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Craig nobles 2013-1


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I am a entrepreneur with over 20 years management experience in the entertainment industry including 10 years in digital marketing,live events with full spectrum product management marketing Strategies.Currently, I am looking in a new direction with new ideas and brand new affiliates in marketing, distribution and piracy control, whether it be music, movies, videos, books, games, etc.The distribution channel for movies and music has changed causing the industry to lose billions because of unofficial downloads. One division, PCT Technology, specifically addresses piracy control issues. You can learn more by review at You will see how we are marketing a effort to combat and control piracy.With mobile device statistics on the rise we have positioned ourselves to incorporate mobile technology into our business model We provide a complete turn-key system, the technology as services to push advertising, marketing, promotions and loyalty programs directly to targeted audiences via mobile phones, allowing us the ability to set-up a distribution channel/store to increase sales, promote new products or services, encourage repeat business, generate revenue and the ability for the consumer to charge to their wireless carrier bill.With the mobile platform capabilities ( Augmented reality, QR Code, digital watermarks, SMS/test messaging, mobile site builder, mobile appbuilder, m-commerce, mobile billing, mobile ad network, location base social media and more) along with co-op marketing with new creative distribution programs,NTR,D2C,Ecommerce, ad agencies and the piracy control technology in place, it is very exciting for me to be a part of the transition.

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Craig nobles 2013-1

  1. 1. Craig A. Nobles Owner of SwaggMedia
  2. 2. Once a DJ in Los Angeles, the California - bred music mogul’s journey began in 1973 entertaining the likes of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Contributing to some of the most popular events in and around Greater Los Angeles, Craig Nobles fell in love with music as a DJ and began developing relationships with artists, promoters, and executives alike. Craig Nobles was determined to get the respect from the industry his remarkable talent deserved, all while fine tuning his skills in the areas of marketing, sales, A&R, publicity, and promotions. Joining Grand Jury Productions, Craig Nobles balanced his daily duties as A&R, Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Business Affairs, and Deal Negotiations on behalf of Grand Jury artists with major labels such as Interscope, Warner Brothers, and RCA to name a few. Currently Craig Nobles holds the title of Founder & CEO of SwaggMedia, Inc. operates as a web portal which provides content including the latest news, entertainment, music, lifestyle and sports information, as well as being a social networking site and offering voice operations, video sharing and streaming applications. SwaggMedia Marketing is a forward thinking company which aligns technology, information, lifestyle and entertainment entities and delivers information to its end user in an easy and personalized manner. has had its finger on the pulse of technology and entertainment for decades. Fusing his experience in music and entertainment with technology – Craig Nobles has teamed up with Hip Hop Super Stars, Rock Bands, and partnering with some of the most influential brands to date. The internet music marketing boom has been growing exponentially for two main reasons, one of which stems in artists themselves being more involved in their own marketing efforts and secondly the growth of social media outlets including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and music blogs alike. On the forefront of this trend is SwaggMedia whose platform is about connecting listeners to unique content with premium technology. Craig Nobles,’s founder commented, “The future of music is a combination of technology teamed up with the artist to provide immediate and continuous content. provides just that, an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with their music, products and interviews from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their cell phone.”
  3. 3. Produced Events   Past streaming clients include: Peja Stojakovic and the 3rd Annual Celebrity Charitabowl, TFA MMA Fight, Ball Up Tournament, 2010 Gridlock NYE featuring Adam Lambert, Pam Anderson, and Shayne Lamas, MTV VMA Pre-Party hosted by Ne-Yo, and many others.
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  5. 5. Contact   Craig Nobles   Email –    424-603-1231   Websites –          