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Internet marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Internet marketing

  1. 1. Why you Need Internet Marketing<br /><br />Internet Marketing,also calleddigital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing, or e-marketing, is an upcoming trend in today’s business environment. In a business world where everyone relies on a brand on the basis of its presentation and publicity, one cannot risk to lose a consumer who is capable of spending big bucks for the brand.<br />As the standard of living has risen, so have the necessities. These necessities used to be indulgences earlier, when the resources were limited. But now even those indulgences have taken a vital role in our lives. The shortage of time with the consumers has driven everything to the internet. Need groceries? Go online. Return tickets from UK? Go online. It is like Internet is the only bond that connects a man to a man.<br />Then how, in such a digital scenario, can one afford to risk one’s brand’s reputation by not being as alive and participating? Virtual consumers now have their virtual ‘shopping carts’ in which they load the virtual versions of their necessities and make real payment through PayPal or similar web payment modes, and the commodities of the virtual shopping cart are delivered shortly to one’s home in the real form! Wonderful, isn’t it?<br />Such is the magic of Internet Marketing. Online consumers have a very small attention span. When they know that there are thousands of options available if one presses the ‘Back’ button once, it becomes bothering to continue the page.Onlinemarketing is a strategy that that employs the same principle. In order to prompt a user to keep reading one’s page, there must be the perfect content, the right pictures and the accurate programming. Only after having a complete checklist of these points, one can claim to be an online business house.<br />Internet Marketing is a quite naïve concept if the history of the business world is to be reviewed. It was only after the advent of Google, 13 years back, that the Search Engines came to life and started showcasing the popular links. But what made those links ‘popular’ was the response of the ordinary users. The more they clicked on a webpage, the higher it rose in the search results. But the riddle has been solved now. What ‘actually’ makes theselinks ‘popular’ is the correct strategy that must be followed if online success is coveted.<br />The consumers across the world have a tendency of pursuing the following pattern, when shopping online:<br />Google-> Enter Keywords-> Hit Enter-> Click the first!<br />Thus,justmaking a website and sitting assured about the upcoming sales is not going to work. What is needed is to grab the sight of the viewer, to make one’s presence felt and that too, effectively. That is what Internet Marketing professionals are paid to do. These days, Search Engine Optimization is coming up as a mammoth industry, whose purpose is to lift the clients’ web pages and placing them before the eyes of the users. A power that can turn a ‘viewer’ into a ‘consumer’ is what one must look ahead for!<br />