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Rebecca eggeling the complete guide to be a successful monarch


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Rebecca eggeling the complete guide to be a successful monarch

  1. 1. The Complete Guide to be a Successful Monarch
  2. 2. ContentsPage 1 ~ RelationshipsPage 2 ~ Keeping Law in OrderPage 3 ~ Leading the Army Page 4 ~ Control and PowerPage 6 ~ Making MoneyPage 7~ Choosing a wife
  3. 3. Relationships To be a successful leader one has to build strong relationships with the important figures around them. A good relationship with the Pope and Barons is compulsory. The Pope Do not make the same mistake as some monarchs have made before such as King John. King John argued with the Pope and the Pope excommunicated him and threatened to do the same to all his soldiers. Do notargue with the Pope as it can lead to many problems. One must not follow in the footsteps of King John as it will lead to failure. The Barons To earn the Barons trust, one must reward the Barons and listen to theiradvice. If one does this the Barons will be forever in one’s favour and will obey the King. If one does not do this the outcome is reversed. The Barons will rebel against the king and will not provide an army. King John made this mistake and had to raise the taxes to afford an army. This was very unpopular with the people. Keeping Law in Order
  4. 4. To keep law in order you can build lots of castles. With the law, one’s countryhas rules to follow and is run smoothly. If people disobey the rules then there are consequences. King Henry VIII made a rule that if someone obeyed the Pope and nothimself they would be punished. A popular punishment was to be hung, drawn andquartered. The criminal would be hung then would be pulled open and then cut in to 4 pieces. This happened to Richard Whiting who was accused of robbery. The people would watch the victim being tortured until death. They came to see a good show. The torture was seen as entertainment as well as a punishment.
  5. 5. Leading an ArmyA Great King is expected to be a good soldier. The people want a leader whocan lead his army into battle. If a King managed to capture part of Francethen he was seen as a hero. The people want a courageous leader who encourages his men.Henry VIII was a brave leader and is seen as a great King. In the battle of Agincourt, Henry fought hard when it looked like he would lose and then he won. This is why he is still remembered as a hero. King John on the other hand preferred to pay his soldiers to fight and forhimself to not fight. Some people thought he was a coward and he was regarded as a vain character. This is not the type of leader one wants to be.
  6. 6. Control and Power Every King seeks for power. However, one should be the King for the people and not himself. It is seen as greed if the King appears to be too interested in his power. The leader you still have control over the people. A way to keep power is to have lots of castles because you have control over the land. If enemies come then you can fight back easily.Although Henry VIII is considered as a hero he did make some mistakes. Oneof them was that he sold all the monasteries which was good because he got all their riches. Although, he sold all the land and therefore didn’t have complete control over the land.
  7. 7. Making Money To fund ones country you need lots of money. Some ways of doing this is by, Raising Taxes Selling Land Selling Riches By raising taxes one can get lots of money, though that is unpopular with the people. King John made the mistake of raising the taxes too high. The barons didn’tprovide an army for him so he needed to pay people to fight for him. To gather allthis money, he had to raise the taxes. He raised them so high that he almost had half the gold in England which was very unpopular with the people. Another way of getting money, is selling land. Although this is a goodsource of money, it is bad because you lose lots of land and castles. This makes you less powerful and less prepared if enemies attack. A Wife
  8. 8. The last part of a successful reign is finding a wife. One does not want a wife thatis too powerful as she could overcome the King. Of course, you need a wife that can give birth. Without a relative to take the thrown, someone distantly related would have to become the new King. Henry VIII had 6 wives. His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, only gave birth to dead babies or babies that died early in their childhood. Henry VIII thought God was punishing him for marring Catherine who was his brother’swidow. He then divorced her and married Anne Boleyn. Anne gave birth to girls alone and Henry thought that a man had rule so he executed Anne. Henry VIII had another few wives before he married Jane Seymour who finally gave birth to a boy. Henry was then satisfied. UnfortunatelyEdward, Henry’s son died in his teenage life. When Henry died it meantthat one of his relatives had to take the thrown. What Henry didn’t know was that it didn’t have to be a man to rule.
  9. 9. By Lady Rebecca Eggeling Year Eight A. BennettCertified by Queen Victoria: Price: 20 Shillings