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Galati gardens, parks and recreation areas


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Galati gardens, parks and recreation areas

  1. 1. Galați is located in eastern Romania.Area 246.4 km2Population 231204
  2. 2. Galati has a continentaltemperate climate.
  3. 3. Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Themuseum has collections of tropical and subtropical plants, over 200varieties of roses, flora and vegetation.
  4. 4. In the zoo can be seen various exotic species.Zoo theme was developed together withexperts from European Association of Zoosand Aquaria, and aims at preserving rareanimal and conservation education.
  5. 5. The Shore of Danube is a great place to walk out with friends or family . You can also find a skate park where a lot of teenagers come with their bmx or withfaleza-dunarii-207.html their skateboard.
  6. 6. Galati TV Tower is a towerwith 150 meters used for FMtransmissions and TVtransmissions.At the base exist firstrestaurant, in the foot haveone elevator for peoples andat the top floor have thesecond restaurant where youcan see almost all Galati city.
  7. 7. This park was designed in 1869 inhonor of Mihai Eminescu, the mostfamous and influential Romanianpoet. People visit the park to see astatue of Eminescu.
  8. 8. Created by Bianca FilipAdrian Serbanescu Marius Ionescu Adrian Nistor