Sales Enablement Group Backgrounder for Partners


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Describes what Sales Enablement Group provides, what makes SEG unique and an email template to introduce a 2 day sales enablement maturity workshop to assess a customer's sales enablement maturity and get started with a plan for success.

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Sales Enablement Group Backgrounder for Partners

  1. 1. Sales Enablement Group Backgrounder for Partners SEG and Sales Enablement System Maturity Workshop Introduction We partner with the Sales Enablement Group, a leader in sales enablement advisory services, to help customers evolve from random acts of sales enablement to a repeatable Sales Enablement (SE) System using a proven approach and model called the Sales Enablement Maturity Model™. To give organizations a jump start on how they deliver sales enablement today, we adapt our proven SE System using a two-day workshop to meet the unique needs of the customer. Customers who take the SEG Sales Enablement Maturity workshop can see a 20-40% reduction in new sales staff ramp-up time, 20% increased pipeline for new product, and increased win rate and average deal size – all while reducing costs associated with enabling and supporting sales. Why Sales Enablement Group? As sales enablement market pioneers, the Sales Enablement Group has first-hand experience in more than 100 sales enablement deployments – ranging from emerging companies to global leaders. What is a Sales Enablement System? A Sales Enablement System is a disciplined approach to deliver sales enablement in an effective, repeatable, and measurable fashion. Further, it’s about ensuring that the crossfunctional group that provides enablement is aligned on what is required for each of the four elements that make up Sales Enablement: people, process, content, and technology. Why Systemize Sales Enablement using the SEG Sales Enablement Workshop? Customers who take our workshop achieve stronger alignment between marketing, sales, and other departments that enable sales, realize faster sales enablement maturity, and put in place a foundation for scaling the business in a profitable way. What is the Sales Enablement Maturity Model™? The Sales Enablement Maturity Model™ serves as a framework to evolve the maturity of how enablement is delivered. With the SE maturity model in place, customers have a detailed roadmap to gain organization alignment and focus, deliver results, and promote continued improvements of SE initiatives. What Makes SEG Unique? Only the Sales Enablement Group offers the Sales Enablement Maturity Model™ as a way to mature and move away from delivering random acts of sales enablement.