Writing Process Notes and Handouts


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Writing Process Notes and Handouts

  1. 1. The Writing Process Notesz Nomg: Dote: Step 1: Prewriting Purpose: a a a Exomples: o Listing-helps to show how ideos ore relsted o Free writing-put whotever is on your mind on poper . Ask guestions-who, whot, where, when, why and how o Grophic orgonizers-web, Venn diogrom, outlines, etc. Step ?t Wrifing (Rough Droft) o o a . Dont worry much abouf spelling ond grommor, you can correct thot loter! Step 3: Revising-Improving your writing o o a . Reorder words, phrose s, sentences,ond porographs into a more logicol order
  2. 2. Step 4: Editing-Checking for conventionsoOoHints for self-editing: . Set oside rough droft for awhilebef ore editing . Resd poper of leost 3 times: lttz Check for content lnd t Check orgoni zoti on 3d: Reod your poper aloud Hints for peer editing: . Tell the wrifer something good obout the paper . Dont use put-downs, insteod use constructive criticism o Focus on content ond organizotion o Check f or errors in conventions . Ask helpful guestions ond mske suggestions ("Con you exploin this point more clearly?" or "Con you add more detoils or examples to emphosize this point?")Step Publishing (Finol Copy)a oe
  3. 3. Name Date Class Period 3 Things About Me PrewriteThe three items I chose to bring in to represent me are:1.:.,1 .ftink about the 3 items you chose to represent you: . Why are these items so important to you? o How do they represent you? o is there a special meaning to them? r Do any of the items tell a story about you? What is the story? o Do any of the items have a characteristic that personalizes them? (ex: my skateboard has a blood stain on it from when I fell at the skate park and skinned my knee while attempting an Impossible).Use your senses when examining your items so your readers will get a true sense of why they are soimportant to you. Really try to personalize each item.Directions: Seiect orre methrod of prewriting to answer these questions. Frewrite as much aspossible about these items and how they relate to you. Use the back of this sheet if necessary. Ifyou choose the questions technique, you must include at least 10 questions.
  4. 4. 8n 6rode Language Arts "3 Things about Me" EssoyPrompt: Explain and discuss how each of your three items?ep?esents you os a person. Be specific and detailed about thesignificance of each one. Rough Drsft Details: Use your pre-writing-it will helpl Should be AT LEAST 5 porographs lt parogroph - introduction (ottentio n getter, brief overview/list of three items) This parograph can be 3-5 sentences. Body porogrophs - write AT LEAsr 1 par item (axploin why the items represent you so well) Body porogrophs shouldbe 5-8 sentences Lost parogroph - conclusion (wrop up your thoughts, brief ly review the three items) This ponogroph con be 3-5 sentences. Remember- odd all the ideos ond detoils you have to your rough drsft - its better to hove too much than too littlel Dont worry too much about mechanics during this step.
  5. 5. Proofreaders lVlarks- Symbol Meaning Example frag &agment sentgnce Think hes really funnyl tro -J R.O. nrn-onsentence Ithouglrttheridewouldneverend ?rC. my eyes were crossed and my fingers " were going numb. gram. grammar ircorrect wr5$f$"ing to the rnall. tt.c. not clear Tomorrow was the ,*..ilC sp. or misspeiled word He went to th@ add a period He arrived at work@ -/ @ separate They drovdto the shore. t- iower case Thefolitician shook hands. capitalize Northamerica fl*ft new paragraph for vacatioo{fsoon... {a move r---->--- They went"dft er skatin gQg@ a-/ delete Are you theyre? -JL He went the.thedvrons wav. /_) switch The game n{fulexciting, n They saw alljitfofl combine tne eartftuaks was awfut. v insert letter or word high schdt dc(e- TheyAiate for the game.
  6. 6. I think that you should nominate me for classpresident. I am a worthy candidate who would brungalot of positive quealities to our schools studentcouncil. As a seventh grader, I was in several thingsin our school. I get good grades and turn in myhomework on time. I was on the basketball team, inNational Junior Honor soci ety, and played in theschools concert band. So if you want a person whorepresents great leadership skills, you should mostdefinitely vote for me!!!!!The end
  7. 7. Peer Responding & Self-ReflectionWriter: Peer P.evisertTitle of Writing:Is the writing interesting? Does it grab ond hold the readers ottention? Whot is the ottentiongrabber?fs there o cleorly stoted moin ideo? Whot is it?fs the moin ideo supported with detoilsZ List the moin detoils below:Does the order of ideos moke sense? Whot is the order?Whot I like obout the writing:1.2.3.Chonges I would suggest:1?.?Reflection for the Writer: to essoy in these woys:1. Bosed on my peer revisers comments, f plon on chonging or odding my