifestyle brand thats committed to employing a differentiation strategy in its content and design structure.! WHEN: Friday, September 11, 2009 ! 7:00 p.m. MEDIA CHECK-IN ! 8:00 p.m. ARRIVALS/PARTY! WHERE: Griffin - 50 Gansevoort Street (between Greenwich & Washington)
  8. 8. Black Eyed Peas Honored At Charity Oscar+Event LOS ANGELES, February 24, 2009 Children Uniting Nations (C.U.N.)celebrated their 10th anniversary viewing of the Academy Awards at theBeverly Hilton on Sunday, February 22nd. The night was jam packed withcelebrities who united in support of foster children across the nation. Theevent was presented by The Hollywood Reporter, Swaggmedia.com and 93.5FMThe Beat radio station, which was broadcasting live all night long. The red carpet shined with celebrity attendees including Lauren Conrad,DJ AM, Taboo (from The Black Eyed Peas), Billy Baldwin, Lil Mama, JaneSeymour, Oscar Nunez, and more, all dressed in their Oscar best. The nightincluded high energy performances form the Jabbawockeez, Colby ODonis,Teairra Mari, Doug E. Fresh, Spinderella, Sophie B. Hawkins and the musicstylings of DJ AM. It was a night for everyone including actors, musicians, politicians,philanthropists and even world famous poker players. Jamie Gold, Winner ofthe World Series of Poker, donated his time and talent after forfeiting thechance to win $7 million in the LA Classic, to raise money and awarenessfor the charity by organizing a celebrity poker tournament and anincredible prize package that included a seat in the next World Series ofPoker and provided coaching by Gold. Founder Daphna Ziman commented on the evening, "It was amazing to mehow much support we were given this year from celebrities, performers andattendees that genuinely want to help our children in need. I am so verythankful of all those who support Children Uniting Nations and the childrenwe serve." C.U.N. also recognized their own award winners on Academy night,focusing on those who have given their time to work within the community.The Spirit of Life Award was presented to The Black Eyed Peas while otherspecial honorees include Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass andphilanthropist Cathleen Shera for their work in the community. Swaggmedia.com streamed the night and its performers live on theinternet while 93.5FM The Beat broadcasted their show live with interviewsand highlights of the night.
  9. 9. SwaggMedia.com Live Streams The Ball Up+Street Ball Tour 2009 Exhibition Game AgainstE-League From The Dub Car Show March22nd Los Angeles, CA -- SwaggMedia.com, the revolutionary & multi- functional digital web portal with applications that rival todays best web portals & a world influencing platform, announces today that it will live stream the 2009 Ball Up Street Ball Tours Exhibition Game in conjunction with the Dub Car Show and Concert. The Ball Up players will compete against the well known Celebrity E-League and some of todays most popular celebrities. The E-League roster of expected players includes: Cedric The Entertainer (Actor), Kevin Hart (Actor +Comedian), Desaun Jackson (PHIL. Eagles), Antwan Tanner (One Tree Hill), Steve Smith (NY Giants), Columbus Short (Stomp The Yard),Flex Alexander (One On One),Tank (Recording Artist),Brian White (Stomp The Yard), Harvey Mason (Music Producer),Bob Myers (Sports Agent),Chris Talbott (Agent), Jarod Einsohn (Actor),Arlen Escarpeta (Actor), Donald Faison (Actor) and Boxer- Manny Pacquiao. Ball Up launches its new tour and new brand of "street ball meets entertainment," this spring and tips off with this exciting exhibition game. The Ball Up Tour is a division of the new luxury and sports marketing organization, Ball Up LLC. The new LA based team already has many of the top players of street ball including: Sik Wit It, aka The PROFESSOR, AO, Bad Santa, Go Get It, Escalade, Special FX, Air Up There aka MR.720, Hawk, Violator, Spinmaster and Assassin. These players have earned huge respect of basketball fans around the Country as well as NBA players and celebrity fans. The Ball Up players are NBA competitive, some of whom have already played with the NBA while others are on their way to team trials. Ball Up is focused on providing the platform for talented players to become more recognized and provide opportunity to excel while giving back to the communities that support them .SwaggMedia.com focuses on keeping its viewers current and connected with the hottest trends and happenings around the world of Pop Culture. SwaggMedia.com is not only a portal of news, information, fashion and celebrity, but is its own media agency; covering news and entertainment directly and provideing original programming and content distribution. Recently Swaggmedia.com partnered with the Urban Network and Live Streamed their conference in 31 countries! CEO, Craig Nobles comments, " We are so excited that in this competitive market for content that in our soft launch stage we have been able to partner with such a strong entertainment entity as the Ball Up Tour. We know that millions of our viewers will watch and support this tour."
  10. 10. SwaggMedia.com Makes History by Live+Streaming TFAs MMA Fight Series!! April 25th Hurricane at the Hangar, TFA MMA Fight Live on SwaggMedia.com LOS ANGELES, April 25 -- SwaggMedia.com, the premier portal for entertainment, social networking and live streaming, will make history Saturday, April 25th by live streaming Hurricane at the Hangar presented by the Total Fighting Alliance hosted at the HAX (Hangar Athletic Xchange) in Hawthorne, CA. SwaggMedia will have multiple cameras around the arena to capture every movement and host one-on-one interviews with the fighters. The fighting begins at 5pm and the event will host meet and greets with the fighters and the fans. Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that incorporates various fighting techniques which was legalized in California in 2006. Total Fighting Alliance, TFA, is produced and hosted by Todd Meacham Promotions. The sport of mixed martial arts has grown to unforeseen heights. TFA is keeping modern mixed martial arts thriving in a place of prominence in southern California. Total Fighting Alliance was formed under the direction of promoter Todd Meacham, who has been involved in the Southern California mixed martial arts scene since the 1980s and enjoys great admiration from fighters and fans. President/CEO of SwaggMedia.com Craig Nobles discussed the upcoming event: "Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports and is extremely hot right now! We are excited to bring TFAs Hurricane at the Hangar to millions of viewers around the globe. SwaggMedias goal is to keep our cameras on the pulse of what is new, hot and in demand for our 15 million subscribers, and this event is sure to be hot!" HAX officially opened at 3203 Jack Northrop Ave. on Jan. 5 after about $10 million was spent transforming the old hangar into a professional sports training area. It has six basketball courts, a yoga studio and a weight room, among other amenities.
  11. 11. SwaggMedia Hosts Pre-VMA Bash with+NeYo; Celebrating 25th VMAs and NeYosVMA Nomination
  12. 12. SwaggMedia Streams Live at The Urban+Network Music Entertainment & MarketingSummit Swaggmedia, a multi-functional digital web portal with world influencing platforms and state of the art applications, announces today, they will be streaming live at the Urban Network Music Entertainment & Marketing Summit. Swaggmedia has become known for their live stream, covering high profile events such as the Hollywood Reporter and Children Uniting Nations Oscar Viewing Party and endless celebrity red carpet events.This years Urban Network Summit will take place on Saturday March 14th, streaming live on Swaggmedia.com from 9am-11pm PST. President of SwaggMedia, Craig Nobles, has been chosen as a speaker during the Streaming Thru Cyberworld panel, which will discuss getting music placed thru satellite, internet and cable. Nobles comment "Im extremely excited to be working with the Urban Network and looking forward to having Swaggmedia.com stream the event live online. This years celebrity guests will include Marques Houston, Rodney Jerkins, and many others. The night will conclude with a star studded Awards Gala honoring legendary Motown Records Founder, Berry Gordy.
  13. 13. “Children Uniting Nations” and Russell+Simmons’ “Hip Hop Summit Action Network”Partner in Nation’s Capital To MotivateChange For Child WelfareChildren Uniting Nations (CUN), one of the premier non-profit institutions working with at-risk youth recently announced its partnership with Russell Simmons’ “Hip Hop Summit Action Network”, heading into the 4th Annual “Keeping the Promise to our Children” conference in Washington DC. Set for June 9th, HHSAN president and historic civil rights veteran Dr. Benjamin Chavis held a key role in the new partnership‘s formation, which will be formally introduced through a morning press conference held at the House Capitol Building and the following conference with panel discussions in the famous Woodrow Wilson Plaza located in the Ronald Reagan Building. This year’s confirmed political leaders include former House Majority Leader Richard Armey, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Senator Evan Bayh, Congressman Dennis Cardoza, Congressman Joe Crowley, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Mary Landrieu, Honorable Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Adam Schiff, Senator Olympia Snowe, Senator John Kerry, Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Diane Watson, Speaker of Assembly Karen Bass and Senator Dianne Feinstein while others are confirming daily.Children Uniting Nations Chairwoman Daphna Ziman remarked, “We are proud to be partnered with such an exceptional organization like the Hip Hop Summit Action Network. As advocates for education, health and other societal concerns essential to the empowerment of the world’s youth, we couldn’t have found a better match for this year’s conference”. Russell Simmons, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Hip- Hop Summit Action Network, emphasized, “Children Uniting Nations is one of the most effective organizations of our time and our partnership will help to raise public awareness about the key public policy issues that are focused on empowering children to have a better quality of life. The “Keeping the Promise to our Children” Conference in Washington on June 9, 2009 will enable more people to make a real difference on these important issues.” Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President and Co-Founder of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network concluded, “We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with “Children Uniting Nations. Together we will help promote change in America and throughout the world in the interests of children. The opportunity to affect public policy and take action on behalf of millions of children is a welcomed challenge.”The entire event will also be streamed live on Swaggmedia.com, the leading web portal and social networking site with over 14million viewers.
  14. 14. SwaggMedia to stream the 3rd Annual+Charitabowl for the Peja StojakovicChildrens Foundation New Orleans Hornets forward Peja Stojakovic announced that on Thursday, Dec. 17, Peja will host his 3rd Annual "Pejas Charitabowl" fund raiser at the All Star Lanes in Kenner.In partnership with SwaggMedia, the Charitabowl event will be streamed online free of charge at SWAGGMEDIA.COM This will be the first time that Pejas Charitabowl will be available to fans globally. Thanks to the last years Charitabowl event we were able to help many children and their families by distributing books, food and refurbishing basketball courts. This is a result of the hard work of many people -- not just me," said Stojakovic. Proceeds from the bowling event will go toward Pejas "Courts for Kids", a continuing initiative of the Peja Stojakovic Childrens Foundation, aimed at promoting health and fitness education through the game of basketball. The project installs new basketball courts, refurbishes existing ones and distributes basketball equipment in economically disadvantaged areas of New Orleans, providing children with an opportunity to stay off the streets. "SwaggMedia is honored to be able to contribute to such a great cause. Technology is the future so the synergy was perfect," says SwaggMedia CEO, Craig Nobles.
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