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  1. 1. KENYA
  2. 2. Languages Kenya is a multilingual country. The official languages are Swahili and English. There are actually a total of 62 languages spoken in the country These mainly consist of tribal African languages as well as a minority of Middle-Eastern and Asian languages spoken by descendants of foreign settlers (i.e. Arabic, Hindi, etc).
  3. 3. Religion differences Kenya: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, indigenous beliefs 10%, other 2%. UK Protestant 1.2%, Roman Catholic 8.6%, Muslim 2.4%, non religious 50.7%Kenya is a lot more religious than the UKWhy is this?Most Kenyans interweave native beliefs into a traditionalreligion due to The Kenyan Constitution guaranteeingfreedom of religion
  4. 4. Cultural differencesGreetings: Kenya Men greeting men – A handshake (sometimes multiple hand clasps in sequence) is the most common form of greeting. Often the hands remain clasped for a few minutes while speaking. Depending on their familiarity, men may greet other men with a handshake or a handshake with a hug. Women greeting Women –A handshake is appropriate in most situations. Good friends and family will usually exchange a kiss on the cheek along with a hug. Greetings between Men & Women – A handshake is the most common form of greeting. It‟s usually best for men to allow the woman to offer her hand first. Good friends in some areas may kiss both cheeks when greetingNote: “Jambo?” (“How are you?) is usually said immediately prior to ahandshake.In the UK, there is a lot of freedom as to how you greet someone.
  5. 5. Tourism. Kenya vs UK There are on average 26.8 million overseas visitors to England in one year There are on average 1.5million overseas visitors to England in one year
  6. 6. Historic Events In Kenya there a lot of disastrous historic events. For example; 1998 August - Al-Qaeda operatives bomb the US embassy in Nairobi, killing 224 people and injuring thousands. More than 200 people were killed when al-Qaeda bombed the US embassy in Nairobi 1999 - Moi appoints Richard Leakey to head government drive against corruption. 2001 April - Leakey appears in court to face charges of abuse of power and perverting the course of justice.
  7. 7.  In the UK there are more positive historic events. For example; In 2012, London was the host for the 2012 Olympics 2003 Englands rugby team won the World Cup, beating Australia 20-17 in a nail biting final in Sydney.
  8. 8. Attractions in Kenya „THE BIG 5‟
  9. 9. Attractions in the UK There are lot of theme parks in the UK. This differs from Kenya as Britain has a greater economy and so we can afford these attractions whereas Kenya has to depend on their natural environment, e.g. The Big Five, to attract tourism.
  10. 10. Sports Stars: UKOlympics- 2012 GB team: there was 541 athletes that took part. This differs to Kenya as we can provide training facilities to develop a persons sport.
  11. 11. Sports Stars: KenyaOlympics - 2012 49 Kenyan athletes took part in 2012 Olympics. There are so little because Kenya cannot provide the suitable training grounds due to lack of money. It is evident to see that most Kenyans run because you don‟t need buildings to train
  12. 12. Music in KenyaPopular music• The guitar is the most dominant instrument in Kenyan popular music.• Guitar rhythms are very complex and include both native beats and imported ones, especially the Congolese cavacha rhythm; music usually involves the interplay of multiple parts and, more recently, showy guitar solos.• Lyrics are most often in Swahili or Lingala, but are also sometimes in one of the indigenous languages, though radio will generally not play music in one of the "tribal" languages.• Partially from 1994 and wholly from 2003 Kenyan popular music has been recognised through the Kisima Music Awards. A number of styles predominate in Kenya including Benga and Reggae have separate categories, and a multitude of Kenyan artists are awarded each year
  13. 13. Dance in Kenya: Main danceKamanu Dance Kamanu is a native dance of the Meru people of Eastern Province of Kenya. It is a cultural dance performed by men and women during happy occasions especially courtship ceremonies. Costumes used are of strong colours with massive and colourful ornamentation and jewellery especially on women. Major accompaniments include a blow whistle, leg rattles and bushbuck horn.