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Howto beloquaciousconstanttalkaboutyourlibraryimpact


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SCASL12 Annual Conference
March 14-16, 2012
Greenville, SC

How to be Loquacious: Constant Talk
about Your Library Impact
Susan Myers, Spartanburg High School, Spartanburg, SC

Be loquacious. Get your message out to parents,
administration, and students. Susan Myers of the
Loquacious Library staff will show all of the ways (virtual
and physical) SHS Library markets its programming, new
books, new websites, and class interactions.

Published in: Technology
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Howto beloquaciousconstanttalkaboutyourlibraryimpact

  1. 1. How to BeLoquaciousConstant Talk AboutYour Library Impact
  2. 2. The Make-Over
  3. 3. American Library Magazine• Contacted the editor and sent before/after pictures• Freshman Academy principal helped facilitate conversation w/ construction• Being featured on Library Design Showcase• esign12
  4. 4. What Are You Doing Now?• emails sharing new materials• one-on-one conversations• information in announcements• in-house Powerpoint system
  5. 5. Where Is Everyone?• at the "watering hole"• on their phone• Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Flickr, Angry Birds
  6. 6. What to Say?• statistics• a hundred words• descriptions of collaborations• and ....?
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Too Much Time?• Better have time for PR• Short and sweet• Link virtual accounts• What you already do can be copied/pasted into other areas
  9. 9. Newsletter• templates available on Word• once a month• embed on blog so public can read• District Office via email
  10. 10. Social Media - Im Not the Life of theParty• PLC (Professional Learning Community)• multiple because everyone is not in the same room• shouldnt have to say this BUT
  11. 11. Hash - Not Just for Breakfast • • like keywords • search engines will pick up • people/groups will pick up
  12. 12. I Dont Like You• associations• SHUN• check is in the email
  13. 13. If a Picture Is Worth ....
  14. 14. Blogalicious• Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc etc etc• Set goal for posting regularly• Put it up• Dont forget the hundred and thousand words
  15. 15. Twitter• name game (!/vikingslibrary )• make blog auto-post to Twitter• consider auto-tweeting (Gremln for example)• remember - I Dont Like You
  16. 16. Everything You Wanted to KnowAbout Twitter .....• Complete profile• Tweet before follow• KOT• Use a service like twitterfeed for getting blog posts to Twitter
  17. 17. Gremlnnot only auto tweeting servicedays/timesstatements to auto-tweet?
  18. 18. Facebook• make a page Library/101686539874582 ) (• Photo albums• autopost from blog• not closely linked follow wise (dont worry about I Dont Like You)
  19. 19. More Facebook• cover art• more and more hundred words
  20. 20. Social Wars - the Saga Begins social sites here now and to come. Listen, look, be up-to-date. Social sites get replaced and better comes along.
  21. 21. Share
  22. 22. List of Resources/ServicesWord Templates for Newsletters Hashtags - - -
  23. 23. List of Resources/ServicesTwitter - http://www.twitter.comGremln - http://www.gremln.comFacebook - http://www.facebook.comGoogle Plus -