Introduction for how to evolve to a Sales Enablement System


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An important trend happening today across BtoB companies is the need to move from random acts of sales enablement to a sales enablement system that supports profitable revenue growth. This presentation introduces what it takes to make this happen including:
- Define a clear definition of sales enablement that is aligned to your business
- Understand your buyer and seller, the sales and buying processes, and how messaging is delivered
- Understand current market drivers that has changed marketing and sales
- Understand the four key elements of a sales enablement system
- Assess current level of SE maturity for your organization and the expected payback for moving to a SE system

At the Sales Enablement Group we work with our clients to strip away the complexity of sales enablement allowing our customers to focus on the growth of their business.

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Introduction for how to evolve to a Sales Enablement System

  1. 1. Sales Enablement Group Driving Profitable Revenue Growth
  2. 2. Sales enablement defined: Why sales enablement  With Sales Enablement in place, enablement roles that span departments communicate more effectively and are aligned to enable efficient and effective sales advisors that deliver higher win rates, increased deal size, reduced cycle times while improving the buying experience.  The sales message model illustrates how SE proves itself every hour of every day, in conversations between the messenger (sales and customer facing roles) and buyers
  3. 3. Problem with current approaches to SE: information & messaging overload for sellers and buyers
  4. 4.  Retaining and growing revenue comes at a cost. Forrester Research estimates support costs to be $135k per quota carrying sales rep Sales enablement is in place today: for many, random acts of sales enablement  The next time you hire a new rep or add a channel partner ask yourself: is the foundation in place to enable their success in a reasonable time period and in a cost effective manner?
  5. 5.  Challenge to sustain revenue while enabling revenue growth Why sales enablement has become a priority: business execution  Buyers are smarter, requiring that sales be smarter  Seller and buyers suffer from the same “information overload” and “random acts of enablement”  New products built organically or obtained through M&A introduce new “random acts of enablement”  Investments in traditional sales portals and CRM has yet to deliver effective and efficient selling  Without an effective SE system in place for direct sales, difficult to replicate success to enable indirect channel sales  And finally, given competitive markets, need to start the journey to put in place an SE system to compete and grow in a repeatable way
  6. 6. Game changers driving the way companies market and sell  #1: Smarter buyers and how sellers become relevant  #2: SE resources and tools find sellers and buyers, anywhere  #3: Social selling and real-time sales enablement  #4: Generating profitable revenue through a SE system
  7. 7. Buyers are smarter, sales must be smarter and play a role earlier in the buying process as advisors
  8. 8. What is the SEG Sales Enablement System: a methodology that defines the people, process, content and technology required to successfully improve sales Executives understand there are basically two options available to grow their markets as well as to respond to a shift in the market demand: 1. Restructure and/or replace people 2. Change the system used to scale and enable people to sell The SEG Sales Enablement System enables repeatable revenue growth and provides a way to respond to changing markets
  9. 9. People: skills to succeed in sales today as a trusted advisor
  10. 10. Process: understanding the smarter buyer and improving the buying experience
  11. 11. Content: understand market and buyer types will shape sales enablement and content
  12. 12. Technology: To fully mature how sales enablement is delivered, must understand the overall revenue enablement system which illustrates how people, process, content and the entire technology stack (including CRM & MA) aligns to the buying process
  13. 13. Why best in class vendor services provide real improvements in the way organizations sell – custom built solutions don’t scale or improve SE maturity
  14. 14.  We have learned from well over 100 SE deployments that effective enablement requires alignment and ultimately corporate-wide support Systemize SE: a framework to improve  “Systemize” SE using a framework and SE Maturity Model  Get started with a 1 or 2 day SE Maturity Workshop
  15. 15. Deployment of an SE System Starts With 2 Day SE Assessment Workshop With 6 Exercises  #1 - Identify business strategies addressed by the SE System and determine focus areas like on-boarding sales staff  #2 - Assess four elements of a holistic SE System and perform gap analysis  #3 - Review what’s required to systemize and make processes repeatable  #4 - Discuss the game changers that have redefined marketing and sales today  #5 - Create a model that aligns people, technology and content to the buying process  #6 – Develop a plan for climbing the SE System maturity model™ to maximize the investment in SE
  16. 16. With the Sales Enablement Maturity Model™ in place, an organization has a detailed roadmap to improve sales enablement initiatives and grow revenue
  17. 17. Example assessment questions for SE Level 1
  18. 18. Payback for climbing the SE Maturity Model
  19. 19. Sales Enablement Group: what we do  We help our clients grow revenue by assessing their current enablement maturity and putting in place a sales enablement system to effectively and efficiently scale the organization
  20. 20. Advisory and Consulting Services  Perform SE maturity workshop (1 or 2 days) to deploy a complete SE System and maturity framework  Create SE System model and technology requirements  Create a business case for investing in sales enablement  Advise on how to respond to 2014 market “game changers” that are redefining marketing and sales
  21. 21. Sales Enablement Group Experience  SEG founders have been instrumental in the growth of several start-up companies, including two that became successful public software companies and one venture backed SaaS firm that was acquired by a public software company in 2011  SEG’s experience includes over 100 sales enablement deployments from emerging technology companies to global leaders, including CDW, Motorola Solutions, Thomson Reuters, Omniture, TransUnion, Infor, NetApp, NBA, Zimmer, LodgeNet, NetIQ, and others
  22. 22. Contact Information Craig Nelson Founder and Principal Sales Enablement Group 952-226-1524