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October	  2011	  Library	  Data,	  Summary,	  &	  Analysis	                                                               ...
Circulation	  Statistics:	                                                                                                ...
DHS	  Faculty	  Staff	  Library	  Visits/Usage	    Guidance/Admin	                                                         ...
After school (estimation: 19 days x 15 students)               285• October 2011 gave us 19 instructional days x 4 blocks ...
o Laura Ann Jacobs            o Jen Mechling            o Kristin Pitts            o Heather Yordy            o Cathy Nels...
•     Social Studies – Presidential Candidate Profiles; Guilded Age Biography papers, War         veteran profile research...
10/31/2011                   World Book, Inc.                  $1,448.00Periodicals and Supplies – 1222D101-9498          ...
October 2011 library data
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October 2011 library data


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October 2011 library data

  1. 1. October  2011  Library  Data,  Summary,  &  Analysis       Library  Usage  by  Department   Department Classes ExcepAonal   Child,  3   English 51 Social  Studies,   20   Fine Arts 2 Foreign 5 Language Science,  4   Guid/Admin 34 English,  51   Science 4 Social Studies 20 Exceptional 3 Child Guid/Admin,   Fine  Arts,  2   34   Foreign   Language,  5            
  2. 2. Circulation  Statistics:   Patron Types # Circs Patron  CirculaAon   Faculty/Staff 266 666   Freshmen 0 700   Sophomores 529 600   Juniors 666 529   Seniors 364 500     400   364   The  Library  circulated  a  total  of  1825   266   300   materials  during  the  month  of  October.     200   100   0   Faculty/Staff  Sophomores   Juniors   Seniors       Circs   1200   1022   1000   800   600   446   400   200   145   49   46   37   27   15   4   1   38   42   15   44   42   3   1   4   3   8   10   3   7   14   0   Books  on  Tape   FICTION     FLIP  Camera   NF  000  -­‐  099   NF  100  -­‐  199     NF  200  -­‐  299   NF  300  -­‐  399   NF  400  -­‐  499   NF  500  -­‐  599   NF  600  -­‐  699   NF  700  -­‐  799   NF  800  -­‐  899   NF  900  -­‐  999   PLA  -­‐  MP3  Books   PRO  Books   REF  Books   SCYABA  Nominees   Videos  -­‐  DVD   Story  CollecTons   Videos-­‐VHS   Books  on  CD   Bio  92   EBOOK  on  Computer   Easy    
  3. 3. DHS  Faculty  Staff  Library  Visits/Usage   Guidance/Admin   36   Willard   2   Vernet   6   Sandlin   2   Richie   4   Rich   6   Revan   4   Revan   2   Pi^s   1   Murphy   1   Moore,  L.   4   Moore,  P   1   Mechling   6   Mayes   6   MarTn   3   M.  Davis   6   Li^lejohn   3   Johnson   1   Jacobs   2   Huff   1   Gallman   1   Floyd   2   Colwell   5   Campbell   1   Byrd   2   Boyce   3   Blanke   2   Bailey   5   0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35   40    28  Faculty  and  Staff  members  scheduled  activities  and  events  in  the  library  during  the  school  day  for  October  2011.    October Student Visitation Data With scheduled classes 1936 Dorman’s  library  served   During lunch (estimation: 19 days x 3 lunches x 40 6,957  students  during   students) -6 lunches closed for HSAP Testing; 1 lunch for TAC 2000 the  month  of  October.   Visiting on pass from classes 646 Before school (estimation: 19 days x 110 students) 2090
  4. 4. After school (estimation: 19 days x 15 students) 285• October 2011 gave us 19 instructional days x 4 blocks = 76 instructional blocks• The media center conducted 83 classes. A media specialist visited 2 classes outside the library.• The media center was closed 22 blocks for administrative purposes o 0.5 of four consecutive blocks 10/10 for TAC sessions for a total of 2 blocks closed o 4 consecutive blocks for 3 straight days for HSAP Testing 10/18-20 equaling 12 blocks closedCollection Analysis (run quarterly):Date of Analysis: 01-Nov-2011 07:27:58File Uploaded: 01-Nov-2011 07:27:27Circulation System: Follett DestinyData Integrity: Good: 99.22% holdings recognized# of Records: 23614# of Holdings: 24459Recognized Call Numbers: 24269Average Age: 1999Enrollment: 2282Items per Student: 10.63Recommended Items per Student: 10Literacy Activities/Reading Advocacy • New Book Browse: o With our first big book order coming in, we set up a book browse to give each book some “face time” by spreading them out across the twelve tables. We invited classes to come through and browse through the books laid out. This took place from 10/11-13. We advertised via email door signs, and a large sign near the books in the library. • Teen Read Week October 17-24; Theme – “Picture It” o A Daily “Picture It” Contest – 33 different winners o Bookmark Yourself – customized free bookmarks o A special BYOB book club (described below) o Hunger Games Quote Quiz sponsored o Fine Forgiveness all week in honor of Teen Read Week (two weeks) • BYOB Book Club Tuesday, October 18; 47 students participated in the “Bring Your Own Book” club meeting where they interacted with the SCPL Headquarters Branch Teen Librarian to eat and discus popular titles. Titles were selected for a future group reading, and date was set for the next meeting to correspond with Teen Read Week in October. Melanie Dillard acted as the DHS Library sponsor for the group/club meetings held during each lunch. • Our Overdrive Ebook portal was introduced to teachers; students coming soon. • The library sponsored a “Teacher’s Read” display in the library, asking teachers to submit book reviews for their favorite young adult novels. Melanie Dillard’s idea to highlight these books took hold, and teachers did request books to read and review. These reviews are being displayed prominently in the library. The following teachers submitted reviews:
  5. 5. o Laura Ann Jacobs o Jen Mechling o Kristin Pitts o Heather Yordy o Cathy Nelson o Jennifer Gallman o Cyrenna Moreno o Jo Murphy o Julie Smallfield • The media center was charged with decorating the display cases in front of the office for the month of October. Cathy Nelson created four displays with the assistance of student library workers: o Hunger Games Book to Movie Review o Hunger Games quote quiz displayed—it is a part of our Teen Read Week activities o A special promo of the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award program o A Dorman Reads display that showcases the top ten books checked out at Dorman over the past year; the display highlights the top ten for both Fiction and NonfictionSchool/Community Involvement and Support: • Cathy Nelson attended the following sporting events: o Varsity Volleyball 10/6 (away) and 10/11 (home – Dig Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Game) o Varsity Football 10/7 o He-Man Volleyball Game 10/25 • Cathy Nelson volunteered to be a scorekeeper, referee, or other volunteer as needed for intramural activities. • Cathy Nelson attended the Under Armor All-American Recognition ceremony in the gym Thursday, October 13 for Patrick Destefano’s jersey ceremony and recognition for making the All American All-star team and his selection along with #21/Smith’s selection as Shine Bowl players. . • Cathy Nelson and Melanie Dillard hosted the librarians from JL Mann in the school visit Thursday, October 13, 2011.Major Instructional Activities/Collaborations Media Center: • English Department – Halloween Historical Research; Greek Mythology –Odyssey Research, Poetry Analysis Research; Teen Issues paper; novel study; Opinion/debate paper, I-search CP; Visual book reports w/ citing images • Foreign Language – Spanish I Pop Culture Icon powerpoint; German Wardrobe through history • Exceptional Child - Book checkouts for class sustained silent reading (SSR) • Fine Arts – Color research for home arts
  6. 6. • Social Studies – Presidential Candidate Profiles; Guilded Age Biography papers, War veteran profile research including MLA Citations and DISCUS, brain disorders and defects (psychology); Founding Fathers Research, Civil War characters debate research; Executive branch Classroom Visits: • Discus and Ebscohost Overview in preparation for a research project including argumentative topics (Melanie Dillard) • Visual Book Reports: Cathy Nelson began a string of sessions with 10th grade classes doing sustained silent reading to give the student s some ideas for how to present their book through a visual book report. Ideas included collages and, and time was spent modeling various components of the project including how to find appropriate images, how to cite the images used in the project, and how to layout the project. Cathy created the rubric classroom teachers will use for assessing. Cathy is pulling together the completed projects to assist students with their in class presentation. Cathy volunteered to assess parts of the projects. (Nelson) • Effective PowerPoint strategies with Social Studies classes (Nelson) OTHER: The library assisted with the College Application Day Event.Collection Development • Submitted our third book order of the year. • Weeded 74 books from the 800s, a focus area for this school year’s collection development plan; Weeded 42 biographies. • Shifted books to accommodate shelving issues (shelves too full, etc.)-a continuous problem. Focus area is currently 000s-300 for shifting. • Launched our Overdrive Ebook Portal that offers 110 purchased books and a number of free online books for staff. Awaiting final district permission to launch for students.Management • Added three Scholars Academy students to fourth block student worker roll as they finished their virtual school/online course for first semester. They report for seat time purposes though the coursework is completed. • Budget Updates:Current Status of Book Budget – 1222D101-9438 Requisitioned Actual Date PO# Name of Company Amount Amount Balance $31,690.00 8/5/2011 53120072-00 Atlantis Subscriptions $1,325.00 $1,328.21 $30,361.79 8/24/2011 53120106-00 Overdrive $6,000.00 $6,000.00 $24,361.79 8/23/2011 53120100-00 Teachers Discovery $218.29 $235.29 $24,126.50 8/23/2011 53120099-00 Follett $822.44 $799.40 $23,327.10 9/13/2011 53120134-00 Carolina Biological Supply 90.45 $102.82 $23,224.28 9/16/2011 53120144-00 Follett $4,849.49 $4,840.38 $18,383.90 10/27/2011 Follett $5,776.54
  7. 7. 10/31/2011 World Book, Inc. $1,448.00Periodicals and Supplies – 1222D101-9498 Requisitioned Actual Date PO# Name of Company Amount Amount Balance $9,380.00 7/1/2011 53120023-00 Spartanburg Herald-Journal $124.80 $124.80 $9,255.20 8/5/2011 53120077-00 Alini Magazine Services LLC $881.40 $898.12 $8,357.08 8/15/2011 53120087-00 Staples $974.15 $786.71 $7,570.37 8/16/2011 53120089-00 USA Today $178.00 $177.96 $7,392.41 8/23/2011 53120098-00 Camcor, Inc. $141.82 $140.78 $7,251.63 8/30/2011 53120115-00 Upstart $70.57 $70.57 $7,181.06 8/30/2011 53120111-00 ALA $116.99 $116.99 $7,064.07 8/23/2011 53120101-00 Destiny Express/Follett $433.48 $432.94 $6,631.13 10/21/2011 53120198-00 Staples $734.11 $576.57 $6,054.56 • Needs: o Heavy Duty Printer - This has been ordered with assistance and recommendations from Sam Vezina o Coin operated copier – We have asked Christy Chessire to assist us in getting a new contract for a coin operated machine. We still have this need.Professional Activities • Cathy Nelson participated in the online Teacher Librarian Virtual Café Webinar “PD With a Twist” October 3, 2011 from 8:00-9:00PM • Cathy Nelson was a guest speaker in a online webinar series title “Conversations.” The topic of discussion was about libraries and how they have changed over the years to a twenty-first century model. • The first One Tool at a Time GBE professional development class in the series is planned for Tuesday, October 25th. The first of this series will cover Effective PowerPoint Strategies (Cathy Nelson), YouTube as an instructional tool (Melanie Dillard), and an overview of Overdrive, and the DHS Ebook Portal (Melanie Dillard). The class is open to any interested teacher, not just those opting to use it as a GBE. The class met each block as follows: o 1st – DTV Studio Lab o 2nd – DTV Studio Lab o 3rd – English Department Writing Lab o 4th – DTV Studio Lab • Cathy Nelson attended the American Association of School Librarians Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN October 27-30, 2011. Cathy did receive professional days for the absences, but registration, lodging, and travel were out of pocket expenses covered by Cathy.