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mobile texting and revenue

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Radio Promo Mobi M3 1

  1. 1. “Empowering yourMobile Experience”
  2. 2. The Next Communication Channel: Mobile Marketing and Beyond
  3. 3. WHO WE AREMobiM3 – mobile media & marketing is a full-service mobilemarketing agency that provides the following services:• SMS or Text Message Marketing• QR Codes (custom design)• Mobile Websites• Mobile Apps (Native and Web)• m-Commerce• Mobile Advertising• Proximity Marketing• Short Code Aggregator• Location-based Mobile Social Media
  4. 4. WHO WE ARE (continued)― MobiM3 partners with companies to provide a strategic mobile marketing plan to communicate brand or content to a mass audience, targeted group or individual that is designed to add value and to create a call-to-action or response to engage consumers while building customer loyalty.
  5. 5. WHAT IS MOBILE MARKETING― Personal engagement with consumers on their mobile devices, which provides o A Robust Lead Generation o Builds an Accurate and Current Customer Database o Company Branding o Creates a Powerful Customer Loyalty Program
  6. 6. MOBILE MARKETING BENEFITS― By creating an emotional bond between the customer & brand o Strong Delivery – Messages delivered instantly, 94% read rate o Easy to Use – Most interactions in one or two clicks o Instant Response – Coupons, Links and QR Codes acted upon o Creates database – Consumer opt-in o Customizable – Limited only by creativity o Tractable – Proven results of marketing campaign o Creates a Powerful Customer Loyalty Program – ongoing marketing efforts o Scalable – Can use several platforms, with room for growth o Cost Effective – Cost of Entry in the $, not the $,$$$
  7. 7. QUICK STATS55% of Americans between 18 and 24 years old have used a mobile phone to aid in their shopping process in the last year. - Retrevo Research Group, 2.11.10 According to technology research firm Gartner, by 2012 half of the U.S. Population, approximately 160,000,000 people, will have used their mobile devices to download coupons and make online purchases. -, 8.13.09
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing is a Game Changer• Text messaging is being used not only as a Promotional Tool, but also a Sales Tool.• What was once a cost center to advertise and market has now become a revenue center.• Mobile Marketing is a hit with Advertisers.
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Strategies• Run a contest prompting listeners to text your keyword to our short code for a chance to win free prizes and merchandise from sponsors.• Send a mass text message inviting your listeners to special events and appearances, showing their text message to gain free entry.• Announce a promotion to text your keyword to our short code to receive coupon for discount.
  10. 10. Promotional Tool – Here’s how it works RADIO / TV DISTRIBUTION ADVERTISING PRODUCTS Radio/TV – Announces promotion with a call to action (text keyword to short code) to win a prize or discount Advertising Sponsor – Provides the promotional item and/or discount and covers cost of campaign Distribution - Where the prize or item is redeemed via website
  11. 11. Sales Tool – Here’s how it works (continued) Return on Investment for Advertiser Locations Opt Ins Per Day Promotion Channels 1 2000 3 Redemption Average Transaction Cost Per Text Rate 7% $ 149.99 0.085 Days 14 Opt Ins 28000 Redemptions 5880 Cost $ 7,140.00 Profit $ 874,801.20
  12. 12. Revenue Share Mobile and Radio Station 1 RADIO PROFIT COST TO ADVERTISER $ 7,140.00 $ 446.25 PROFIT TO ADVERTISER $ 874,801.20 $ 54,675.08 TOTAL $ 55,121.33
  13. 13. ContactSwagg Media, IncCraig Nobles, CEO 310.722.5668 Contact mobiM3, IncTina LeBlanc, CEO 949.278.7299