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Discussion Guide and activity for teaching about Piracy.

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  1. 1. Current Events Mrs. Cathy Jo Nelson DHS Librarian & Class Guest Speaker Who’s the Pirate?
  2. 2. Image: 'Prison Cell’
  3. 3. Meet Jammie Thomas
  4. 4. Jammie Thomas Loses Appeal - Owes $2 Million
  5. 5. Limewire Shutdown
  6. 6. In support of file sharing
  7. 7. I have downloaded music from file sharing sites. Y N
  8. 8. I am allowed to burn backup copies of my purchased music. Y N
  9. 9. It is okay to make a mixed playlist of purchased music. Y N
  10. 10. I can share my purchased music with my friends. Y N
  11. 11. I know older adults who download popular music free off the internet.. Y N
  12. 12. Image Sources • Image: 'Prison Cell’ • Image: 'Jail Cell’ • Image: '54/365: Serving My Sentence’ • Image: 'Pirate's Treasure’ • Image: 'Brandon Hines pwns Gnutella’ • • Image: 'i ♥ ...’ • Image: 'iPod lineup’ • Image: 'Jack Sparrow!’
  13. 13. I now know sharing copyrighted music through file sharing sites is illegal. Y N
  14. 14. I will still participate in sharing (by giving or taking copies of) copyrighted music. Y N