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Presentation final


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Published in: Education
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Presentation final

  1. 1. • State of federal depository libraries• Causes & Affects• Outcomes• University of Maryland, College Park in 5 years• Conclusion
  2. 2. GPO DLC Space FDLP LibrariesConsortia Patrons Budgets
  3. 3. • Money• Space• Technology• Public demand• Employee
  4. 4. • Changing depository status• New partnerships• Rebellion
  5. 5. • ASERL vs GPO• Michigan & Minnesota• Senatorial FOIA requests
  6. 6. GPOTitle 44 FDLP DLC Consortia
  7. 7. Government informationis and always will beimportant.How we use, view, collect,and retain them willchange…
  8. 8. • Libraries must rely on their own resources• FDLP must evolve to survive
  9. 9. • Strengthen ties with vested parties• Communicate• Collaborate• Be patient• Every mistake is an opportunity to improve
  10. 10. Throw away all of the rules…Why are governmentdocuments not usedmore?Are they truly not beingused?Why are all governmentdocuments a separatecollection?Would it make more senseto integrate somematerials into thecirculating collection?
  11. 11. … use the technology of today