The e volution of books


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This presentation was part of our ISTE SIGMS Forum shared by Anita Beaman, former high school librarian and now professor at Illinois State

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  • It seems like everything is on-demand these days – movies, music, audiobooks. Even our students are on-demand – on demanding a new type of library services that many school libraries aren’t ready to offer.
  • How do we offer library services to a generation like this? Obviously, libraries have to evolve….and so do our books. While librarians, like Mother Nature, might have the patience to wait thousands of years for change, kids are looking for…
  • Instant gratification In books just like everything else, young people want what they want, and they want it now: whatever, whenever, wherever. And if school libraries can’t meet those needs, we’ll be extinct. In an instant.
  • Scary thought? But wait - is that such a bad thing? Some of you might be old enough to remember some of the earlier phases in this evolution, but I’m not! I’m pretty excited to be witnessing what could be one more step toward the survival of the fittest. After all, what could be more fit than reading?
  • Librarians are a little slow to see the science behind the change, however. According to SLJ’s annual technology survey, 43% say buying ebooks is not a priority and 9% say they won’t do it. Add in the 13% with no budget, and that’s 65% who aren’t evolving! And you know what that means for them….
  • So let’s get serious. In simple terms, natural selection is about the organisms with the traits best suited to survival surviving, right? Variations develop in inherited traits that help organisms adapt to new environments. It’s a whole new world out there in terms of technology, so it’s definitely time for books & libraries to adapt. Ebooks offers us some new variations on inherited traits of libraries that many of us don’t even realize can evolve.
  • We’ll start with what’s really important: how ebooks can make our jobs easier…
  • One trait many libraries share is a tendency to accumulate print books that really need to be weeded! (Many of you may have inherited more than this trait, you may have inherited this very library?) Weeding your ebooks is easy! No need to weed due to lack of space, and you can be much more lenient about circulation. Get rid of those titles with out-of-date information by just clicking delete!
  • Many libraries (or, um, librarians) lack the ability to effectively discard weeded books. I mean, what do you DO with all those old books, anyway? With ebooks, it’s easy – they go to that great cyberspace junkyard, where they don’t take up landfill space, don’t keep spreading inaccurate information AND they won’t attract the attendtion of the janitor, leading to their mysterious reappearance on your desk tomorrow morning.
  • Overdue books can be epidemic in some schools! But the ebook evolution comes with a cure. When the computer checks books in automatically, there are no more overdue books.
  • Even the best school librarians have to sleep sometime. But our virtual library doesn’t! Ebooks are available 24/7
  • Ebooks also allow us to expand our services to students that are typically beyond our reach. We’re constantly thinking of ways we can expand and improve our services to the students right in front of us. But what if we could evolve to serve the kids who don’t even come through the library doors?
  • Worried that teens don’t read? They read online. They’ll read ebooks, if only because they can read them on their phones. Some new books (ebooks or print) even have apps teens can download to enhance their reading experience.
  • No need to look for a bookstore – visit the library’s website and download more books! You’ll never even have to leave the beach
  • Can’t carry everything you want to read? Ebooks don’t weigh a thing!
  • Eliminate their boredom! Ebooks let a homebound student browse and check about books from your library even when they can’t come to school.
  • Got to finish that book, even if it is past bedtime? With some ereaders, you won’t even need a flashlight!
  • Finally, ebooks, along with other web 2.0 tools, allow us to connect two huge parts of our job: reading and technology. Reading isn’t just between the covers of a book anymore.
  • The first step in the evolution of school libraries requires our idea of ebooks and ereaders to evolve.
  • Almost every student has access to an ereader either at home or at school. Because these are all ereaders.
  • And not all ebooks have to come from a bookstore.
  • The truth is the world of books and publishing is evolving, whether libraries are or not.
  • Don’t be a dodo.
  • In 2012, let’s make the statistics evolve! Let’s get those without ebooks down in to the single digits!
  • The e volution of books

    1. 1. The E-volution of Books: Ebooks, E-readers and the Future of Reading or, Where Are We Going and Do I Have to Get in That Handbasket? Anita Beaman Illinois State University
    2. 3. Teaching the iGeneration by Larry D. Rosen <ul><li>“ To them, the smartphone, the Internet, and everything technological are not &quot;tools&quot; at all—they simply are. Just as we don't think about the existence of air, they don't question the existence of technology and media. They expect technology to be there, and they expect it to do whatever they want it to do. Their WWW doesn't stand for World Wide Web; it stands for Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.” </li></ul>
    3. 7. SLJ’s 2011 Technology Survey Not a priority Will definitely purchase Other Will Not Purchase No Budget At All
    4. 11. Weeding!
    5. 12. Discarding!
    6. 13. Overdues!
    7. 14. Exhaustion !
    8. 16. Tech-loving teens who suffer from book phobia
    9. 17. Vacationers stuck on the beach with nothing to read
    10. 18. Readers who can’t carry the load
    11. 19. Kids too sick to come to the library
    12. 20. Book lovers who can’t see in the dark
    13. 21. Reading 2.0
    14. 25. Evolving Economics <ul><li>In July 2010, ebooks outsold hardcovers on Amazon for the first time </li></ul>image
    15. 26. <ul><li>For February 2011, e-Books ranked as the #1 format among all categories of Trade publishing (Adult Hardcover, Adult Paperback, Adult Mass Market, Children’s/Young Adult Hardcover, Children’s/Young Adult Paperback). </li></ul><ul><li> / </li></ul>
    16. 28. SLJ’s 2011 Technology Survey Not a priority Will definitely purchase Other Will Not Purchase No Budget At All
    17. 29. Natural Selection The evolution of reading is happening now. What steps can you take right now to ensure your library becomes one fit to survive? For more ideas about using technology to enhance reading, visit the Reading 2.0 Wiki: