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Pp Deck 073010

  1. 1. “This is one to keep an eye on... It’s that kind of smart acting mixed with breezy writing that keeps it above the fray of similar roommate setups.” —Marc Hustvedt,Tubefilter News
  2. 2. ABOUT • A sly and intelligent episodic comedy • Shot in the style of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm • An official 2009 Webby Award Honoree for Best Writing • A built in loyal cult following on nearly every continent in the world • Extremely low budget but surprisingly high production valueCentered around three college-aged roommates, their friends and siblings, Poor Paul follows the lives of JUSTIN, who is annoyingly smart, CLYDE, a quirky neat-freak alcoholic, BONNIE, Clyde’s adopted sister who has her eyes on Paul, and PAUL, who lives vicariously through his video blog and disappears into hilarious, outrageous fantasies whenever life gets too stressful.The show stars Kevin G. Schmidt (Unnatural History, Cheaper By the Dozen 1 and 2, Butterfly Effect, Youngand the Restless, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel), Samantha Droke (Princess Protection Program,Eastwick), Zack Bennett (The Last Hurrah, Last Call, Down the PCH), and newcomer Wes Whitworth.Supporting the young and talented cast in Special Guest Appearances and Recurring Roles are Richard Riehle (Office Space, Grounded for Life), Guillermo Diaz (Weeds, Half Baked, NBC’s Mercy), Elaine Hendrix (TheParent Trap, Joan of Arcadia), Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15, I Know Who Killed Me, Greek), Mandy Jiroux (TheMiley and Mandy Show), Palmer Scott (Nip/Tuck, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job) The Pussycat Doll’s Kimberly Wyatt and Sharon Case (The Young and the Restless) to name a few.POOR PAUL is an Eye Scream Films production, created by Sean Michael Beyer, Kevin G. Schmidt, Geoff Hoff,Steve Mancini and Zack Bennett.
  3. 3. THE PRODUCTIONVOYEURISTIC LIKE REALITY TELEVISION, Poor Paul will be designed with built in interactivity and immediacy. And, because it’s fiction, it would have a shelf-life that Reality Television doesn’t. • Web interactivity built in with behind the scenes web feeds • A moderated chat room, live during the initial broadcast of each episode • Voting will only last for an hour after the initial episode airs assuring viewers must tune in DETAILSPRE-SHOW BUZZ: As the series is being filmed, we will create a buzz with the fans by opening up a regularly scheduled live, behind-the-scenes web feed with interactive capabilities. In these feeds we’ll be careful to tease but not give away plot points for future episodes of Poor Paul. Fans can interact with some of the actors and behind-the-scenes people as they set up to shoot scenes for the show.DURING THE RUN: In a chat room, adjacent to the episodes, fans can talk about the given dilemmas. Members of the cast and/or behind-the-scenes people will be available to interact in this chat room from time to time - providing a unique promotional opportunity. Viewers will feel they have access to the actors, directors, writers, etc. As shows like Battlestar Galactica have shown, fans love to be able to interact with the creative teams. (left to right) Zack Bennett, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Kevin G. Schmidt
  4. 4. CAST & PRODUCERSKEVIN G. SCHMIDT (Co-Creator, Producer, Star) Formerly best known as the son in the blockbuster Cheaperby the Dozen films, currently stars in the Cartoon Network’s first-ever live action series Unnatrual History. Kevin’s resume includes many notable television hits from dramas such as CBS’ NCIS and Without a Trace to quirky comedies like HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and USA’s Monk. Kevin also found success on the big screen. In addition to the Cheaper by the Dozen films, Kevin co-starred with Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect and most recently starring in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Kevin made his directorial debut on, The Alyson Stoner Project, an instructional musical/fitness hybrid that uses the latest dance moves to get the body moving and celebrity interviews to help educate today’s youth. TheAlyson Stoner Project DVD is the first in a series. With an acting career that continues to flourish, Kevin is excited to create his own opportunities as he expands creatively into other disciplines with his writing, directing and producing. While most of his contemporaries are still deciding on a college major, twenty-one-year-old Kevin G. Schmidt is already begun his producing career, starting with Poor Paul.ZACK BENNETT (Co-Creator, Producer, Star) Zack Bennett left high school at sixteen and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dream. Within less than a year Bennett was cast in his first lead role in the dark drama Down the P.C.H., (written & directed by Poor Paul’s Sean Michael Beyer). Following production of PCH, Zack was cast in numerous national and regional commercials, feature films and a guest spot on UPN’s Half & Half. At nineteen, he landed his second lead role, in the light-hearted, character-driven comedy The Last Hurrah, due out in theaters in 2010. Taking on the title role of Paul has been an acting “dream come true” for Bennett and, with the diverse amount of characters and situations, he’s excited for Poor Paul’s future.SEAN MICHAEL BEYER (Co-Creator, Producer, Director) Beyer originally supported himself performing singing telegrams and dressing as cartoon characters for children’s parties, before moving to Southern California from the small Northern California town of Grass Valley in 1989. Beyer created his production company Eye Scream Films in 2000, producing a number of award-winning projects, including the Callous Sentiment segment of the feature Visions of Horror, winning awards for his editing and sound design work; Rapid Guy Movement a short speed dating spoof short, picked up by MTV’s Logo Network; and the music video Pain for the group Four Star Mary, which aired on MTV and M2 in Europe for many years. 2005 marked his feature film writing & directorial debut, with the intense drama, Down the P.C.H. starring Guillermo Diaz (Weeds, Half Baked, NBC’s Mercy), Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap, Joan of Arcadia) and Lin Shaye (There’s Something About Mary, Detroit Rock City) picking up worldwide distribution, all while being made for a mere $40,000! His second film, Resurrection Mary starring Poor Paul’s Kevin G. Schmidt, Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland and character actor Richard Riehle (Office Space, Grounded for Life), is based upon the famous Chicago Urban Legend, and is also available worldwide through Anchor Bay Entertainment. Recently, Beyer took on editorial duties and produced the behind-the-scenes featurette for the campy thriller “The Telling” starring Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison, best known as Playboy’s Girls Next Door, inking distribution with Sony Pictures.
  5. 5. CAST & PRODUCERS continuedGEOFF HOFF & STEVE MANCINI (Co-Creators, Writers, Producers) have been writing together for over eleven years. They met while writing for the episodic stage play, Tony Mack’s Swingin’ L.A., which ran for a year and a half at the world famous Miceli’s Restaurant’s Basement Cabaret in Hollywood. It won best Cabaret in LA in Los Angeles Magazine yearly survey and was chosen comedy pick of the week by the L.A. Weekly. Hoff and Mancini created an on-line satirical serial called Weeping Willow that garnered fans worldwide. The first fifteen installments were published in a book called Weeping Willow Volume One: Welcome to River Bend that Writer’s Digest called “A uniquely funny book” with “scathing satire, hip references to just about everything under the sun, and a cavalier disregard for the conventions of traditional fiction.” Having originally published WeepingWillow online, the next logical step was working with the new media of online narrative video, hence, Poor Paul. Along with their many other writing ventures, Geoff & Steve are in development on a motion picture project with Sean Michael Beyer called The Actual World, a parody of reality television. They were 2009 Official Webby Award Honorees for Best Writing for Poor Paul.JUDD LAURANCE (Writer) A seasoned professional, Laurance has been working in Hollywood for many years. He has appeared on iconic television series including The Brady Bunch, The Six Million Dollar Man,Adam-12 and The Mod Squad, to name just a few. Behind the scenes, he has worked extensively as a dialog and acting coach on series such as The Young and the Restless, The Hogan Family, Cybill and numerous others. His clever writing skills caught the attention of Poor Paul producer / creator Kevin G. Schmidt when they worked together on the aforementioned Young and The Restless and the rest they say, is history.
  6. 6. WEB STREAM ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIESPOTENTIAL VIEWERSHIP: • 33+ million patron databaseCOMMERICALS: • :30 and :60 pre / post-roll spots available (4 per hour)ADJACENT BANNER SIZES: • Full Banner (468 x 60 pixel) • Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixel) • Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixel) • Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixel) • Button (125 x 125 pixel) • Vertical Banner (120 x 240 pixel) • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixel) • Square Box (250 x 250 pixel) • Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixel) • Small Rectangle (180 x 150 pixel)OVERLAY BANNER OPPORTUNTIES: • Description of Overlay Banners
  7. 7. TITLE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES• HEIGHTENED VISIBILITY through product placement designed for over one million impressions.• YOUR COMPANY LOGO on all advertising material, website, posters, handbills, magazine advertising, TV commercials and radio (where appli- cable).• BANNER DISPLAYING your company’s logo placed in high profile area at any events.• SPECIAL THANKS at the end of each episode.• LINK & LOGO on the Official PoorPaul.com website• COMMERCIALS Two :30 second spots on PoorPaul.com• CUSTOMIZED POTENTIAL Any suggestions on how to best endorse your product throughout an episode or in other venues will be enthusiastically considered where possible.
  8. 8. PRODUCT PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIESThis sponsorship category offers companies focusing on brand awareness throughmarketing product, product samples or other promotional items. The writers oftenreference sponsored products within the scripts and can customize and often men-tion a product specifically within an episode.Examples of proposed product sponsorship include: • CLOTHING (T-Shirts / Baseball Caps / Jackets / Shoes, etc): This is an excellent opportunity for direct view of your branded product worn by cast members. • ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Can be used by cast members and/or appear on the set, often throughout the entire season. • PERSONAL ITEMS • HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS • BEVERAGES / FOOD • MUSIC PLACEMENT / SOUNDTRACK: An artist’s music can be part of the show’s soundtrack as well as a cast member could potentially show a CD or other visual of the artist and their music, as well as wear T-shirts or other related promotional items. Following the release of the season, the artist’s music could also be included in a separate soundtrack release.
  9. 9. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIESSTREAMING SPONSORSHIP: • Official sponsor and provider of the streamed live event • Online Viral Promotion to a 33+ million client database • 2 :30 commercials and 1 :60 commercial every hour during the streamBANNER SPONSOR: • Web presence on streaming website, during the live stream • Link and Logo the PoorPaul.com website
  10. 10. CONTACT CRAIG NOBLES 310.722.5668 Craig@SwaggMedia.com www.SwaggMedia.com