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Leading diverse teams v1.0 cheat sheet


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This is one of the slides that were presented that in a managing diversity presentation.

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Leading diverse teams v1.0 cheat sheet

  1. 1. © 2018 beLithe LLC 1 Leadership Essentials Avoid Stereotypes • Avoid Stereotypes • Cultural differences vs Stereotyping • Gather facts • Pay attention to subtle cues Calibrate • Be intentional • Be vulnerable • Inspect and adapt • Note varied communication styles • Adapt your own styles • Address difference to overcome differences Allow Prep Time • The path from the brain to mouth is short for some, longer for others • Allow time for your teammates to prepare • Communications can be difficult Monitor Team Dynamics • Embrace transparency • Fix under- represented talents. • Be aware of roles your teammates play. • Think about perks and team bonding • As a leader, help when project stalls or if interpersonal conflict occurs. Break Down Barriers • Ask for pool of diverse candidates when hiring • Get multiple points of view when hiring • Eliminate unconscious bias • Team building exercises and/or seminars • Non-Work related activities can foster understanding • Check in with team members via candid one-on-ones