September 2011 library data


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September 2011 library data

  1. 1. September  2011  Library  Data,  Summary,  &  Analysis  Destiny  Report    Library  Visits  by  Department:   Monthly  Usage  by  Department   Social  Studies,   24   English,  65   Science,  9   Math,  4   Guidance,  30   Foreign   ExcepAonal   language,  4   Fine  arts,  4   Child,  4            
  2. 2. Circulation  Statistics:   Patron Types # Circs PATRON  CIRCULATION     Freshmen 4 Sophomores 674 1000   792   Juniors 792 800   674   Seniors 391 600   391   Faculty/Staff 234 400   234     200   4   0   The  Library  circulated  a  total  of  1995   materials  during  the  month  of   September.         CirculaIon  by  Call  Number  &  Material  Type   1200   1000   958   800   750   600   400   200   141   85   44   56   49   23   28   2   4   7   5   18   2   19   2   2   3   1   21   1   0    
  3. 3. Visitation  Data  by  Teachers     Worthy   1   Willard   5   Vernet   10   Terry,  L.   1   Shepard   2   Sandlin   1   Richie   2   Revan   6   Regnier   4   PG   7   O.  Davis   6   Nelson,  M   3   Neely   3   Murphy   4   Mullman   3   Moore   5   Minkin   1   Mechling   6   MarAn   4   Richie   2   Hines   3   Gilliam   2   Gallman   4   Floyd   4   D  Terry   1   Compton   3   Colwell   8   CDF   30   Cato   1   Broome   1   Boyce   4   Blanke   3   Bishop,  D.   1   Baker   1   Bailey   2   0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35    37  Faculty  and  Staff  members  scheduled  activities  and  events  in  the  library  during  the  school  day  for  September  2011.    
  4. 4. September Student Visitation DataWith scheduled classes 3274During lunch (estimation: 22 days x 3 lunches x 40students) 2640Visiting on pass from classes 712Before school (estimation: 22 days x 110 students) 2240After school (estimation: 22 days x 15 students) 330 Total number of students served 9096• September 2011 gave us 22 instructional days x 4 blocks = 88 instructional blocks• The media center conducted 143 classes. A media specialist visited 3 classes outside the library.• The media center was closed 1 block for administrative purposes (.5 for 9-11 Ceremony, .5 for Farmers Day pep rally)Literacy Activities/Reading Advocacy • Banned Books Week displays included: o Signs on Doors o Buttons worn by media specialists o Mrs. Barron, Mrs. Dillard, and Mrs. Nelson wore “Freedom to Read” matching shirts for twins day o Caution tape placed around the outline of a body made of banned or challenged books in k12 schools. Beside the display was a board with facts, lists, and more about the Freedom to Read. o Posters hung around the library drew curiosity and questions from our students o A Banned Books Online Quiz was created by Melanie Dillard o A Dorman Library Blog Post promoting the “Freedom to Read/Banned Books Week” • South Carolina Book Award Program Promotion o Book talks continued with the remaining classes that received library orientation o Interesting signs for each nominee were hung in a visible location. • BYOB Book Club Thursday September 29; 47 students participated in the “Bring Your Own Book” club meeting where they interacted with the SCPL Headquarters Branch Teen Librarian to eat and discus popular titles. Titles were selected for a future group reading, and date was set for the next meeting to correspond with Teen Read Week in October. • Manga/Graphic Novels Club: Cathy Nelson was asked to sponsor a student book club centered on Manga/Graphic novels
  5. 5. Major Instructional Activities/Collaborations Media Center: • English Department – Medieval Period WQ, King Arthur/Arthurian WQ, I-Search (Honors Comp & Research), Research Paper topic study, DISCUS and MLA Citations (Eng 101 Classes), DISUC and APA Citations (Ninth Grade STEM class); Book checkouts for class sustained silent reading (SSR); Greek Mythology –Odyssey Research, Poetry Analysis Research • Math – Budget Planning Activity • Foreign Language – Culture and Region Research for class powerpoints • Exceptional Child - Book checkouts for class sustained silent reading (SSR) • Fine Arts – Research on Ghost Stories; Broadway Musicals & Choreography • Science – Reading electron micrographs, Electron Microscope activity, Marine animal research • Social Studies – Presidential Election current articles, brain disorders and defects (psychology); Founding Fathers Research, Civil War characters debate research; Classroom Visits: • Library orientation (Dillard) • Discus and Ebscohost Overview in preparation for a research project including argumentative topics (Dillard) • Visual Book Reports: Cathy Nelson began a string of sessions with 10th grade classes doing sustained silent reading to give the student s some ideas for how to present their book through a visual book report. Ideas included collages and, and time was spent modeling various components of the project including how to find appropriate images, how to cite the images used in the project, and how to layout the project. Cathy created the rubric classroom teachers will use for assessing. Cathy is pulling together the completed projects to assist students with their in class presentation. Cathy volunteered to assess parts of the projects. (Nelson) OTHER: The library also sponsored the Career Development Facilitators SCOIS training through all tenth grade English classes. The training was only a half a block, affording the library staff an opportunity to conduct library orientation. There were 30 sessions like this. Each session lasted approximately 45 minutes.Management • Updated Job Description of Professional Staff and Paraprofessional Staff • The library staff worked to create a V-Brick Guide for the presidential address to assist school faculty and staff in successfully viewing the program. • Updated a seating chart for library computers to make available to teachers requesting one. • Added four student workers from Driver’s Ed/Study Hall or Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Students, one per block.Collection Development • Created and submitted first book order of the year • Weeded 102 books from primarily the 800s, a focus area for this school year’s collection development plan. • Shifted books to accommodate shelving issues (shelves too full, etc.) • Had large letters hung to help identify Fiction, Nonfiction, and Biography Books.
  6. 6. Professional Activities • Melanie Dillard and Cathy Nelson participated in the district class (Googleiscious) Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at Dorman Freshmen Campus. Joey Gardner leads the district course. • Cathy Nelson attended the district voluntary meeting for teachers interested in using Google accounts with students led by Amanda Dobson, Brian Calsing, and Thomas Webster. • Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar “Play, Learn & Network with SIGMS” September 21, 2011 from 8:00-9:00PM • Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar “Back to School Special” September 12, 2011 from 8:00-9:00PM • Cathy is published in the 2011 September edition of Library Media Connection with an article about digital storytelling solutions. • Melanie Dillard and Cathy Nelson submitted a school proposal to lead staff development for Goals Based Evaluations, and have aptly named it “One Tool at a Time.” Working with Donna Terry, we have asked that GBE teachers participate in four of six monthly sessions planned for October through March.Budgets:NOTE: The Library Staff has NOT been told the actual amount in the district budgets. Ourexpenditures thus far have been loosely based on last year’s district allotment.Current Status of Book Budget – 1222D101-9438 Actual  Date   PO#   Name  of  Company   Requisitioned  Amount   Amount   Balance   $36,446.24       (beginning)       53120072-­‐       8/5/2011   00   Atlantis  Subscriptions   $1,325.00     $1,328.21     $35,118.03     53120106-­‐   8/24/2011   00   Overdrive   $6,000.00      Not  finalized   $35,118.03     53120100-­‐   8/23/2011   00   Teachers  Discovery   $218.29     $235.29     $34,882.74     53120099-­‐   8/23/2011   00   Follett   $780.74     $822.44     $34,060.30     53120134-­‐   9/13/2011   00   Carolina  Biological  Supply   90.45   $102.82     $33,957.48     (current)  Notes: • We have two book orders that are roughly $8500.00 that are as yet processed. One is already at Follett. The one currently being processed was received by Follett on 9/21/2011, and has 282 titles. The other order we are waiting to formally send in on October 15, 2011. • In September, we received 34 titles of our first order placed on 8/23/2011. The purchase order is not yet closed as we are awaiting 14 more titles. • We have a standing order for new and popular titles to be shipped monthly by Atlantis Subscriptions. These are used as incentives and rewards, and what is not awarded is cataloged for checkout. We receive a dozen or more for the school year from Atlantis Subscriptions.
  7. 7. • Overdrive is still being set up. We expect it to be in place and functional by mid October,Periodicals and Supplies – 1222D101-9498 Actual  Date   PO#   Name  of  Company   Requisitioned  Amount   Amount   Balance   53120023-­‐ 7/1/2011   00   Spartanburg  Herald-­‐Journal   $124.80     $124.80         53120077-­‐ 8/5/2011   00   Alini  Magazine  Services  LLC   $881.40     $898.12         53120087-­‐8/15/2011   00   Staples   $974.15     $786.71         53120089-­‐8/16/2011   00   USA  Today   $178.00     $177.96         53120098-­‐8/23/2011   00   Camcor,  Inc.   $141.82     $140.78         53120115-­‐8/30/2011   00   Upstart   $70.57     $70.57         53120111-­‐8/30/2011   00   ALA   $116.99     $116.99         53120101-­‐8/23/2011   00   Destiney  Express/Follett   $433.48     $432.94        Needs: • Heavy Duty Printer • Coin operated copier