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Core java

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Core java

  1. 1. Core Java Training CNC WEB WORLD C N C W E B W O R L D H E L P L I N E N O . 9 5 9 5 1 1 9 9 0 0 O R W W W . C N C W E B W O R L D . C O M Page 1
  2. 2. Core Java Training CNC WEB WORLD C N C W E B W O R L D H E L P L I N E N O . 9 5 9 5 1 1 9 9 0 0 O R W W W . C N C W E B W O R L D . C O M Page 2 Core Java Application Development Core JAVA is a programming language integrated with standard core API, a part of any JAVA distribution. In other words the JAVA at its core is a computing language based on networks and the principle of single software used to run various programs on different gadgets, computers and other devices. JAVA technology is used in small gadgets to super computers. Core JAVA is objected- oriented which assists the user in creating real world apps. Regardless of the operating system JAVA runs on any device that supports the platform. Scope Offered by Core JAVA Training JAVA is one of the most used and in demand programming language in almost every industry. Especially the software companies prefer JAVA platform for their applications. Those with relevant experience and certification have great career opportunity in the market. You can enter the corporate world with a recognized certificate in core JAVA as a JAVA programmer, JAVA consultant, JAVA engineer, JAVA developer and more. Also companies that mainly work on JAVA platforms offer good opportunities to experienced and talented JAVA programmers. Eligibility for Core JAVA Courses The Core JAVA course is an entry level course in JAVA technology. It usually covers principles of encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction, object association and interfaces. Also the topics such as access specifiers, literals and modifiers are included in the course. In order to understand these terms you need to have relevant knowledge and background. Just as any other programming language course, it is essential for the candidates to have some knowledge of SQL commands and Databases. Also knowledge of any programming language will add to the benefit. Fresh graduates of B.Sc (Computers), B.Tech and other graduates with considerable knowledge in programming languages are eligible to take up a course in Core JAVA. Benefits Offered by CNC WEB WORLD  Training by experts  Up-to-date printed Course material and software  Practical and lab exercise sessions  Soft skills training  Opportunity to work for a real time Core java project and get involved in the project phases  Regular tasks and practical sessions  Syllabus structured as per the students’ requirements  Real time assignments  Job placements with leading companies
  3. 3. Core Java Training CNC WEB WORLD C N C W E B W O R L D H E L P L I N E N O . 9 5 9 5 1 1 9 9 0 0 O R W W W . C N C W E B W O R L D . C O M Page 3 We are also providing training on Core & Adv java, Android, Web Designing, Graphics designing, PHP & MySQL training, C & C++ Programing, & & Final year project for computer science student. Dange Chowk Office: CNC WEB WORLD Sr. No. 51/2, Office No. -1, Landmark: Opp. Pandit Petrol Pump, On Hinjewadi Road Thergaon, Dange Chowk, Pune 411033 Mob: +91 9175371080/81 E-mail: Helpline no.9595119900 Swargate Office: 2nd Floor, Office No.202, Modi Plaza, Landmark: Opp.Laxmi Narayan Theatre swargate pune Helpline no.9595119900 Tel No: 020-41203324 Mob: +91 9156991450/51 E-mail:


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