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Radio Presentation Mobi M3 2


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Radio Presentation Mobi M3 2

  1. 1. presents
  2. 2. “Empowering yourMobile Experience”
  3. 3. The Next Communication Channel: Mobile Marketing and BeyondThe Rise of the Mobile Connected Radio Station
  4. 4. WHO WE AREMobiM3 – mobile media & marketing is a full-service mobilemarketing agency that provides the following solutions forprofessionals, merchants, non-profit and small businesses:• SMS or Text Message Marketing • m-Commerce• QR Codes (custom design) • Mobile Advertising• Mobile Websites • Proximity Marketing• Mobile Apps (Native and Web) • Short Code Aggregator • Location-based Mobile Social Media― MobiM3’s advanced mobile website builder, mobile app platform and SMS marketing platform – is a complete mobile marketing turnkey system that is entirely cloud based.
  5. 5. WHO WE ARE (continued)― MobiM3 partners with companies to provide a strategic mobile marketing plan to communicate brand or content to a mass audience, targeted group or individual that is designed to add value and to create a call-to-action or response to engage consumers while building customer loyalty.― What makes us different from other mobile marketing companies is, MobiM3 strategically plans, creates and manages all our Clients mobile marketing campaigns so that they can concentrate on what’s important – running their business. However, those Clients who like to DIY (do- it-yourself), our various technology platforms will allow You the capabilities to do so.
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing 101― Mobile Technology o A Robust Lead Generation o Builds an Accurate and Current Customer Database o Company Branding o Creates a Powerful Customer Loyalty Program o Premium Short Code
  7. 7. QUICK STATS55% of Americans between 18 and 24 years old have used a mobile phone to aid in their shopping process in the last year. - Retrevo Research Group, 2.11.10 According to technology research firm Gartner, by 2012 half of the U.S. Population, approximately 160,000,000 people, will have used their mobile devices to download coupons and make online purchases. -, 8.13.09
  8. 8. 90% of the US Population Uses SMS/Text!279,896,101 people in the US engage in this communicationEveryday in the United States Nielsen 2011• 31% of US mobile subscribers have smartphones.• There are 228 million mobile phone users age 13 and up in the US.• The US has 83.2 million mobile phone web users.
  9. 9. The Greatest Advantage of Mobile Marketing• Reach your audience anytime, anywhere, anyplace.• 84% of all consumers keep their cell phone on and with them 24 hours per day.• 94% of all text messages or push notifications are opened and read.The New York Times called mobile marketing "the most powerfuladvertising medium of all time."
  10. 10. Advertising is where the game is changingfor Radio Stations• Text messaging is being used not only as a Promotional Tool, but also a Sales Tool.• What was once a cost center for a radio station has now become a revenue center.• Its a hit with programming, sales and more importantly, advertisers.mobiM3 – mobile media and marketing “empowering yourmobile experience."
  11. 11. Key Benefits of our Mobile Marketing Systemfor the Radio Broadcast Industry• Run a contest prompting listeners to text your keyword to our short code for a chance to win free prizes and merchandise from sponsors.• Increase two-way communication between your station and the listeners with message forwarding and API integration allowing them to send in song requests, contest answers, feedback, and more.• Send a mass text message inviting your listeners to special events and appearances, showing their text message to gain free entry.
  12. 12. Key Benefits of our Mobile Marketing Systemfor the Radio Broadcast Industry (continued)• Send Premium SMS and Text Sweepstakes, mobile coupons.• Segment your listeners into multiple groups by demographics, favorite music genres, and more.• Send traffic updates to specific subscribers with a targeted sponsor tag at the end of each message.• Add our customizable signup widgets on your website and Facebook page to build your list of subscribers, and much, much more!
  13. 13. Promotional Tool for Radio Station• Radio listeners want to o Enter contests o request songs and dedications o obtain station play lists o vote on content o Receive up to the minute news• Offer your listeners o Exclusive contests, sweepstakes, prizes o ‘text’ line for requests and dedications o Weather & traffic updates o Entertainment, sports, or current event news bulletins, o Information on school closings, community emergencies o or anything else you can imagine.
  14. 14. Promotional Tool – Here’s how it works Build Your Own Databases on Air! KJLH Now can receive your Shout-outs, Song Requests, and take your comments by Text! Just send a text message to the phone number 72727, and in the message type KJLH. KJLH Tell us what song to play next! Reply With your comments or Shout outs to this message! See our mobile site at Each DJ can create their own databases
  15. 15. Promotional Tool – Here’s how it works Then Blast to the Growing Database of People andRemind them to Tune-in for upcoming events and much more! = Increased Ratings
  16. 16. Sales Tool for Radio Station• Sales Rep is selling their Advertisers with SMS text programs, mobile landing pages, and mobile apps o an interactive text promotion to the on-air commercial. o Account executives are getting in on buys where they were once shutout. o Others are gaining additional market share on the buy by bundling spot buys with a station text message campaign.• Teaming radio with text message programs drives new sales and profits and gives spot sales a shot in the arm. Enter for a chance to Win Tickets!• It engages listeners and gives your advertisers Text SWAGG to 72727 immediate results.
  17. 17. Sales Tool – Here’s how it works Two Ways to Generate Revenue• Sponsorship by Advertiser for Your Marketing Campaign to Your Listeners o Create a database for Advertisers to send out promotions o Include sponsorship on advertisement through text message, mobile website or landing page, mobile app• Sell Mobile Packages for Profit o Mobile is a way to add value to your radio spot ads and close more deals by offering a text message campaign, mobile website or landing page, and/or mobile APP
  18. 18. Sales Tool – Here’s how it works (continued) Example of SMS – Text Message Packages Example Campaign One-time Package Plan – per Included Messaging Package Pricing Set-up display & Keywords Base $99.99 Set-up $49.99 per month Includes 500 msgs Base Plus $199 Set-up $149.99 per month Includes 2,500 msgs Premium $299 Set-up $299.99 per month Includes 5,000 Msgs
  19. 19. Sales Tool – Here’s how it works (continued) Text Message Return on Investment Sample Locations Opt Ins Per Day Promotions Per Month 20 200 4 Redemption Rate Average Transaction Cost Per Text 12% $ 5.00 0.075 Annualized Increase in Months 1 3 5 Volume Opt Ins 120,000 360,000 600,000 Redemptions 57,600 172,800 288,000 Cost $ 36,000.00 $ 108,000.00 $ 180,000.00 Profit $ 252,000.00 $ 756,000.00 $ 1,260,000.00 $ 10,836,000.00
  20. 20. SummaryMobile Marketing for Radio• You want to communicate with your listeners Right?• You want to bring in extra revenue...Right?• You want to help your advertisers...Right?• You want a better experience for your listeners...Right?With mobiM3 mobile marketing program for radiostations, mobiM3 is the answer. With localadvertising down significantly each media outletmust come up with new and exciting alternatives tobring in revenue as well as get their advertisersresponse. By adding in mobile marketing to yourmix, can help!
  21. 21. ContactSwagg Media, IncCraig Nobles, CEO 310.722.5668 Contact mobiM3, IncTina LeBlanc, CEO 949.278.7299