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Interactive One Presentation


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this is how the cube can work for your company

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Interactive One Presentation

  1. 1. + The INTERACTIVE ONE SwaggMedia Player The Communications Mega Hub
  2. 2. + What is the InteractiveOne Swagg Media Player?   Its your Total Communications Platform   It allows for total Assertive reach   On Web   On Desktop   On Mobile Device
  3. 3. + What does the Interactive One Swagg Media Player do?   FullyIntegrated Social and Secure Content Distribution System   Incredible New Interactive experience   Real Time Content Streaming   On Web, On Desktop, On Mobile = Top of Mind   Assertive Reach   New Revenue Po$$ibilitie$   Unique Channel Engine
  4. 4. + Why Interactive One Swagg Media Player?  Recentreports show people spend more time on their computers than watching TV  Oftheir computing time only about 40% of that time is spent on the web  What about the other 60% of computing time?  TheBrowser-less attributes of the Interactive One Swagg Media Player allow for reach and access 100% of users computing time without disrupting their other computing activities!
  5. 5. + Interactive One On Web   Where most companies create On Web walk outs as their total product, we use it as a teaser of what's to come Off Web. Click Through Interactive Web Walk On to opt-in to Off Web Experience
  6. 6. + Off Web (On Desktop) After Opting in from the On Web walk out. User has the ability to stay in touch with Interactive One and their favorite artist without ever having to go to the web ever again. No matter what they are doing on their computer they can still have a non-interruptive experience with Interactive One
  7. 7. + Example Off Web Work on Spread Sheets, Word Documents, Real Estate Software or any of the many things that we have to do during our work day and still have access to non-intrusive and non- obtrusive Opt-In, Interactive content from Interactive One
  8. 8. + More Examples Off Web Artists Channels transform the Interactive One Swagg Media Player into custom looks and feels Use your Interactive One Swagg Media Player for complete off web communication and Top of Mind interaction
  9. 9. + More Examples Off Web Have access to all features of the Interactive One Swagg Media Player no matter what you are doing on your computer A users favorite Artist can be allowed to come out on the desktop and Interact with the user whenever the user wants
  10. 10. + On Mobile   Users favorite Artist can walk right out on their Mobile Device.   Live Stream Pay Per View Content direct to Mobile.   Android   BlackBerry   iPhone
  11. 11. + Interactive One Swagg Media Player Features End-User Features and Functionality • Chat via Text/video • VOIP Calls • Chat from CPU to Mobile or web • On-line Profile Page to mobile • Embed-able in many social profile • Upload Video pages • Record Video • Deploy on the desktop for • Update your other social sites BROWSER-LESS functionality • Search for members • FREE full-feature channel up to 25 • Search for content opt-in subscribers • Import your contacts • FREE video conferencing up to 5 • Create public or private chat people rooms • FREE large file transfer (Up to 2GB - • Watch TV via Hulu API Additional services available for a • Send/Receive Twitter Tweets nominal per-use fee) • Access Facebook, YouTube, • FREE Live Video Broadcast MySpace and other social sites from within the interface
  12. 12. + Interactive One Swagg Media Player Channels Channels are branded destinations within the Interactive One Swagg Media Player network and on the Interactive One Swagg Media Player itself. The channel system can be provided to all Interactive One Artists. Each Artist will have access to all of the features and functionality within the channel. When a Channel is selected from within the Interactive One Swagg Media Player the Interactive One Swagg Media Player changes its look completely to that Channel. When that Channel is closed the Interactive One Swagg Media Player spins back into its original look and feel. The features and functionality included with each channel are:
  13. 13. + Interactive One Swagg Media Player Channels   Subscription and Subscriber management   Media Distribution (Photos, Videos and Audio   Database Management Files... with a zero-tolerance piracy policy)   Contact Import   Live broadcasting   Full integration with existing social networking   Content management sites   Merchandise and Downloadable content sales  Embeddable on Social Networks   Self-Managed Advertising Sales   Full Analytics for on-and off-web interactivity   Advertising Management System   Coupon generator example only:   Desktop and Mobile Alerting system for assertive marketing
  14. 14. + Interactive One Swagg Media Channels Examples:
  15. 15. + Interactive One Swagg Media Player User Preference Panel   Users of the Interactive One Swagg Media Player will be able to set their preferences of how, where and who can have assertive communications with them.
  16. 16. + Interactive One Swagg Media Revenue With the TOP of Mind assertive attributes of the Opt In Channels engine, there are a plethora of Revenue Generation Opportunities:   Merchandising   Subscription   Advertising   Pay Per View Events   Pay Per Download   Etc…
  17. 17. + Getting Started   Is Fast   Is Easy   Is Integrated   Is Ready to Go   Is On Web, On Desktop and On Mobile   Is NOW!!!!!!!