22 Ideas for Summer Fun From Pinterest!


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Make the most of your summer with these fun ideas from Pinterest! Get inspiration for recipes, parties, travel, crafts, DIY, books, beach, camping and more!

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22 Ideas for Summer Fun From Pinterest!

  1. 1. 22 Ideas for Summer Fun from Pinterest! Be sure to make the most of your summer months with inspiration from Pinterest. From backyard barbeques to pool parties to vacations, Pinterest can inspire you to discover new ways to have fun! by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
  2. 2. Maximize Your Summer Fun with Pinterest!
  3. 3. Pinterest Guided Search  Whether you're looking for fun for yourself or ways to keep the kids entertained this summer, you can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest.  Use Pinterest Guided Search to help you find fun pins to repin and boards to follow. Create your own boards based on the suggestions of Guided Search.  See, Pinterest Guided Search – A New Path to Pinspiration! for more information about Pinterest Guided Search.
  4. 4. Search for “Summer” • When you search "Summer" you'll see suggestions including: o Kids o Toddlers o Teenagers o Couples o Crafts o DIY o With Friends o Outdoor o Games • Explore any and all of these to get inspiration for summer fun!
  5. 5. Party Ideas  The fun has just begun when the summer starts!  Plan a summer party for your family, friends, neighbors, kids, or anyone else you want to invite.  Pinterest has plenty of ideas to help make your party fun and memorable.
  6. 6. Night Time Bowling  The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun sets. Try night time bowling for a change! Pin via Stacy Rawlins
  7. 7. Tap Your Watermelon! Pin via Hairspray and HighHeels
  8. 8. Frozen Water Balloon Chillers Pin via BuzzFeed
  9. 9. Inflatable Pool Cooler Pin via Carly Bisgrove
  10. 10. Summer Recipes  Even if you don't feel like cooking in the summer heat, you can still enjoy tasty treats.  Try these fun and tasty summer recipes that are easy to prepare.
  11. 11. Fruit Kabobs  Make these fruit kabobs that are healthy and colorful: Pin via Stacey Diels
  12. 12. Patriotic Cupcakes  Dress up your cupcakes with fruit: Pin via Lisa O'Neill
  13. 13. Magic Potion  Add color to your drinks with a Magic Potion! Pin via Megan Paddock
  14. 14. Campfire Cones  Try this new twist on a cone: Pin via Kourtney <3
  15. 15. Get Barbeque Ideas! Pin via Pine Cones and Acorn Blog
  16. 16. Camping Ideas  Spice up your camp food! Pin via BuzzFeed
  17. 17. Easy Trash Bin  Use a collapsible laundry hamper to hold your trash bags: Pin via Candace Campbell
  18. 18. Get Summer Travel Ideas from Pinterest  Get inspiration for future destinations or just dream about places you want to visit someday...
  19. 19. Visit the Far East Pin via Nancy Higgins
  20. 20. Try a Caribbean Holiday Pin via Mary Winchester
  21. 21. 20 Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Travel Pin via Darren Abelman
  22. 22. Summer Fun List!  Create a Summer Bucket List to make your dreams a reality.  Make one yourself or get the family together to create a list of adventures, crafts, parties, recipes, travel and other fun stuff you want to do this summer.  Need ideas? Pinterest has plenty!
  23. 23. Summer Bucket List Pin via PB Teen
  24. 24. Fun Summer Ideas Pin via Kimberley Hersey
  25. 25. Summer Beach Reads  Looking for a good book to read on the beach this summer? Let Pinterest be your guide!
  26. 26. The Summer’s Best in Beach Reads Pin via Chris Williams
  27. 27. 12 Beach Reads for a Perfect Summer Pin via Emily Paige
  28. 28. The 5 Book Summer Reading Guide Pin via Modern Mrs. Darcy (Ann Bogle)
  29. 29. Summer Quotes for Pinspiration!  Still need to get in the spirit of summer? Check out these quotes for inspiration.
  30. 30. Time at the Beach Pin via Sally Lee by the Sea, LLC
  31. 31. Flip Flops Pin via Rafaella Mays
  32. 32. Let the Sea Set You Free Pin via Jessica Lea Dunn
  33. 33. More at The Wonder of Tech!  What are your summer plans?  Have you been inspired for summer fun from Pinterest?  Share your thoughts at The Wonder of Tech!  22 Ideas for Summer Fun from Pinterest!